X Best Thingiverse 3D Prints You Should Print

X Best Thingiverse 3D Prints You Should Print

Thingiverse is a digital and design sharing community which is especially designed for sharing digital designs files created by users. It is widely used in DIY technology and different maker communities. Different projects technical and softwares. On Thingiverse you can easily find objects to print which reduce your time in thinking about what to print.

You can easily browse objects from above one million 3D printable designs and objects. Also, you can design and share your own unique custom objects and can see how others reprint your created design. In this article we are going to share you the top ten best thingiverse 3D prints that you should print.

X Best Thingiverse 3D Prints You Should Print

  1. 3D scanner
  2. Ventilation toothbrush case
  3. Photo Studio stand
  4. RGB LED remote holder
  5. 3D printed keyrings
  6. Raspberry Pi 4 case – Retro tower desktop
  7. 3D bicycle frame
  8. Micropad for photoshop
  9. Battery dispenser
  10. 3D printed vases

1. 3D Scanner:

X Best Thingiverse 3D Prints You Should Print
A standing man testing a 3D scanner. Image source: Quality Magazine

3D scanner can be a good option from thingiverse to 3D print. Only one condition to create this beautiful 3D printed object is you have good hand skills in professionals 3D printing software. In case you want to design a 3D scanner you need things besides a 3D printer. You will need some wires, servo motor, an arduino, and a soldering iron.

Don’t think while making these objects you are going to burn a hole in your objects although you can create this 3D scanner with an investment of $20. The object that has to be scanned should be placed fixed and you have to rotate your smartphone around the object. Now here the arduino and servo motor will play its important role in rotating the platform with a mobile attached to it. When your platform rotates you can easily scan your objects remotely via bluetooth.

2. Ventilation toothbrush case:

X Best Thingiverse 3D Prints You Should Print
A white color toothbrush packed in a gray case. Image source: PrusaPrinters

You might be thinking why we have considered this object for 3D printing. Actually, a toothbrush is part of our daily life. Whether you are in your home or on a trip or stay in a hotel etc. wherever you go your brush goes with you. Sometimes it happens that you have to leave in haste and you have not dampened your toothbrush. In that case you can protect your toothbrush from unwanted stains through this little ventilation toothbrush case.

You can easily protect your brush from stains using this toothbrush case. You can easily 3D print this case and create it in your own 3D printer. One thing you have to keep in mind is that 3D printing layers are bacteria breeding grounds so make sure you regularly wash your 3D printed ventilation toothbrush case.

3. Photo Studio stand:

A black color photo studio stand. Image source: Walmart

Photo studio stand also can be a considerable 3D object for making in case you love photography and want to give another contour touch to your photography and pictures. Also if you want to click a photo of your prints like a professional then you have to print two parts and then place a sheet of paper between them.

After that you need to arrange some decent lighting then you can easily take great snapshots of your prints in a professional way.

You can change your background according to your demand. The base fragments can easily be adjustable.. Simply you have to put the objects between the spaces and then you can click the photos like a pro. This can be a basic start if you want to make a pro setup then you need some extra investments.

  1. RGB LED remote holder: making a remote holder also a trending list of thingiverse prints. You can easily create and make simple and fast printing under desk holders for a generic LED strip remote. Dimension you can choose according to your demand but the standard dimension is 124mm x 56mm. And all we know is that LED strips are wonderful but their strips have a tendency to vanish into the thin air or press between the dusty sofas. By making this wonderful attractive tool you will no longer need to search your remote to change the color of light.

There are different choices according to your demand whether you can create the remote holder where you can entirely complete the remote or you can design this mount to leave the top four buttons in the remote for you easy and quick access to the on and off buttons.

  1. 3D printed key rings: keys are a daily part of our life whether you leave your house or arrive in either case you need your keys because keys go everywhere with us. So why not make cool and attractive keychains. Key chains help you to find your keys easily. Even having an attractive keychains shows an excellent way to show that you are specific in arranging your passion.

There are so many best 3D printed keychains available in the market but you can also create your own custom 3D printed key chains. Among all the 3D prints suggested above keychains are those which can be easily designed and created. 3D printed keychains, spotify keychains, light up motorcycles, cartoon character keychains and many more are some of the examples through which you can easily design your keychain.

  1. Raspberry Pi 4 case – Retro tower desktop: create and design Raspberry pi 4 case can also be a very decent option to pick from thingiverse dictionary. Those who don’t know Raspberry pi, it is the world’s most popular single board computer and Raspberry pi 4 is the latest version of low cost raspberry pi computers. With the help of 3D printing you can create your own custom handmade raspberry pi case.
  2. 3D bicycle frame: As 3D printing has enveloped almost all sectors from designing to manufacturing and 3D printing has been a big news for quite a while. You can also take help of 3D printing for designing bicycle frames. In case if you don’t have to design pre-made tubes together with a bicycle then you can create the entire body frame of the bicycle via 3D printing.

You can create the entire body frame of a bicycle in one process by quick succession of fine layers independent of whatever the material can be used like titanium, carbon fiber etc.

  1. Micropad for photoshop: Among the best thingiverse 3D prints micropad for photoshop you can choose if you have a 3D printer and some required parts with a week’s time. The main moto to create this was to eliminate the long process of remembering all the important shortcut keys and different intricate key combinations. In the micropad each and every shortcut has to be mapped into an individual key and can be easily activated via a single keystroke.

To design this all you need is a 3D printer, Arduino, MX Switches, tack switch, 2.4mm-8mm plastic screw, M3-10mm screw, 1.5-2mm screws for rotary encoder can use super glue,  self-adhesive anti-skid pads.

  1. Battery dispenser: It is not the coolest thing that you can create but it is a very useful object. You can create different designs of battery dispensers for your house. You can create them for 20AA and 35 AAA batteries.
  2. 3D printed vases: Among the best thingiverse 3D prints to print you can choose this versatile thing for print. Vases are one of the best decorating objects of any house. Different customs 3D printed vases you can create with the help of a 3D printer. You can print vases by going into the vase mode with continuous extrusion of filament. Orbit, bloom, ripple, spiral etc are some of the different shapes that you can create with the help of 3D printing.

The Process of 3D Printing

3D printing process starts with a 3D model being created in a 3D modeling software like SelfCAD. SelfCAD is a free CAD software that allows users to design both simple and complex models online and both in Windows and Mac operating systems. 3D models can also be downloaded from 3D models libraries like Thingiverse, Myminifactory, or Cults3d.

Once you have created your 3D model or downloaded them, the next step is to slice it and prepare it for 3D printing. Slicing the model generates the instructions that the 3D printer can understand. These instructions are called G-codes.

Once you have sliced your designs, you can then now send to your 3D printer. There are different types of 3D printers that one can use. A good example is a dual extruder 3D printer.

A dual extruder 3D printer is a type of printer that uses two filaments to print 3D objects. The dual extruder setup allows for two different colors or materials to be used in the same print job. The dual extruder 3D printer reads the g-code file and prints the object layer by layer hence creating the design.


We have provided you with some of the best 3D prints from Thingiverse. Whether you are looking for a fun project to work on or something to add to your collection, we hope that you found this list helpful. What print will you be making first?



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