10 Best Free Driver Updater Tools For Windows In 2022

10 Best Free Driver Updater Tools For Windows In 2022

Driver updater tools work exactly the way you are thinking right now. They allow you to update all the drivers in Windows for your systems’ hardware.

We regularly evaluate each of them to ensure that they are truly free and provide driver downloads, as opposed to other free driver updater that only perform a prospective update check. There are more that we could have added, windows driver update but we decided not to since they either have too many restrictions or contain malware.

Using one won’t need to find and download drivers from manufacturers’ websites or deal with Device Manager as much while updating drivers manually.

10 Best Free Driver Updater Tools For Windows

1. Driver Booster

Driver Updater tools

The best choice is Driver Booster. It works with every version of Windows and makes updating drivers simply by taking care of all the labor-intensive tasks for you driver updater free.

With support for more than 6 million drivers (8 million if you pay) from more than a thousand companies, it automatically searches for out-of-date drivers and has a decent chance of finding what you need. You can save time by not having to manually download updates from each manufacturer’s website when they become available because they are downloaded from within the software graphics driver update.

You may compare the new driver with the one already installed before installing it, which is useful. Before installing a driver, the application establishes a restore point in case something goes wrong during installation. 

A built-in offline updater is also present. Select the offline option from the Tools tab to export the driver data, and then open that file on a device with an active internet connection. (For complete information, see the offline driver updater instructions in Driver Booster.)

Additionally, you can use the following features: use Game Boost to release system resources, see system information details, roll back drivers, uninstall drivers, ignore drivers, and export a list of drivers to a text file.

2. Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer can download many drivers for various device kinds at once. The software offers you rapid access to install the updates after they have been downloaded, whether or not you have an internet connection.

Although the program itself is quite straightforward, the way it is set up makes it surprisingly challenging to use. Additional choices are available when a driver is right-clicked, including viewing alternative drivers, copying the device ID, and finding the driver’s INF file. You can utilize the forum if you have trouble understanding how the program operates hp driver update. 

There are no ads, download speeds aren’t constrained, it can be launched immediately from a portable device like a flash drive, and it has no restrictions on how many drivers you may install. 

Note: After opening the ZIP package, a few program files are in the folder. If your version of Windows is 64-bit, use SDIO x64; the other is for 32-bit versions. 

3. Driver Talent

driver updater tools

Driver Talent (formerly known as DriveTheLife) is an easy-to-use tool that downloads device drivers, so you don’t have to look for official download links online.

This best driver update software updates out-of-date and missing drivers, replaces damaged ones, and creates a backup of all the drivers you’ve installed. The program’s Peripheral Drivers section mentions printer and USB drivers, clearly stating if they are installed and functioning as intended. 

Before you download a driver, its size, release date, and version number are presented to ensure you’re getting what you need. 

If you need to install drivers but don’t have the right network driver installed, an alternative version that works offline and includes network drivers is ideal. The program’s Tools menu also contains a rudimentary hardware information tool that you can use dell driver update. 

4. DriversCloud


DriversCloud is a free web service that finds comprehensive information about your hardware and software, including out-of-date drivers. Previously known as Ma-Config.

Go to Advanced detection > Online detection > Launch detection after installing and starting the application to find all the parts of your machine and the drivers that go with them. The results are displayed in your web browser after the scan is finished. You may get there by selecting Detect all my drivers from the menu, followed by See my latest drivers on that page. 

Once on the driver page, click the See Recommended Downloads option. Because it offers a single executable that you can run to install all the drivers you selected from the website, this is what we advise utilizing. There is also a manual option, albeit installation is equally manual and requires you to download each driver update separately. 

5. DriverIdentifier


DriverIdentifier is a very straightforward driver checker. After it completes, the results appear in your web browser, allowing you to manually download the required drivers and install them on your computer afterward.

If your network card driver isn’t functioning, it will still search for drivers even if you don’t have an internet connection. The driver update list of drivers is stored in a file when an offline scan is finished so you can access it on a working computer and download the required drivers. 

It should also function in more recent versions of Windows; the stated system requirements list Windows 7, Vista, XP, and some Windows Server versions. Through the link provided below, a portable edition is also accessible best driver update software. 

6. Driver Easy

driver updater

Because it can automatically check for out-of-date drivers on a schedule, Driver Easy is exceptional in this regard. You can set a scan to run every day, every week, every month when your computer is inactive, or even each time you log into Windows.

In contrast to DriverIdentifier, this tool doesn’t require the user to launch an external web browser to download drivers. In its database, there are more than 8 million drivers. 

Other functions include looking at device data and figuring out which network driver you need if you’re offline. Other functions, like automatic restore point generation, driver backups, and bulk upgrading, could appear to be free but are only accessible if you pay. 

7. DriverHub


In addition to downloading and installing drivers for you, DriverHub features a whole software component devoted to recovery if something goes wrong. The actual program has a simple user interface with not many menu buttons. Options for altering the download folder and disabling software update checks can be found in the settings. 

You have two options: expand any item in the list to view the version number and install alternative drivers, or keep things simple and install whatever the application suggests (i.e., a newer driver but not the current version). 

Although the Useful utility section has nothing to do with drivers, it contains useful links to Windows tools like Task Manager and Disk Management. Other parts of the application, such as the backup and autorun features, are restricted access unless you pay. Amd driver update Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 are reportedly compatible with DriverHub. 

8. Ashampoo Driver Updater

Ashampoo Driver Updater

More than 400,000 drivers for more than 150,000 devices are available through this service. The driver updater from Ashampoo downloads and installs the driver for you, making it very simple. Additionally, it can automatically create a recovery point before installing any drivers, back up and restore drivers as needed, and adhere to a meticulous scan scheduler.

The option to disregard drivers is something you have with this program that not all of the competition offers. Adding an update to the ignore list will stop appearing as an update moving forward if you frequently see one you don’t want to apply. 

You must be running Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 to meet the system requirements. 

9. DriverMax


Another free Windows software that upgrades out-of-date drivers is DriverMax. It excels in some areas while having some limitations in others. 

Along with updating outdated drivers, this program can identify unknown hardware, back up some or all of the currently installed drivers, restore backed up drivers, roll back driver installations, create a system restore point before driver installations, create an offline scan file for PCs without a network connection, and schedule automatic scans. 

You’ll receive a reminder when updates are discovered at the bottom of the screen. If you’d like to investigate the updates later, you can postpone it for a day. If you choose to install the updates, you can only do so in increments of one at a time (a maximum of two per day), though they do so discreetly and automatically. 

DriverMax found more obsolete drivers than any other application on this list combined. When we compared the version numbers to the already installed drivers, they all appeared to be legitimate upgrades. 

Unlimited downloads, hourly driver checks, download priority, and automated driver downloads are just a few advantages paid customers can enjoy. 

Although this tool has a daily download cap, you can still search for outdated drivers as frequently as you’d like. You simply have a restricted number of download options. Why this isn’t as awful of a limit as it would sound is covered in greater detail in the review.

10. Quick Driver Updater

Quick Driver Updater

Aside from the capabilities of the other apps on this list intel driver update, Quick Driver Updater doesn’t offer many unique features. It has greater restrictions than the other programs mentioned above in several respects. 

However, it’s incredibly user-friendly, speedy, and downloads and installs drivers inside the software. It’s also an excellent method to get a second opinion. If you believe one of the other apps on this list missed a few updates. 

You can add drivers to the ignore list, schedule automatic update checks, and perform keyword searches across the list of installed and out-of-date drivers to discover specific ones (as frequently as every day). 

Driver Updaters for Specific Devices

All of the tools mentioned above will function on various computer systems to help you find the correct drivers you require free driver updater for windows 10. To find a tool nvidia driver update  made expressly for updating the drivers, visit the device’s manufacturer’s website if you know their name winzip driver updater

For instance, most of your Intel hardware drivers may be updated via Intel Driver & Support Assistant. GeForce Experience can immediately alert you when new drivers are available and give you the update, making updating NVIDIA drivers simple.


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