Apple Arcade: Pros and Cons subscription service

Apple Arcade

Have you heard of Apple  Arcade and wondered what it is or if you should try it? We are here to make things easier for you by outlining the benefits and drawbacks of the service. You can then decide whether it’s worthwhile.

What Is Apple Arcade?

It is a video game subscription service for Android users similar to Google Play Pass. For a monthly or annual fee, It gives you access to hundreds of games not available on the App Store, including award-winning titles and new releases.

You can get unlimited access to various premium games on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV for $4.99 per month with an Apple One subscription or a $49.99 annual fee, which saves you about $10. If you’re a first-time subscriber, you’ll also get a free trial to test the service before paying.

To learn more about joining Apple Arcade, read our article on how to get started with Apple Arcade.

The Pros of Subscribing to Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade will almost certainly be a big draw for gaming enthusiasts and casual gamers looking for new titles on the App Store. There are several reasons why an Apple Arcade subscription is beneficial, including the fantastic game library and the lack of advertisements and in-app purchases.

So, look at the benefits of an Apple Arcade subscription below.

1. Access to Hundreds of Games With a Single Subscription

It has over 200 games, including awesome titles like The Bradwell Conspiracy, Neo Cab, Overland, Sayonara Wild Hearts, and many more. It allows you to play various games, from sports to racing to adventure. Better yet, you can do it for free. You only need a subscription to play any Apple Arcade game you want.

In addition to exclusive games, It provides free access to some paid App Store games, such as Alto’s Adventure and GRIS. You can also play these games with an Apple Arcade subscription rather than purchasing them separately

2. Access to Games Not Available on the App Store

The App Store has a good selection of free and paid games, but not all of them. You can play games unavailable on the App Store with an Apple Arcade subscription, including Oceanhorn 2, Assemble With Care, and Skate City.

If you can’t find a game on the App Store, chances are it’s on Apple Arcade. So, if you don’t want to miss out on fun games, you should consider getting a subscription. You’ll get the best of both the App Store and Apple Arcade.

3. No Ads or In-App Purchases

While ads and microtransactions are a standard feature of free-to-play games and the reason they’re free, they can be quite annoying by interfering with your gameplay and, in some cases, completely ruining the experience.

One of the best aspects of an Apple Arcade subscription is that you no longer have to deal with annoying advertisements. You also don’t have to make in-app purchases, so there will be no micro-transactions once you download the game from Apple Arcade. You’re only paying for your membership.

Certain games are available on the App Store as well as Apple Arcade. These games are typically free with in-app purchases on the former. They are free and do not include in-app purchases on the latter. As a result, games like Episode and Asphalt 8: Airborne, which have in-app purchases on the App Store, is available for free on Apple Arcade.

4. Play Across Devices

A subscription to Apple Arcade allows you to play across Apple devices such as your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV; thanks to the service’s integration with Apple’s ecosystem, you can start a game on one device and continue on another.

With Apple Arcade, you can sync your progress and achievements across devices as long as you’re signed in to the same iCloud and Game Center accounts.

5. Access for Multiple People

You can share your Apple Arcade subscription with up to five people using Apple’s Family Sharing feature. You and your family can access the games on Apple Arcade as long as one of you has a subscription. Play against family members, or let your children enjoy many exciting, exclusive games.

The Cons of Subscribing to Apple Arcade

It is not without flaws, and some of them may discourage you from subscribing.
So, here are the disadvantages of purchasing an Apple Arcade subscription.

1. You Don’t Own the Games

Losing progress is one of the worst things to happen to a gamer. Imagine amassing many achievements and unlocking numerous features in a game, only to lose everything. That’s exactly what an Apple Arcade subscription can do.

You lose all of your saved game data when you unsubscribe from Apple Arcade. So, if you cancel your Apple Arcade subscription while playing Asphalt 8: Airborne+ and then download Asphalt 8: Airborne from the App Store, you’ll have to restart the game from the beginning.

Keeping your Apple Arcade subscription is the only way to keep your game data.

2. Not for Hardcore Gamers

It might not be for you if you’re a die-hard gamer. It does have some exclusive titles, such as Sonic Racing and Shinsekai Into the Depths, but not nearly enough. AAA titles such as FIFA 22, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us, Beyond Good and Evil, and Far Cry, to name a few, are not available on Apple Arcade.

It is primarily aimed at casual gamers and children. As a result, if you’re looking for hardcore games, a subscription may not be for you. You could do this by switching to PC gaming or purchasing a console.

3. Gameplay Is Limited to Apple Devices

It is only available within the Apple ecosystem because it is an Apple service. As a result, you can only use an Apple device to access your Apple Arcade subscription.

If you try to play a cross-platform Apple Arcade game, such as Asphalt 8: Airborne, on an Android device, you won’t be able to transfer your progress; this means you’ll lose your saved game data, which is terrible.

4. No Dedicated Search Option

It’s surprising and disappointing that there is still no way to search for games in Apple Arcade.
Instead, you must use the App Store’s search bar, which returns a list of App Store and Apple Arcade games.

If you don’t want to see everything the service has to offer, you can only find games by scrolling through various categories in the Apple Arcade section of the App Store.

A dedicated search option would make it much easier to navigate the Apple Arcade, allowing us to find titles quickly without having to wade through tons of apps first.

Apple Arcade Is Great, but Not Perfect

A subscription to Apple Arcade is ideal for casual gamers and those looking for exclusive titles not available on the App Store. It’s similar to Netflix for games in that you can choose from a large selection of games for a monthly fee. You can enjoy an immersive gaming experience without ads or in-app purchases.

If you cancel your subscription, you will lose your saved game data, and you can only use it within the Apple ecosystem. So, before subscribing to the service, weigh the benefits and drawbacks. If that doesn’t work, use the free trial to make an informed decision.

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