Tricks Of The Trade: 11 Ways To Up Your Digital Marketing Game 

Tricks Of The Trade: 11 Ways To Up Your Digital Marketing Game

Most businesses rely on online marketing for promoting their products/services. Given the large user-bases of websites and social media platforms, online marketing is becoming increasingly intrinsic to businesses. On an apparent face, online marketing may seem easy to manage and achievable, but it is often not the case. Even the smallest of mistakes could sometimes lead to serious consequences. Blunders can be easily made in online marketing and should not be given to unqualified people. Preferably big companies hire digital marketing consultants to handle their promotions and growth. If you are marketing on your own, then there are certain things to be kept in mind.

Here are 11 ways to up your Marketing Game –

#1 Don’t Forget Mobile users

Businesses often focus too much on advertisements and marketing on social media platforms etc. What they do forget is that cold promotions on mobile phones too can be a very effective medium to gain attention.

 #2 People like free stuff!

One must always find creative ways to reward your customers every once in a while. It can be done using a higher discount, freebies, or reward points that encourage them to buy from you again.

#3 Blogs are handy

Most people don’t have a blog on their website. Like them, you could be missing out on a lot of customers if you don’t maintain a blog. A blog helps in increasing traffic and also helps you in building a relationship with your customers. Blogs are also a great place to get feedback and reviews.

#4 Be social on social media

Some people tend to shy away from promoting their products on social media as there is a fear that it might not reach many people. Every business needs to be on social media as it is a cost-effective way of doing business. It is much easier than traditional marketing efforts.

#5 Videos are forever

Curating videos to market your product is a powerful way of promoting your business. A creative, quirky video hitting the essence of your products and can leave a lasting impression on the audience and customers. A well-made video can easily catch on with the public and go viral.

#6 ROI must be measured

Are you spending time measuring the return on investments from digital marketing? Splurging blindly on marketing purposes can put a dent in your wallet. Assess what strategies to adopt and how to utilize them cost-effectively.

#7 Hiring the right people

Marketing is a professional business and requires experience and skill. Hire an experienced consultant to do your job. Your business would be in safe hands with qualified professionals such as them.

#8 Spamming is banned – literally!

Do not resort to any form of spamming in marketing. It is a common blunder businesses do while trying too hard to grab the attention of their customers. Spamming is not only cheezy, but it also annoys customers and leaves a wrong impression.

#9 Always use SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a must for marketing purposes. A website needs to be optimized for searches or else customers will not be able to find you.

#10 Be personal & creative

The more personal you get with your customers, the more connected they feel to you. Make it a point to use the first names of people while communicating instead of a generic salutation. Make sure you aren’t too intrusive in their business or else it could backfire.

#11 Don’t overlook email-marketing!

Email-Marketing isn’t dead yet. If you have used email as a form of communication and if it has not worked out, then re-evaluate your methods.


Knowing the tricks of the Digital marketing trade can make your life easier. Once you know the secrets, you can apply them successfully. Make sure that you follow these tips to avoid any digital marketing mistakes. Though these things change with time, there’s no reason to follow the old rules written in stone and eventually create your own. Hopefully, you’ve gotten some helpful wisdom about the dynamic world of digital marketing. Let us know which ones are your favorite!


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