The 5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Likes

The 5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Likes

Being a creator on Facebook, you might always worry about the number of “likes” and “followers” you have on your page. After all, the success of a page mostly depends on the views your page is getting and the number of “likes” it is gaining in the process. The first thing a new visitor notices on a Facebook page is the number of “likes” it has gained. So, in order to relieve your stress we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that will help you out in the long run. In this article, we will discuss 5 ways that will increase your Facebook likes.

Do “likes” play a major role in the success of a Facebook page?

Yes, “likes” play the most important role in the success of your Facebook page. When a user likes your page and posts, he is in a way approving of your business and brand. A well-liked page makes a new user feel comfortable in dealing with the business. They know that the brand must have good values and services or products, which is why so many people have liked their page. So, more likes create a positive environment for your page and brand.

5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Likes

1. Optimize your Facebook page

The first step to building a successful Facebook page is to optimize it. You need to choose a URL that is both unique and represents your brand. Also, choose something that is easy to search. The next step is to choose your profile picture and cover photo. Ensure that both are of good quality and resonate with your brand. Your profile picture can either be your brand logo or something that resonates with your brand value. A well-placed “like” button on your page acts as a gentle reminder for visitors to like your page. Do remember to fill in all required details in the “about” section of your page. A well-curated page creates a feeling of genuineness.

2. Strategize your posts

What you post on your page directly affects the number of likes you get on your page. Your posts should be well thought out and curated according to the likes and dislikes of your audience. Your posts should be scheduled and pushed to the platform at a peak time when most of your audience is active. Avoid posting too many posts on the same day. Also, posting too less can make your page seem inactive and hence the audience might lose interest. You can use various features such as “live videos” and “reels” to keep your audience engaged. People tend to skip long passages and focus more on photo and video content. You can also share some behind the scene moments or funny happenings from your company on the page. One more thing that you can do to increase likes is to pin your most popular posts on the top.

3. Build meaningful connections

The connections that you form on this social media platform help you in a big way when it comes to gaining views and likes. You can either create a group or join one that is all about the niche you are working in. Conversing with fellow creators gives you new ideas and their followers might come across your page and like and follow you. Also, turn on instant replies on your page. This helps in sending automated messages to each new query on your page. You can curate your automated message to ask the user to like and follow you. And make sure you reply to the comments on your posts so that users may feel connected to you not just on a professional level but also personally.

4. Work on your marketing strategy

The first rule of running a successful business is that promotion sells products. “Out of sight, out of mind” is as relevant on Facebook as it is in the offline market. You need to promote your page for gaining more likes. You can either host giveaways or run a contest to attract your audience. Make sure to impose creatin rules for participation, such as, the user must like and share your post and page, they should follow you, they need to tag 5 more people while sharing your giveaway post, etc. These rules allow you to gain more likes and followers and the users are happy with the prizes they get. So, both you and your audience emerge as winners. This creates a positive experience for them and they will surely recommend you to their friends and family.

5. Cross-promote your Facebook page

Promote your page wherever you can, be it on your website, on other social media channels, in your emails, or newsletters. Link your Facebook page URL on your website. You can also use a like button which will directly take the user to your Facebook page. Showcase your most liked posts on the website. Curate your Facebook content for posting on other social media platforms as well. This drives traffic from other platforms to your Facebook page. Do mention your Facebook page link at the bottom of your emails so that interested users do not have to waste time searching your page. They can land directly on your page by clicking on the link.

To conclude, these were the 5 ways to increase your Facebook likes. All the above-mentioned tips are organic ways to increase likes on Facebook. However, if you are willing to spend some bucks, we have a social media growth tool for you that does the same job very efficiently. FB Post Likes is a social media growth tool that provides you with genuine likes for a certain amount. Your expense will be minimal and the results would be great. Plus, you do not have to worry about your money getting scammed because they are real and have 24*7 customer support. They also offer discounts seasonally. What are you waiting for, try our tips and tool and let us know how you succeeded in increasing likes on your Facebook page.


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