5 Tools Plumbing Businesses Should Have

5 Tools Plumbing Businesses Should Have

Most plumbers are usually good with their hands, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need the right tools. If you’re planning to start a plumbing business, having the right plumbing tools is bound to make your work much easier and increase your productivity.

The following are some of the tools every plumbing business should have:

1. Hacksaw

While you might associate saws with carpenters and builders, plumbers also need a hacksaw to cut through various things such as pipes, screws, bolts, and even nuts. If you’re planning on starting a plumbing business, you’ll need to have a good-quality hacksaw as it will help you complete all the cutting tasks more efficiently and easily.

It’s important to note that hacksaws come in different sizes and are usually fitted with a removable blade. For this reason, ensure that you keep some spare blades in your truck every time you respond to a plumbing emergency.

2. Pipe Wrenches

No tool is associated with plumbing work more than a pipe wrench. Almost every plumbing project that includes pipework requires pipe wrenches. Pipe wrenches are usually used by plumbers to tighten and loosen fittings and nuts on pipes.

This explains why two pipe wrenches are usually used together. One is meant for holding, while the other one is used for rotating a fitting or nut. If you check out the market today, you’ll realize that it is flooded with pipe wrenches of all kinds. However, it is very important to note that the sizes and applications of different pipe wrenches differ.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you go for the pipe wrench that suits your needs. If you’d like to save some money, it’s best that you purchase pipe wrenches in a kit.

3. Pipe Cutters

Also known as pipe slice, automatic pipe cutter, and single-handed pipe cutter, this plumbing tool is a must-have for any plumber. If you’d like to start a plumbing business, the chances are that you might need to replace, remove and resize copper or even plastic piping at some point.

A good-quality pipe cutter is capable of cutting through any pipe without a problem. In most cases, you’ll need a pipe cutter when you’re looking to produce a clean-cut. The best thing about pipe cutters is that you can also use them in very tight places where the pipes are hard to reach.

However, before you go out to purchase a set of tube and plastic pipe cutters, you need to understand that there are many models out there. It’s best to know which model works best for you.

4. Pipe Threading

Another important plumbing tool you need before starting a plumbing business is pipe threaders. Plumbers use pipe threading tools to cut precise threads into pipes so that they can be fitted on other pipes to form longer piping.

When it comes to pipe threading tools, it’s very important to note that there are two types. First, manual pipe threading tools are usually operated by hand and are best suited for small plumbing jobs. Second, there are electric-powered pipe threading tools that are capable of producing consistent threads and are ideal for bigger plumbing projects.

If you’re looking for good-quality pipe threaders for your plumbing business, you can always check out the professionals to help you decide what is right for the project you are embarking on. Also from them, you can choose manual pipe threading machines or electric ones depending on your needs.

5. Pressure Tester

For every plumber, checking the pressure levels in pipes is very important before commencing any plumbing work. Most pipelines are usually damaged by high-pressure water or gas passing through them. In order to avoid such occurrences, you need to have a pressure tester before starting your plumbing business.

If you’d like to deliver the best plumbing services to your clients, you’ll need to purchase two pressure testers, one for gas pipes and the other for water pipes. Also, it’s important that you purchase your pressure testers from reputed brands to avoid getting the wrong readings at work.


Having the right plumbing tools can help increase the efficiency and profitability of your plumbing business. Therefore, the best thing you can do for your plumbing business is to go for the best tools out there.


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