21 Best Twitter Tools for Growing Your Following

21 Best Twitter Tools for Growing Your Following

How much time have you devoted to Twitter growth?

There may have been a time when you sought to be ahead of the herd in real life, but there’s a decent chance you’re feeling a little jaded at this point.

You are not alone; many people are struggling to feel passionate about their Twitter growth.

This is because it is more difficult than ever to be recognized and seen, to the point where you can sell your brand and grow your community. Fortunately, business can beat the competition by outsourcing your Twitter growth and engagement.

21 Best Twitter Tools (Active & Real)

Let’s take a look at some of the best Twitter tools in the industry to help you with your interactions so you can spend more time on those tweets.


Useviral is a rising challenger with a solid reputation for the wide range of services it has to offer. Useviral offer targeted Twitter followers for your profile, allowing you to attract relevant and targeted individuals.

If you want a more targeted approach, we strongly advise you to utilize useviral. Useviral offers targeted followers, and they even offer gender targeted followers. If you run a beauty page, you might use useviral to acquire female twitter followers, which may lead to greater success for your company or page.

We strongly recommend useviral as a powerful tool to aid with your marketing efforts.


Everyone needs a strategy to grow not just their Twitter profiles but also the rest of their social media accounts, right?

If this sounds like you and you’d like to accomplish it all with one company, you need to look at Jarvee.

This company was among the first to offer multiple account growth, which means they can help you with whatever social media account you may have, not only Twitter.

They also provide a dashboard that you may download in order to customize their features to your engagement plan. We really believe that this is the best option and are grateful that they also offer 24/7 customer assistance.


You need to spend some time learning about Twesocial if you want the king of Twitter tools. We are a company that can help with everything related to your engagement and growth, making us an obvious option.

A lot of our customers like how personal we are. We also offer simple but incredibly effective features, and our pricing aren’t too awful.

It’s difficult not to be prejudiced, but we’re speaking the truth when we claim you’ll struggle to find anything else that compares. Twesocial is what you need if you want Twitter followers and engagement that won’t mess with you.


If you’re searching for anything comparable to Twesocial, you’ll like the sound of Tweeteev for your Twitter growth as well.

This company knows what its clients want, and they say that all of their engagement is real and active, which is all you can want of a Twitter growth company.

They offer targeted followers and guarantee that they exclusively work with organic growth, so your profile will appear beautiful and there will be no indication of spam anywhere.

They’re also absolutely safe to use and will not get you in hot water with Twitter. There is nothing better than a secure, efficient Twitter tool.


How urgently do you need real likes, views, and followers on your Twitter page? If this is something you absolutely need and need it immediately, you can count on SocialViral to provide it. One of the things we like most about SocialViral is that they can help you with other sites as well, such as Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, and Facebook.

From our perspective, there isn’t a whole lot that SocialViral can’t help their clients with, making them a great choice for the busy influencer. They offer instant media results and real likes, and their pricing are nice and reasonable.


This is yet another of the all-in-one Twitter tools mentioned elsewhere on this list. According to Hootsuite, they can help you with up to 35 different networks, which should cover all you need.

This is the tool for you if you’re seeking for a Twitter tool that can help you manage more than just Twitter. You can manage all of your platforms from a single dashboard, which will save you a lot of time. They can also help you post material from this dashboard, making it all too easy to stay on top of things online.

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is the sort of social media management software that may help you with much more than simply engagement.

You may have noticed by now that there is a lot more to your Twitter engagement and growth than simply chatting with people, and if you want to really save time so that you can do more, you need to depend on a company like this.

Agora Pulse claims that they can help with content scheduling as well as acquiring the appropriate analytics information so that you know what’s working and what’s not. They claim that their features are simple but effective, and that you can utilize them to your advantage to get ahead online.


Crowdfire claims to be the only social media management service you’ll ever need, which indicates that they can help with much more than Twitter. They claim to be your super-smart marketing buddy, helping you grow your internet presence every day.

They help their customers find relevant information based on their specialty and industry, which they can subsequently share or engage with. They are always on the hunt for fresh material for their customers, which will save them time that they can spend on other elements of the company. Crowdfire has a lot going for it.

Sprout Social

While Sprout Social may not be able to assist you with as many platforms as Hootsuite, we still think they’re a solid candidate for being a best Twitter tool with extra capabilities to help you across the board. They can help you with LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+, which is still a respectable number of significant platforms.

Sprout Social includes an inbox where you can view all of your social media mentions, as well as a content schedule that makes posting all of your content very easy.


Sendible is another great multi-platform company that has previously helped its clients with Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter best Twitter tool. While there may not be as numerous as Sprout Social, we always value companies who prioritize quality over number.

This is also a fantastic approach to have multiple profiles on each of these websites without feeling overwhelmed or as if it’s too much for just one person to manage. They can help you find the most relevant mentions of your pages and even come with some useful lead generating tools to make it easy to find the ideal businesses and people to work with.


You could have gathered from the name of this next company that they specialize on anything Twitter, which has its advantages and disadvantages. To be honest, we think it’s great to have choices like this where you can just focus on Twitter and do all you can for it with a single company.

Through their dashboard for Twitter management, they offer a variety of services, including alerts, Twitter lists, and direct messages, in addition to those tweets. They can even monitor your Twitter account for you, making them a great option for avid Twitter followers who don’t want to think about anything else best Twitter tool.


Commun.it is another of those Twitter tools that has opted to focus on helping its clients with just one social media page, but we don’t think they regret it, and we don’t think you should either. They can help you manage all of your Twitter accounts in one location, as well as post tweets and schedule them for later.

They may help you figure out which jobs are urgent and which can wait by helping you find follower recommendations. They can help with this side of things as well if you’re looking for people to network with. We think they’re a well-rounded company best Twitter tool.


Do you need a B2B social media management dashboard? Then you’ll need to check in with Oktopost. This company gives its clients all of the tools they need to stay on top of their social media marketing. This means you can post and schedule updates while also monitoring your social media statistics to make sure they are heading in the right way.

They can also help you find great material to share with your current audience and figure out what your community expects from following your page twitter search.

Social Mav

This is one of those Twitter tools that has taken a risk and attempted something new, which we always enjoy twitter video downloader. We admire companies who are bold enough to think outside the box and attempt something new that they are unsure will be well accepted.

Mav Social best Twitter tool is all about helping you with your Twitter tweets and content since it focuses only on visual material. This means they include an editorial calendar and allow you to establish multiple media galleries inside their dashboard to keep everything nice and organized.


Have you ever desired to create an outstanding DM campaign and utilize it to make certain that your followers remain loyal to your account? With Audiense, you now have the opportunity. This popular Twitter tool may help you whether you’re new to Twitter or have been using it for a long, which we appreciate.

They may also help you find the best time to tweet so that you do not waste your tweets on your audience not being online. They can also help you unfollow a lot of people at once. If you need help with everything, this is a great alternative.

The Status Brew

Are you seeking for a company that understands not just Twitter but also other social media sites? Then Status Brew best Twitter tool is the place to be. This company can help you with Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, download twitter video as well as schedule and publish content.

However, their support does not end there; they can also help you determine which content your audience enjoys the most and which you should quit generating. This manner, you may get a solid understanding of what kind of audience you have, which can make or break your Twitter growth in general.

Meet Edgar

How nice to find another company on our list that can thoroughly examine all of your social media sites without breaking a sweat? Meet Edgar has this kind of power. This company, like the others mentioned above, can help you manage up to 25 profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and twitter video download.

They think that these three social media sites are rather significant at this moment, which is why they devote so much time to them. They can help you create a content library and also help you automatically publish content when the time is perfect so that your audience may view it when they are online.


How nice would it be if you could have all of your planned tweets and other social media postings so well arranged that you didn’t have to think twice about posting them? One of the most difficult aspects of social media these days is managing the burden of not just generating the best content but also choosing the best times to publish it.

As the name implies, Co-Schedule can help you with all of this. They provide their customers with an editorial calendar, and they can also help you find the best times to publish for maximum effect, so you may add messages to your queue without feeling overwhelmed.


Are you seeking for a Twitter tool that will not only help you with the administrative side of things but can also help you with coming up with your next marketing campaign? Coming up with fresh strategies that work for Twitter may often be more difficult than keeping on top of your engagement.

This is why companies such as Rignite exist: to make the whole process a lot simpler. You may help conduct Twitter competitions in this manner to keep your followers engaged and attract additional followers without having to manage everything just by yourself. They can also help you monitor many accounts at the same time.


Want to find a Twitter tool that can help you with many different parts of your Twitter growth? Then you need to look into what’s going on with SocialPilot best Twitter tool.

This company can help you tweet more effectively and generate fresh tweet ideas. They can also help you preserve great tweet ideas for later so you don’t have to worry about losing them or not being able to send them on time.

They help you choose the appropriate time and date for each tweet so that you don’t tweet those fantastic ideas and your audience doesn’t see them.

Social Oomph

So, we’ve spoken about a lot of companies that can help you with a variety of social media platforms, but we haven’t talked about companies that can help you with everything related to just Twitter. We’ve discussed a few, but as you may have observed, there aren’t many out there, so it’s critical to seize the opportunity when it arises.

We like Social Oomph because it can help you automatically send DMs, follow new followers, resend tweets, and remove any unwanted DMs or tweets. There’s a lot more to this basic yet efficient Twitter tool, so go find out for yourself.

Last Thoughts

So there you have it – some of the best Twitter tools we could find on the market. It’s not easy to find fantastic businesses like these out there, even though you’d think it would be Twitter Tools.

The truth is that there are so many brands out there today that it’s difficult to know which are worth your time and which should be avoided. You don’t have to second-guess your selection when you have well-researched lists Twitter Tools like these since you know you can trust them.


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