5 Best Backpacks For Traveling In 2020

I recently decided to undertake out the entire digital nomad thing. I m planning on traveling to Thailand later this years and essentially bouncing around Southeast Asia.

I have been gearing up for this trip for over six years. Traveling around the world is one of my main hobbies in life. I can enter the entire tangent about the “Things I would like to try before I died, but that has nothing to do with this text. If you are a digital nomad, then be happy to drop some knowledge on me.

Before leaving, I’ve been stressing out over selecting the best backpacks my money can purchase. One of the best essential things I hear other travelers mention has great best backpacks. You want something which will last you for years to return. I wish to buy products at all times.

You might think to stress over backpacks is silly; Why not attend an area mercantile establishment and easily get an inexpensive one, right? Well, the matter is that a travel backpack is nothing sort of a school backpack (which is usually what you’ll find at your local stores). I’m essentially bringing everything I want in one backpack for months on end.

One of my main goals isn’t to seem sort of a tourist. I’m fully conscious of locals who feed on tourists. Whenever they appear up at that massive goofy backpack, which is really intended for hiking and camping, all they see is an opportunity.

I m not talking everybody is like this, but most natives are. They know you don’t know your way around town, which you’re still trying to work out the conversion rate.

You never actually need to offer the “I’m a tourist” vibe to the locals. You ought to never wear flashy clothes, expensive jewelry, or boast your costly gadgets. You ought to attempt to slot in and not draw any attention to yourself. Aside from the way you dress, your backpack should be low-key.

For most airlines, the most important carry-on size is 45 liters. Anything more significant than that completely defeats the whole purpose of traveling lightly.

Many digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and backpackers tend only to bring items that are absolutely essential.

Their backpacks are commonly used for holding all of their gear (headphones, e-reader, camera, laptop, cords, etc.), clothes ( underwear, shoes, jackets, t-shirts, pant, shorts, socks, etc.) and toiletries (toothpaste, floss, soap, shampoo, etc.).

Since your backpacks are going to be with you most the time, you ought to strongly consider spending a touch extra money for higher quality. Your backpack should be comfortable, a low figure, have different features, be large enough to suit all of your things, made out of durable materials, and basically be freed from nonsense.

Based on my research for the past three weeks, I have narrowed my choices right down to five backpacks. I have reads plenty of articles on this subject, scrolled endlessly through different travel forums, and skim plenty of reviews on Amazon.

I tend to trust people that put their money where their mouth is. So without further ado, here’s my list of the best backpacks for those folks who are running around the world.

Red Oxx Sky Train


This backpack is 38 liters, so you’ve got quite a lot of space for your possessions. It offers tie-down straps for your clothing so you won’t need to affect crumpled, gross-looking clothes.

It also features a high sort of way to hold it. It is often rolled some kind of a suitcase, carried some kind of a messenger bag or persisted tight sort of backpacks so you’ll be ready to using your hands while you’re on the go. The best part about these bags is that it’s completely handmade, which suggests you recognize it’s top quality.

Standout Features:

Designed AND made within the USA
38 Liters
Weather-resistant (NOT waterproof)
Comes in 12 different colors
Fabric: 1000 weight urethane coated, Dupont certified Cordura Nylon
All seams are double-stitched and bound
Dual claw-style 360-degree backpack straps swivel clips
“No Bull” Unconditional Lifetime Warrant

Cost $255

Tortuga V2 Backpack


First I might wish to inform you that this backpack now sold out. Its likely in-stock date is May 2014. If you are not leaving soon, I might strongly advise you to attend until it becomes available.

Tortuga may be a world-leader in travel Backpacks. This bag offers everything you would like while you’re traveling. Believe this, a bag that you best don’t get to check (saving you money and time), a bag that you best don’t get to fully unpack to urge what you would like (saving you time), and a bag which will actually carry everything you would like. It’s the boss.

Standout Features:
4 Exterior pockets
Fits computers up to 17″
Padded shoulder straps, padded hip belt, and chest strap
44 Liters
Lockable zippers

Price $199.00 

Synapse 25 by Tom Bihn


When you’re trying to find backpacks, let’s face it. The design of the pack has got to match yours. The planning of the Synapse 25 is aesthetically pleasing and appears sort of a regular student backpack. Tricking people into thinking you’re student is much better than looking for some kind of a tourist.

There are many other reasons to like this bag. It’s one of the best lightweight bags that you’ll find on the market today, it’s actually under two pounds (1 lb 11 oz).

You can add extra compartment and accessories once you checkout, so that will add more weight to that. Other great features that I really like are that it’s an area to stay your bottle (gotta stay hydrated), and it doesn’t probe your back while you’re walking around.

Standout Features:

Made in the USA
Ultra-lightweight (Less than 2 pounds)
Tough Duraflex and Nexus buckles
Closed-cell foam back
25 Liters

Cost $170

REI Vagabond 40 Pack


If you’re trying to find the right backpacks that cover all of your needs, you’ll not need to look any longer than the REI Vagabond. This backpack comes in two other colors, red and black.

Every pocket, including your bottle pocket, are often fully zipped, so nothing will ever stray. This backpack also offer 36L of space. The sole downside is that this backpack doesn’t have a laptop compartment (I know for many people, that ‘s a deal-breaker).

Standout Features:

36.5 Liters
Padded hip belt
Top and side handle
REI 100% satisfaction guarantee

Cost $119.00

GoRuck GR2


I’m getting to catch tons of flack for saying this but I feel it’s true. If Apple were to style backpacks, the GR 1, and a couple of would-bes the results this backpack would never allow you to down. It offers a fantastic amount of space for storing while still being sufficiently small to use as you keep it up. Let’s face it, none people like big bulky bags that are hard to hold around, and this is often the right solution.

The GR1 and GR2 both have a horny design, can withstand over 400 lbs of stress, and have a lifetime guarantee. Unlike other companies, GoRuck won’t ask you for a receipt or date of purchase. They tag their products. I’m not making this up, inspect their website.

If you fear the worth, consider the 5.11 Rush 24. It offers many equivalent great features for fewer than half the price!

Standout Features:

40 Liters
Inbuilt the USA
Highly waterproof but not technically waterproof
High-stress points are energy tested at over 400 lbs
It made from military-grade, highly waterproof materials

GR1: Buy $295

GR2: Buy $395

There is just one affiliate link during this article, which is that the 5.11 Rush backpack. Why am I telling you this? Because my goal isn’t to form money off of you, it’s to assist you in discovering excellent backpacks.

I wasted an excellent portion of my time last month trying to seek out the best backpacks. And if this information saves you time and maybe makes your life easier, then that creates me happy.

I hope this text has helped you cut down your choices. Good luck!

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