Top 10 Travel Safety Tips for Women

Top 10 Travel Safety Tips for Women in India

Top 10 Travel Safety Tips for Women in India

Traveling is a great hobby that not only relaxes you but teaches many things in life. Solo traveling has
become a big trend in India. People love to explore new and thrilling places. It a great way to be
independent and enjoy singleness, but for women to travel alone is challenging. You have to be very
prompt and aware of your security risks. However, by taking proper precautions and wisely planning
the journey will make things easier for you. In this blog, we have listed some important travel safety tips for Women.

Top 10 Travel Safety Tips for Women in India

1. Research Your Destination Well

When you plan for a trip, the first thing you need to do is research. It would help if you did not
depend on second-hand information instead of researching the place well using all your resources.
There is an entire series of research you need to do, including routes, places to stay, places to eat,
and more. Above all these, you need to take extra care of safety, even more, when you are women.
So now you would research safe routes, safe accommodation, safe places to eat, and more.

2. Keep Your Valuables On

Firstly, do not carry valuable things when you are on a trip. Keep your gold and diamond at home,
and do not carry along. When you are at the destination, keep your laptop, tablets, kindles, and
pricey things in the room. Even if you have to carry, then wear it and hide it so that nothing can be

3. Travel solo with confidence

When you are traveling to a new location, do not tell people you meet on the journey that you are
traveling alone. You need to keep it to yourself. This will keep you safe from an uncomfortable
situation. You might communicate with women around you to gain confidence. If you are traveling
by bus, then book your tickets from the reputed online bus services like RedBus. If you book your
ticket now, then use the Promo Code for Redbus while checking out to get a hefty discount.

4. Prefer reputed hotels

When you are in an unknown city or town, you cannot trust anyone around you. The best way to
avoid any ill happenings always books a room in a decent hotel. Even if you are on a backpack or
budget vacation yet, you should not compromise your safety. The dormitory or lodge room would
not be expensive, but it is a risky place because you do not know its intention. So before you plan a
trip, look for a reputed hotel and read the travelers' reviews. After booking, always share the details
with your dear ones.

5. Have all emergency numbers noted

When you are at your destination, you have to be prepared for the worst. The first step towards that
would be saving necessary contact details like the local helpline number or police station or your
dear one who would be available to pick the call. Adding these numbers as emergency numbers
would help you easily call for help if you see unsafe situations.

6. Prefer daytime arrival

When the sunsets and it is all dark, that is the favorable time for any crime. If you are traveling
alone, you have to book your tickets so that you reach the destination in the morning or daytime.
This gives you some edges. You can easily roam around and figure out the best accommodation, and
you can have buffer time if you have unusual circumstances.

7. Carry a safety kit

Carrying a safety kit is very important whenever you are planning for a vacation. You can have vital
medicines, first aid items, and disinfectants. You never know when ahead of you, so it is advised to
be prepared for any unforeseen situation. Along with that, you should carry pepper spray, Swiss
knife, whistle, and other such items.

8. Don’t Trust People Too Quickly

Visiting a new place is adventurous and happening; however, to trust the people everywhere you go
is not a good idea. It does not mean not being friendly, but it is about being wise when traveling
alone. Many people or brokers would claim to help you get better accommodation or tickets at a
better price. However, do not trust them as you do not know their intention. Safety is in your hand.

9. Watch Your Drinking

If you love to enjoy the beauty of the place you are visiting with a drink, then hold on for a minute.
You are alone there and surrounded by unknown people, so think about what you are eating and
drinking more closely. It is okay to take a drink or two when you are at the home of trustworthy
people, but it would be very dangerous at an unknown place. Hence take care of yourself, even
more, when you are alone.

10. Keep Documents and Cash Secretly

The best way to prepare you for the trip is to be ready in all possible ways of keeping the positives
and negatives in mind. Be aware of the thieves and the frauds they can identify with if you behave
like a tourist. Try to blend in as much as possible to escape the evildoers. Yet what you can do is to
keep your things safe and secure. Keep your documents like identity card, passport, etc. in some
secret pockets of your luggage. Also, when you carry your purse, make sure that you do not keep all
the cash in one place. There is some lingerie with a cash pocket; you might consider using it while


If you are traveling to a new place, then you need to prioritize your safety. In this blog, we have
covered the tips for safe traveling for a woman. All the information and advice are based on the
experiences of female travelers. So travel the world and be safe. We hope this blog was helpful to

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