Expanding Your Email List With Instagram And Boost Email Marketing

Expanding Your Email List With Instagram And Boost Email Marketing

Expanding Your Email List With Instagram And Boost Email Marketing

Attention is what you strive for in today’s competitive age. Requesting people to share their email address is one of the biggest challenges you face. You may create a good landing page with incredible features to benefit your marketing goals. However, the creation of an email list is an ongoing process and not a one-time challenge. Therefore, the more are your connections with social media channels, the greater is the opportunity to build subscribers.

Strengthening email list with Instagram

Building a list of email subscribers on Instagram is not similar to what you do with other social media channels. When compared to Facebook, you cannot use any form of advertising to grow your email list on Instagram. Quite naturally, creativity is the name of the game, and pulling different strategies can provide you the right answer. It will benefit you but paid forms of advertising can make marketing expensive for your brand.

Pay attention to your Instagram bio

You hardly pay attention to your Instagram bio, but if you are yet to start, you need to begin your efforts right now. Your bio is the first thing people check when they enter your profile. Therefore, it should be the hub of some of the most important information about your brand or business. The bio when accurate allows your followers to know your profile and the reasons they should be your followers. In other words, you can entice them to move to the next step and allow them to interact with your business, and this is possible when they sign up with your list of email subscribers.

Getting more email subscribers

There is no doubt that Instagram is an important part of your efforts to build email subscribers.

  • Harnessing the competitive nature of your followers

People love to hear about competition and the opportunity to get something, you can hardly stay excluded from the list, and no better than Instagram is the best place to begin your competition. The posts that are associated with the competition are more likely to fetch comments and likes. However, you buy real Instagram likes as well from authentic places. When it comes to reaching more people with the competition, leveraging the list of email subscribers is the way to go.

Moreover, you can also change the rules of competition when you ask people to sign up for the list of emails instead of being too compelling while asking them to follow your Instagram account to enhance the number of subscribers. Without asking your followers to sign up, you can still provide a boost to your engagement on your competitive posts. The followers become more visible to new customers who can direct them to your list of emails. If you are planning to provide a thrust to your email marketing campaign, boosting the list of subscribers with incredible offerings is the best way to move.

  • Using CTA

You want followers on Instagram to sign up in the list of your email and one of the commonest tactics to follow is the insertion of CTA or Call to Action. It will initiate curiousness among them to buy or click and the result is highly effective. No one can deny the effectiveness of terms such as download, sign-up, or register to boost the rates of conversion. You can introduce this feature in Instagram bio to direct the followers and include them in your descriptions to find new followers who can locate your posts through a hashtag.

  • Free download and sign-up on your bio

Making the most of your Instagram bio tone will help more people to connect. However, if you want to get more conversions or credit, you need to tell people to move on to a landing page that is optimized for your mobile phone. Another thing your audience will hardly miss is the opportunity to download on your website as you can convince them easily to sign up in your email list at the same time. You may not be able to offer coupons and discounts, but they can get access to special events, reports, and offerings at the same time.

Utilizing Instagram Stories

If you want to know more about the feature Instagram stories, here is a snapshot of the key items.

  • With this feature, you can post videos or images round the clock and each of them disappears after 24 hours.
  • With a new story about your brand, the visitors will notice a ring that is bright enough and surrounds the profile picture of any personality or brand.
  • Stories can come with hashtags, themes, and various fun items

However, you may think whether this feature can do anything to rev up your email list, but in reality, it does. Instagram facilitates all businesses with more than ten thousand followers to add links to the Stories. While growing the list of emails, you can easily add another link to your signup page.

Sharing email courses on Instagram

If you offer free courses on email, you need to include the sharing button of Instagram at the bottom of the mail for your readers to share it with ease. Instead of pushing the readers to share their email addresses, you can link the sharing buttons on the sign-up page. If someone likes the courses you offer, it becomes easy to share with the audience.

Significance of growing your email list

Several businesses use social media to stay connected with consumers, but you should not ignore the importance of email lists when it comes to generating leads. You may not use social media as a sole platform for communication and marketing, but try to make it your favorite tool to include more subscribers on your email. Due to the higher rate of engagement and conversion, email is a more customized option for communicating with people. Even though you can use an amalgamation of various platforms on social media, it is necessary to leverage on Instagram due to the huge volume of active users here. With Whopping followers on Instagram, chasing brands regularly, you have every reason to integrate email marketing with this platform.

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Marina Jones is actively involved with email marketing campaigns and direct people to buy real Instagram likes from genuine sources. You can follow her blogs and write-ups online to enhance knowledge about using Instagram to get more email subscribers.


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