What Does SOS Only Mean on iPhone and How to Fix?

What Does SOS Only Mean on iPhone and How to Fix?

Is the SOS text visible in the top-right corner of your iPhone? If you answered yes, you may be wondering, “Why does SOS Only mean on iPhone?” Take a deep breath and read this article before jumping to the worst-case scenario. The meaning of SOS on the iPhone status bar and many methods for getting rid of it are explained in this article. Let’s get this party started.

What Does sos only mean on iphone?

The SOS symbol or SOS-only text indicates that there is a problem with your iPhone’s cellular network, and you cannot make or receive ordinary phone calls, send texts, or utilise cellular data as a result. However, you may still use your iPhone to make emergency calls, hence the moniker SOS. You may dial 911 (in the United States), 112 (in Europe), or a comparable service.

On iOS 16, the SOS symbol shows in the top-right corner of the iPhone, and in the top-left corner on previous versions.

Why Is My iPhone Displaying an SOS Message?

If you’re wondering why your iPhone is flashing SOS, there are many possibilities. To begin with, it is possible that your iPhone is not getting the right cellular network since it is in a region with inadequate Fi coverage.

Similarly, it might suggest that your SIM card does not have roaming rights or that the network has been changed in iPhone settings. Or if your SIM card is not properly inserted, and even worse, the SIM card has ceased operating entirely owing to non-payment of bills, physical damage, or anything else.

To get rid of SOS from your iPhone, you must fix the cellular connection, and only then will you be able to utilise cellular services.

Please keep in mind that the SOS symbol will only appear on your iPhone in Australia, Canada, and the United States.

How to Remove SOS Only on iPhone

If your iPhone displays SOS in the status bar, use the instructions below to turn it off.

1. Force-Restart Your iPhone

Due to a transient glitch, the SOS icon may appear at times. Simply restart your iPhone to fix it. To do so, hold down the Power button until you see the Power slider appear. When you move the slider to the right, your iPhone will turn off. Wait a few seconds before turning your iPhone back on by hitting the Power button.

2. Examine the Network

Poor network connectivity is a primary cause of the SOS symbol appearing on your iPhone. So, change your location. Move to a new room or, if feasible, a different region with a strong network signal what do sos only mean on iphone.

3. Replace the SIM card

Then, remove the actual SIM card from your iPhone. Put it back in your iPhone after cleaning it with a gentle cloth. This fix is quite useful for getting rid of SOS SMS messages on iPhones.

4. Disable Cellular Data

Select Cellular Data (or Mobile Data) from the Settings menu. Turn off the Cellular data (or Mobile data) toggle. Wait a few seconds before turning it back on.

5. Allow Data Roaming

If you are travelling in a different state or country than where your SIM was issued, make sure data roaming is enabled on your iPhone.

1. Go to Cellular data (Mobile data) > Settings.

2. Select Cellular data (Mobile data) and enable the toggle next to Data Roaming.

6. Select Right Network

You may have mistakenly picked or switched to the incorrect network on your iPhone. That might explain why SOS appears in the status bar. Setting network selection to automatic is the simplest method to fix the problem. As a result, your iPhone will automatically choose the appropriate network for your SIM.

Select Cellular data (Mobile data) > Network selection from the Settings menu. Turn on the Automatic toggle. If it’s already turned on, disable it and then re-enable it.

7. Turn on LTE

Some providers, such as AT&T, are retiring their older networks, such as 3G. If you have 3G enabled in the Voice & data settings, the SOS symbol will appear in the status bar.

To turn it off, just switch to a newer network. Navigate to Settings > Cellular data Options > Voice & data. Select a different mode from the one you’re now in. Also, try turning on LTE.

8. Refresh Your iPhone and Carrier Settings

You may have a network problem on your iPhone owing to outdated carrier settings, which is why you may be seeing the SOS symbol. You must manually update your carrier settings to turn it off. Similarly, you should update iOS to the most recent version.

Go to Settings > General > About to see what updates are available for each of them. Ascertain that you are linked to a Wi-Fi network. Install any updates that are available for your iPhone.

9. Reset Network Configuration

Finally, if nothing else works to get rid of SOS on the status bar on your iPhone, you should reset the network settings. This will reset all network settings, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, to their default defaults. You must reconfigure them.

Navigate to Settings > General > iPhone Transfer or Reset. Then choose Reset > Reset network settings from the menu.

On your iPhone, do you see No service text instead? Discover the meaning of No service on iOS.
Finally, contact the network provider.

I hope you got the meaning of the SOS symbol in your iPhone’s status bar. Similarly, understand the meaning of the symbols on the iPhone’s Control Centre. You should contact your network operator if you are unable to get rid of SOS text messages from your iPhone. There might be a problem with your SIM card.



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