Top 60 Best Free SEO Tools Free & Paid

Top 60 Best Free SEO Tools Free & Paid

We understand the value of high-end SEO Tools because we’ve been designing and building best-in-class search tools for nearly 15 years. Premium tools are precious in SEO when you need higher limits, advanced functionality, stored data, or on-call support.

However, for 75% of other tasks, a best free seo tools will often suffice.

Because there are hundreds of free Seo tools available, we want to focus on only the best and most helpful to add to your toolbox. Many people in the SEO community assisted in testing the SEO software mentioned in this post (see the note at the end).

A tool had to meet three requirements to be included.

It has to be:

The SEO community widely employs and recommends it. Offers above-board value in addition to actionable data Genuinely free. The tools are classified according to their SEO function.

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SEO Tools Categories free seo tools 2020:

  • Analytics
  • Crawling and Indexing
  • Link Tools
  • Keyword Research
  • Local SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • Multi-tool 
  • On-page SEO
  • Research
  • Website Speed
  • SEO Tools
  • WordPress


The following all seo tools are the best seo tool list for analysing search performance, monitoring SERPs, keywords, and competitor analysis:

1. Bing Webmaster Tools

Top 60 Best Free SEO Tools (100% Free)

While Google Webmaster Tools SEO Tools gets all the attention, many folks overlook Bing Webmaster, which offers a comprehensive website and searches analytics suite.

Google search tools Keyword reports, keyword research, and crawling data are beneficial.

Could you get it here: Bing Webmaster?

2. Data Studio

Top 60 Best Free SEO Tools (100% Free)

Google Data Studio is your go-to tool if you need to combine data from multiple sources (say, Search Console and Google Analytics), visualise it, and share it.

Check out Lee Hurst’s Google Data Studio Resources for an idea of all the SEO tasks and dashboards you can create for free.

3. Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations

Top 60 Best Free SEO Tools (100% Free)

How do you know when your traffic drop (or rise) is due to a Google Algorithm update or a major holiday?

This is a very recommended Google Chrome plugin that overlays additional data on top of your analytics, enabling you to easily send screenshots to clients demonstrating how external forces impacted traffic.

4. Google Analytics

Top 60 Best Free SEO Tools (100% Free)

The big kahuna and the most popular web analytics package on the planet.

Google Analytics SEO Tools is surprisingly robust for a free product and integrates well with other Google products such as Optimize, Search Console, and Data Studio.

Some folks are concerned about their privacy when using GA, despite Google’s assurances that this data is not used to rank search results.

5. Search Console

Top 60 Best Free SEO Tools (100% Free)

It isn’t easy to imagine doing advanced SEO without access to Google’s Search Console data, probably the best useful free SEO tool on this list.

This is the most dependable source of information on how Google crawls and ranks your site, and it is one of the places where you can obtain reliable keyword data.

Because Search Console only allows you to download 1000 rows at a time, bookmark the best free Search Console 

Data Exporter to download up on 25,000 rows at a time.

6. MozCast

Top 60 Best Free SEO Tools (100% Free)

MozCast is also available for purchase. MozCast, Dr. Pete’s brainchild and the original Google SERP tracker, is the go-to algorithm tracker whenever there’s a big update or not.

The SERP tracking features, which show the prominence of features such as ads and knowledge panels, are also helpful.

7. Keyword Hero

Top 60 Best Free SEO Tools (100% Free)

Keyword Hero is an add-on for Search Analytics for Sheets.

Did you hear (not provided)?

Keyword Hero best SEO Tool employs advanced math and machine learning to solve the problem of missing keyword data.

It’s not a perfect system, except for those having difficulty matching keywords with conversion and other on-site metrics. The data can be a helpful start in the right direction.

Pricing is free for the first 2000 sessions per month.


Specific tools for ensuring that your website is crawlable and optimised.

8. Beam Us Up

Best Free SEO Tools Free & Paid

You won’t find a better free desktop crawler than Beam Us Up.

While it does not have as many other features as Screaming Frog, it does provide unlimited free crawling. Only for Windows.

9. Link Redirect Trace

Best Free SEO Tools Free & Paid

Many SEOs recommend Link Redirect Trace, a free Chrome extension, as the “all-in-one redirect path analyzer.”

The extension displays information from Link Research Tools about HTTP headers, rel-canonicals, robots.txt, and basic link metrics.

The “Save Screenshot” option is also handy.

10. Ayima Redirect Path

Best Free SEO Tools Free & Paid

Like Link Redirect Trace, Redirect a Path is a handy tool from the good folks at Ayima that displays redirect paths and header information for every URL you visit.

I have to admit that I’ve been using this extension for years, and it’s almost “always-on” in my browser.

11. Screaming Frog

Best Free SEO Tools Free & Paid

Screaming Frog is the best popular desktop-based crawler available today, in addition to having one of the top best Twitter accounts of any SEO tool maker.

Many people are uninformed that there is a free version with a limit of 500 URLs per crawl. While not as feature-rich as the paid version, it is ideal for small projects and site audits.

12. Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer

Best Free SEO Tools Free & Paid

Most SEO professionals are familiar with Screaming Frog, but many are unaware that the Frog also provides a standalone free/paid Log File Analyzer tool.

The free version is potent, but it is limited to 1000 lines.

13. SEOlyzer

Aleyda Solis’s excellent SEO podcast Crawling Mondays recommends SEOlyzer as a log analysis tool.

SEOlyzer is a fantastic log analysis tool that includes cool features such as real-time analysis and page categorization.

14.  Xenu

I had no idea it would make this one, even though Xenu has been on every “free SEO tool” list since the beginning of time. Over the last ten years, this Windows-based desktop crawler has remained virtually unchanged.

Many people still love and use it for basic site auditing, looking for broken links, etc. I’m even leaving for sentimental reasons.

Keyword Research

Tools for determining what people are looking for, as well as volume and competition.

15. Answer The Public

It’s hard not to enjoy Answer The Public. The interface has a rebellious feel to it, almost like “Cards Against Humanity.”

Regardless, if you want to generate an extensive list of questions based on any keyword set, this is the tool to use.

16. Keyword Explorer

If you’re not familiar with Moz’s fantastic keyword research tool, you should check it out.

Five hundred million keyword suggestions, all with the most precise volume range available in the industry. You also get Moz’s well-known Keyword Difficulty Score and CTR data.

Moz’s free community account grants you access to 10 queries per month, with each question providing up to 1000 keyword suggestions as well as SERP analysis.

17. Keyword Planner

Google’s own Keyword Planner was designed for folks who buy Google ads, but it still provides a wealth of data for SEO keyword planning.

It makes use of Google’s data and includes useful features such as country filtering.

Be careful of metrics such as competition (which is intended for paid placements) and volume, which is known to be perplexing.

18. Keyword Sh****r

Best Free SEO Tools Free & Paid

Yes, it’s referred to as Keyword Sh****r. It hurts me to type this. It says what it says and does what it says. When you enter a keyword, it returns a poop-ton of keywords.

 19. Keyword Surfer

Best Free SEO Tools Free & Paid

We recommended Keywords Everywhere (which is still a great tool), but the free version is no longer available.

Keyword Surfer is the most popular community-based recommendation that is still free. This Chrome extension displays the keyword search volume in Google search results.

WMS Everywhere, a Chrome extension that provides search volume, cost-per-click, and keyword suggestions, is also a favourite.

20. Ubersuggest

I sometimes make fun of Neil Patel because he works on SEO while wearing his pyjamas. I’m probably envious because I don’t even own a pair of pyjamas.

Regardless, Neil recently took over Ubersuggest and has given it a significant overhaul.

It now goes far beyond keyword suggestions and includes a slew of extra SEO features like basic link metrics and top competitor pages.

Link Tools

Tools for identifying, evaluating, and processing backlink opportunities.

21. Disavow Tool

Because most site owners don’t need to use the Disavow Tool, Google makes it difficult to find. However, it can help remove penalties when you do, and some SEOs swear by it to combat negative SEO.

If you decide to use this tool, check this guide on disavowing the correct links. Disavow Tool 22 is available for download.

22. Link Explorer

With 35 trillion links, Link Explorer is arguably the most extensive, most accurate link index and the best accurate DA and backlink checker in today’s SEO world.

Every month, the free account access grants you ten queries and 50 rows of data per query, as well as basic link metrics in the MozBar as you browse the web.

Get it here:

23. Link Miner

Link Miner is the best free Chrome extension created by Jon Cooper, a link building mastermind. Use it to find broken links on each page quickly and see basic link metrics as you search Google.

Simple, straightforward, and practical. Could you get it here: Link Miner?  Link Miner is the best free Chrome extension created by Jon Cooper, a link building mastermind.

Use it to find broken links on each page quickly and see basic link metrics as you search Google. Simple, straightforward, and practical.

24. Detailed

Glen Allsopp, the marketing genius, created Detailed, a one-of-a-kind free link research engine (you can find him in the comments here).

Detailed focuses on what’s driving links to a few of the web’s most popular niches, without the fluff that can make mirror engineering success a time-consuming process.

Oh, and he has a fantastic newsletter.

25. Backlink Checker

Many people are unaware that Ahrefs provides a free backlink checker, but they do, and it’s pretty good. It does have some limitations if compared to their full-featured paid tool.

For example, you’re restricted to 100 links and can’t search by prefix or folder, but it’s useful for quick link checks or if you’re on a tight budget when it comes to SEO.

Local SEO

26. Google My Business

Essentially, this is the number one, must-have tool for Local SEO — especially if you live in a Google-served market.

It allows you to, among other things, claim your business, manage listing information, and respond to reviews. Claiming your business profile serves as the foundation for most other local SEO activities, so it’s an important first step.

27. Google Review Link Generator

Whitespark’s Google Review Link Generator solves a simple problem: how do you allow your customers a URL to start a Google review for your company?

Rankings are influenced by reviews, which Google does not readily provide. This generator simplifies the process.

Local SEO

One of the very challenging aspects of Local SEO is determining rankings from any location — especially when Google insists on serving results from the location you’re.

28. BrightLocal 

BrightLocal solves this problem by providing a quick local ranking tool that can virtually transport you to any location on the planet to check actual local rankings.

How consistent are your company’s information and local listings on the internet?

29. Moz Local

Moz Local Online Presence Tool enables you to quickly check how your company appears across the web in the major data aggregators used by Google and others to rank local search results.

It’s the best way to learn moz seo test about your strengths and weaknesses.

Mobile SEO

Tools for optimising your website in the mobile-first world of Google.

30. Mobile First Indexing Test Tool

Website mobile versions frequently differ significantly from their desktop counterparts.

Because Google has shifted to mobile-first indexing, major elements (links, structured data, etc.) must be consistent across both versions. A few tools will check this for you, but Zeo’s is probably the most comprehensive.

31. Mobile SERP Test

It’s mobile moxie pageoscope incredible how mobile search results can differ depending on both location and device.

The view website on mobile emulator mobile SERP test from MobileMoxie allows you to compare devices side by side for any location, down to specific addresses.

32. Mobile-Friendly Test

The gold standard to determining whether or not your page satisfies Google’s mobile-friendly requirements.

If your page passes the test, Google considers it mobile-friendly, a legitimate (albeit minor) ranking factor. If your page isn’t mobile-friendly, it will highlight specific issues for you to address.

Please get it here: Mobile-Friendly Testing Multi-tool Free SEO tools with so many features that they deserve their category.

35. Chrome DevTools

The sheer amount of SEO tasks you can perform with Chrome DevTools for free is simply mind-boggling.

Some of the great best features are hidden away but impressive, ranging from JavaScript auditing to speed to On-Page SEO.

Do you want to know how to use it specifically for SEO? Check out these links for more information: here, here, and here.

36. Marketing Miner

Marketing Miner has a very low profile in the United States, but it is one of Eastern Europe’s best-kept secrets.

If you need to pull a large lot of SERP data, rankings, tool reports, or competitive analysis, Marketing Miner does the heavy lifting and loads it all into easy-to-read reports.

Check out this list of miners for some inspiration. Although it is a paid tool, the free version allows you to perform a variety of tasks.

37. MozBar

MozBar, one of the first SEO toolbars, has seen significant improvements over the years.

Free Moz account Sign up to get link metrics as you browse the web, as well as on-page and SERP analysis.

The free version is extremely useful on its own, but Pro users gain access to additional features such as advanced keyword suggestions.

38. SEMrush

SEMrush, like Moz, offers a full suite of all-in-one best SEO tools, and they have a free account option that is useful if you only work with a single website or need a quick look at top-level data.

The free account level grants you access to one “project,” which includes basic site auditing as well as limited keyword and domain reporting.

39. SEO Minion

SEO Minion is a popular Chrome extension that extends the functionality of most SEO toolbars.

Its quick functions are:

  • On-page SEO analysis.
  • Broken link checks.
  • Hreflang checks.
  • A SERP preview tool.
  • A handy Google search location simulator.

40. SEOquake

SEOquake is probably the most powerful SEO toolbar on the market, and it comes with plenty of configuration options, enabling you to tailor it to your SEO needs.

Aside from providing a wealth of data for each URL you visit, you can also do basic on-page audits, compare domains, also export your data.

41. Sheets for Marketers

Sheets for Marketers isn’t a tool in and of itself, but rather a website with over 100+ free templates for performing a wide range of tasks with Google Sheets.

Find useful free sheets for everything from competitive analysis to site audits, scraping, and keyword research. This is a website to add to your favourites.

42. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is a top popular choice among seasoned SEOs. It is a collection of over 100 unique SEO tools. Each tool is designed to do a single task, hence the name “small.”

What’s great about this group is that, besides more traditional toolsets like backlink and keyword research, you’ll find plenty of difficult-to-find and highly specific tools like proxy, pdf, and even JSON tools.

43. Varvy

Varvy seo tool gives a suite of free website audit tools from the people at Internet Marketing Ninjas. The majority of the checks are of the on-page variety, about crawling and best practices.

Varvy also offers standalone tools for page speed and mobile SEO. Overall, how to check page speed this is a good quick tool for starting an SEO audit and quickly completing basic checklist tasks.

On-page Seo

Tools to assist you in maximising the potential of your content at the page level.

44. Natural Language API Demo

While there is some disagreement about how useful Google’s Natural Language API is for SEO, there is no doubting it’s a cool tool with a lot of advanced analysis.

The free demo lets you analyse the text of a free page and see how a search engine would view things, view analysis, syntax, and categorization.

Natural Language API is available for download.

45. Structured Data Testing Tool

Did you use review rating stars in your JSON-LD and want to know if your markup is compatible with Google’s Rich Results?

A passing grade does not guarantee that your page will appear in the SERPs with rich results but think of it as the cost of admission (free, of course.)

46. Rich Results Test

This page should be bookmarked.

Google’s Structured Data Testing tool is required to troubleshoot your structured data and perform competitive analysis on your competitors’ structured data.

Pro Tip: To troubleshoot and arrive at a valid code, you can edit the code within the tool.

47. View Rendered Source

This simple JavaScript auditing tool only does one thing very well.

View Rendered Source is the best free Chrome plugin that provides you to easily see and compare the fully rendered DOM of any URL.

Excellent for auditing and troubleshooting JavaScript.

48. Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager serves a straightforward purpose: it allows you to insert “tags” (such as Google Analytics) into your HTML.

Aside from that, advanced users can use Tag Manager for a variety of SEO functions.

While Google advises against using Tag Manager to insert critical elements such as structured data, it is still useful for various SEO-related tasks.


Free best tools for competing, historical, and technological analysis from Cools.

49. Bulk Domain Availability Checker

I had never learned of this tool before, but several SEOs who buy domains regularly praised it highly. It appears to be popular with the black hat/PBN crowd, but the tool also has white hat SEO legitimacy.

Enter up to 20,000 domain names at a time, and it will tell you right away if they are available. It sure beats typing them in one at a time on Godaddy.

50. Hunter

Hunter is a well-known email search tool, and it is unquestionably the most popular free email finder.

It can help you find any company’s or individual’s email address, as well as verify any email address you already have. Before paid plans kick in, you get 50 free queries per month.

51. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an excellent SEO research tool.

Its Chrome extension is one of the tools available that provide accurate social share count estimates for any piece of content.

A free account does not provide as much data, but it does provide access to top content and trending data. This is one of our favourite tools.

52. Wappalyzer

There are many best tools available to help determine what technology stacks a website is built on, but Wappalyzer is an SEO favourite.

It’s completely free (unless you want advanced reporting) and will tell you right away what technology a site is using. Are they, for example, utilizing Yoast or All In One SEO Pack?

Wappalyzer is available from the Wayback Machine. I use the Wayback Machine 2–3 times per week.

It’s ideal for locating historical data. You can even find a trove of archived robots.txt files. There are numerous other SEO applications for Wayback Machine that you may find useful. Completely free.


There are hundreds of WordPress plugins that can help with SEO.

We’ve listed two “general” SEO plugins below. Others have a lot of choices.

53. Rank Math

RankMath, the “new” kid on the WordPress SEO plugin block, quickly gained a cult following among certain SEO professionals.

It’s fully functional and includes some cool features such as built-in redirection, which means you’ll need to install some plugins or payment for upgrades. It’s worth a look.

54. Yoast SEO 

In the world of WordPress SEO Yoast is the “name.”

The most trusted brand, the most widely used (30 million sites), and frequently the most innovative. They’ve made some incredible advances in the delivery of structured data with the help of our friend Jono Alderson.

I use Yoast on the majority of my WordPress sites, and they come highly recommended. Yoast SEO Alternatives: All-in-One SEO Pack, SEOPress Bonus: Free Google Sheet of All 60 Tools.

We’ve included a Google Sheet with all 55 of the tools listed above. You can save a copy of the sheet for your use or share it with your team. 

Site Speed

Site Speed Bulk Domain Availability Checker Tools for speeding up your site to increase engagement, conversions and rank higher.

55. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an open-source speed performance tool developed by Google.

It’s also the most recent, particularly when analysing the review of mobile pages and PWAs. Google not only supports using Lighthouse to evaluate your page performance but it is also speculated that very similar evaluations are used in their ranking algorithms.

56. Page Speed Insights

Page Speed Insights is another best Google tool built on the Lighthouse, but it has one important new metric: Field Data.

Field Data makes use of metrics collected by the Chrome User Experience Report to show you how your page performs with real users all over the world. Not every page has data, but when it does, it’s extremely useful.


If manually logging in a speed tool to check your review every day isn’t your thing, might be for you.

It assesses performance using Lighthouse data, then tracks and stores the results over time — all for free. You can also include competitor monitoring and on-demand audits.

58. Webpagetest

Webpage test is a similar performance tool to GTMetrix. It categorises performance and provides some of the most detailed performance reports available anywhere.

59. Cloudflare

There are many positive words about Cloudflare that it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Aside from providing a free CDN to help your site load faster, it also provides simple DNS management and 100% free DDoS protection.

You can run on a paid plan indefinitely, but if you’re ready to upgrade, the pro features are super cool and incredibly cheap.

60. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is one of several webpage speed performance tests popular among SEOs. It provides simple reports such as PageSpeed, YSlow, and Waterfalls and automatically visualises historical data for each page it analyses.


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