Career Scope in Film Production

Career Scope in Film Production

Career Scope in Film Production

Producing films is a lot like that magic trick: Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Except, it’s not the work of one magician but often, too many.

Yes, it takes a village! But if what happens behind the screen fascinates you, a career in film production will be gratifying for you. Because like actors on the big screens, there are also roles, both exciting and challenging, that you can play off the screen. What are they? Let’s find out.

1. Film Director

Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch, Christopher Nolan…you know the names! Theyr’e the brains behind some of the most celebrated films in cinema.

Film directors are the masterminds behind the entire filmmaking process – from deciding the core production team to making casting choices and overseeing every department, including budgeting.

The director’s creative vision is what you see play out on the big screens. Other than the actors, they also direct (quite literally!) the rest of the film crews. On a set, they supervise day-to-day activities, ensuring producers, designers, sound engineers, etc., are playing their roles well.

Are you also technically sound, have a killer aesthetic sense and communication skills? Then, you will definitely fit the mould!

2. Line Producer

The moment a feature is confirmed is when a line producer comes into the scene. Essentially, to fulfil the director’s creative vision while ensuring there’s no exceeding beyond the producer’s budget. To borrow terminology from science: line producers are the mitochondria of a films cell.

The ones who hold the purse strings and decide how much money will be allocated to which department. (An accountant?!)
First, the line producers set the budget, seek the producer’s approval, and then pick the crew members. Once the production starts, they become a bridge between the creative and production teams, directly communicating with different HODs to keep any hassles at bay.

They also find creative solutions to handle any downtimes, always making sure the project is executed smoothly.

3. Director of Photography/Cinematographer

You know, when a movies visuals are so overwhelming, the only thing you can say is – how’d they do that? That’s the job of a Director of Photography or DOP.

DOPs are the camera wizards who decide the overarching feel and look of the feature and shape the visual aesthetic you witness on the screens. They also painstakingly interpret and ideate camerawork for every single shot, thereby breathing life into the movie script.

Remember the classic & lights, camera, and action & line? DOPs are actually responsible for the first two! And because of this, they often need to become commander-in-chief, giving directions to a large crew of lighting and camera professionals.

4. Casting Director

In the film industry, casting directors (aka the star makers) are the scouts who’re constantly looking for diamonds in the rough. They’re the ones who match actors to roles. How? By holding auditions, looking at headshots, attending stage productions and graduation shows, etc. Also, these film professionals typically serve individuals on both sides of the equation: the talent side and the production side.

Based on the project requirements, they curate a list of potential actors for the roles, and make the final decisions together with the project’s director and producer. One additional perk? They’re usually mentioned on the thank-you-for-believing-in-me speeches of numerous actors.

Over to You

Given how Bollywood continues to be the world’s largest film producer, there’s ample scope for you to shine in film production. So, the next time you see the credits roll by, take note of these behind – the-scenes professionals. You can learn a great deal by following the careers of some of them as you forge a career of your own.

Also, joining any of the film making courses in Bangalore or Mumbai – the film hubs of India – can be a great way to begin your journey.


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