7 Killer Marketing Ideas for Your Recruitment Agency in 2020

7 Killer Marketing Ideas for Your Recruitment Agency in 2020

One way for people to notice you is by working hard and continuously, but that’s only one ingredient of the marketing strategy cocktail. To stand out, you can’t do what everyone else is doing, and it’s safe to assume that everyone is already working diligently to achieve visibility and good results. But that only gets you so far.

We are operating in a highly competitive world, which is why it’s a challenge to identify the best marketing tactics to position your recruitment agency. What makes it so difficult is to find techniques that not everyone is already using. Thus, although hiring a recruitment marketing agency could solve the issue, not everyone can afford it.

Therefore, one needs to identify which methods are compatible with the agency’s culture, target group, and mission. The recruitment agency should examine the market to get insights and arouse unique ideas that fit their requirements. While a recruitment agency should always align the techniques with their goals, we have seven killer marketing ideas you can use to generate more solutions.


If you are chasing real engagement and tackling essential topics, check if you’ve been covering subjects everyone already is (e.g., the importance of soft skills) and doing it on a superficial level. To reach your target group, you need to achieve next-level marketing and create content that is so compelling that people can’t stop sharing and talking about it.

Every recruitment agency should examine their current strategy and introduce modern tools and filters that will help the readers find what they’re looking for. Brainstorm what it is that your customers need and how to add value proposition to it.

Dive deep into the topic and, if necessary, dedicate hours to that research to get the best insights. Don’t be afraid to use every help that embodies in writers who can create the most engaging posts or developers and designers that can enhance your content and website.


Social media are an unavoidable element of every recruiting strategy, and recruiters often spend hours posting new content. However, being active and continuously updating your audience is not enough. Avoid posting only to stay visible and remind followers of your existence. Think about what it is that you want to achieve, be deliberate, and consider the purpose of your social media actions.

Do you want to attract new candidates through job posts? Do you want to produce engaging content that will drive traffic to your website and turn visitors into clients or candidates? Your goal might also be to strengthen your brand presence or all of these. But your content might not align with your goals. Evaluate your social media plan, use posting tools, think when and which content you should publish, and grow your visibility in the right direction.


When choosing the right advertising options, you can always choose the traditional way and opt for Google AdWords or LinkedIn, but you might be doing just what everyone else already is. Take a different route and consider utilizing Reddit. Most people don’t even think of leveraging this social platform. Thus, this marketing won’t cost you a fortune.

Reddit gathers people of similar views to exchange ideas and experiences but also links across a myriad of subreddits. The platform also offers an advertising page with an easy to understand setup. The goal is to find a compatible subreddit with your target group and share your content or job post.


If done right, one of the best marketing tools each organization and recruitment agency has is its brand. How they craft the story around it will either invite people to want to be a part of it or deter people from wanting to see what’s behind the brand. That’s the key to developing one of the most compelling marketing ideas. Avoid only telling what it is that your agency does and covering the company-level story. Go beyond that and show what makes it different and who are the people that make it unique.

Uncover the stories of your employees, show the world how their skills and experience move the agency in the right direction, and allow the magic to happen. Support the story with compelling photos and visuals, introduce interviews, and how you provide the best candidate experience.


While most of the focus lies on attracting new top talents, don’t forget to re-evaluate your database and talent pool. There might be highly skilled candidates who weren’t compatible with your previous offers, but might be the right match today. Besides re-discovering hidden talents lying in the dust of the old talent pool, you can also analyze old clients and maybe find business opportunities. One of the ways to reach those clients is to create engaging newsletters and try to revive contacts.


Similarly to improving your brand and targeting strategy, consider inbound methodology, which focuses on people who want to work with you specifically. While the outbound strategy targets everyone equally, inbound doesn’t stray away, and it hits the exact target.

The goal is to attract strangers and visitors and convert them into leads. To achieve that, concentrate on targeting consistent and suitable keywords, high-quality content, and sending vibrant newsletters. Thus, the inbound strategy aims to turn your customers into your brand ambassadors that will share the message and vision of your agency.


Are you using stock photos to present your team and activities? If so, you are losing the opportunity to show the genuine employee experience and bring it to life. Instead, you can use the EGC practice to raise awareness about the work and organizational culture in your agency. That is how you can arouse interest, attract new candidates, and enhance the hiring experience.


Jigna has been working with iSmartRecruit for so long. She is highly qualified in generating productive content and marketing the content. She has produced several content that can make you understand the core problems of hiring professionals and recruiters and providing them with quite satisfying solutions through a recruiting technology called the Applicant Tracking System.


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