What degree do you need to work in the entertainment industry?

What degree do you need to work in the entertainment industry?

What degree do you need to work in the entertainment industry?

The global entertainment and event management industry is a dynamic bustling one and has room
for all sorts of creative and business skills. Whether you are creatively inclined or just want to
associate yourself with the business part of the domain, a career in entertainment management can
be financially rewarding and artistically satisfying.

Furthermore, an entertainment business management program can allow you to be a part of high-
profile events, hobnob with the who is who of the industry and improve your social profile.
Since the industry is such a broad one with thousands of different roles and job descriptions, it can
be confusing to choose the right career pathway for yourself. Here are a few suitable degree
programs in the domain that can provide the right foundation and required expertise.

1. Entertainment business management degree

If you have a good business sense and a keen eye for spotting promising talent, you can do well with a degree in entertainment business management.

These programs can give you a glimpse into making long and short-term business strategies to grow the profile of an artist or an entertainment company. They can also introduce you to essential
concepts of project management, budget creation and allocation, cultural heritage, fundraising
management, and cultural entrepreneurship.

The degree can provide plenty of career prospects like casting director, artist manager, or artist
relations consultants.

2. Entertainment justice degree

Do you have a strong artistic sense but are fascinated by the intense drama of court battles? A
career in entertainment law can be the right fit for you!

An entertainment law/ justice degree allows you to work with artists and companies to protect their
work from being plagiarized. You also safeguard the rights of your clients against big corporations.

An entertainment law degree will make you an expert in different intellectual property rights and
laws in different countries along with the consequences of flouting them. Most bachelor’s or degree
programs in the subject have a generalized curriculum that allows you to specialize in different
entertainment law disciplines like technology rights and media regulations later in your career.

A few interesting career options after the degree include music lawyer, artist agent, and
entertainment attorney.

3. Art presenting degree

If you are passionate about the settings for a great entertainment form like theatre, movies or
television, you should consider pursuing a degree in art presenting.

This program can allow you to embrace the commercial side of entertainment programs and invokes both your creative talents and unique sense of business.

The career opportunities after this degree include drama or music therapists, broadcast presenters,
and theatre directors.

Other possible education options include degrees in digital production/ entertainment design and
entertainment marketing.

All the above-mentioned degrees are great for kick-starting your career in the entertainment
industry. You can choose a program depending upon your career interests and aspirations.
Invest in an entertainment degree program today to become a successful business management
professional in the global event management industry.


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