What is An XVO file: Complete Guide!

What is An XVO file: Complete Guide!

XVO is a file extension, and XVO file is a ratDVD Internal video file utilized by the ratDVD DVD ripping application. Several files accompany XVO files, such as XML, IFO, and VSI files, all of which are included in an AV_TS folder and then ZIP-compressed to a format that the ratDVD software can identify.

What is An XVO file?

RatDVD owns most XVO files by RatDVD – Canada. With ratDVD, you may encode an entire, fully functional DVD in a single file. With all of the features of the original DVD preserved, ratDVD converts a full-featured DVD-9 movie into a highly compressed 1. x GB.RATDVD container format file.

[Note: If the.XVO and.VSI files are visible inside the ratDVD file; something went wrong. These files can be seen by WinZIP and WinRAR but cannot play outside the ratDVD container.]

XVO File

Opening an XVO File

The actual video files that makeup a.RATDVD files are called XVO files. The ratDVD software decompresses the RATDVD file when it contains XVO files so that its contents can be used to create a DVD.

XVO files cannot be opened by the ratDVD program unless they are in the.RATDVD file extension.

You must use ZIP compression to combine the Version.XML file and the AV TS folder (which houses the XVO and other files) before renaming the resulting.ZIP file to a.RATDVD file to use XVO files with ratDVD.

Note: To produce a ZIP file, you can use a free file zip/unzip tool like 7-Zip. Just make sure the compression level is set to “none,” which will ensure that the data is simply placed in an a.ZIP file and not compressed.

Converting an XVO File

Even though an XVO file is a video file, most free file converters cannot convert it because it is merely extracted.RATDVD file. There is no genuine need to convert anything other than the XVO file.

Instead, you can use the ratDVD software to convert the.RATDVD file back to DVD format after using the above-described procedure to make it from your XVO files (see this tutorial). Then, using a free video converter, you should be able to convert the resulting VOB files into a file type that is more accustomed to you, such as MP4, MKV, ISO, etc.

Still file not opening?

If the instructions above don’t work to open your file, the issue is probably unrelated to ratDVD. This can occur if you read the file extension incorrectly, which is rather simple.

For instance, although having two of the same file extension letters as XVO files, VX_ files are unrelated. The Windows operating system employs compressed virtual device driver files called VX_ files. You can’t open one with ratDVD.

The same is true for companies like XOF, VXD, OVX, and XVCT.

The zero at the end of XV0 files makes them considerably trickier because it resembles the letter O. Once more, ratDVD is unrelated to these Lattice XVL Structure files.

In each of these cases, you should research the tools that can open or convert files with that extension.

How to handle XVO file issues

  • Connect the appropriate program to the XVO file extension. On, select “Open with” > “Choose another app” by performing a right-click on any XVO file. Check the “Always use this app to open *.xvo files” box after choosing a different program.
  • Install the most recent version of the software that opens internal files. because the most recent version only supports the most recent XVO files format. Therefore, look for a ratDVD update on the manufacturer’s website, such as RatDVD – Canada.
  • To make sure that your XVO files are not corrupted or virus-infected, retrieve the files again and scan them with Google’s virustotal.com.

How may XVO files be converted to other file types?

Because XVO files are mostly video files and only make up a small portion.RATDVD files, conversion is simply not possible for these files. Additionally, XVO files don’t need to be converted.

Instead, you can convert your files into the.RATDVD file format using the procedure we outlined above. You can use the ratDVD software to convert yours.RATDVD files into DVD format after converting them to.RATDVD format.

You may quickly convert the generated VOB files into the file formats you are acquainted with, such as ISO, MP4, MKV, etc., after utilizing the free ratDVD software.


You may quickly convert and open your XVO files by following the directions above. However, if you cannot open the file, likely, ratDVD is not involved.

It’s possible that you misinterpret the file extension, so we advise you to double-check it before opening the file with the approach above.




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