The Principles Of UX And UI: Making A Product For The User, Not For Designers

The Principles Of UX And UI: Making A Product For The User, Not For Designers

Websites and applications are not just pages with pretty buttons. Each site is created to solve a particular problem for the visitor, to give him some experience. This idea has long germinated in web design and is embodied in the concept of UX (User Experience).

For a couple of decades, designers and developers have come up with dozens of definitions of UX and UI. All of them, one way or another, focused on the comfort and emotion of the user. To simplify it as much as possible, a UI UX agency is about building an interface that helps visitors quickly solve their problems and the business — to make money.

A good UX design is invisible to the user, and successful interfaces are perceived intuitively and do not distract from the page’s content. Good work in the UI UX agency brings the visitor pleasure and makes him return to the site again.

How to Distinguish UX from UI

UI UX agency building UX today requires an extensive knowledge base — at the intersection of design, web development, sociology, and psychology.

Developing UX requires;

  1. A thoughtful study.  That considers the target audience’s needs.
  2. Motivations.
  3. Emotions.

All for adequately organizing the hierarchy of sections, creating handy functionality, and making it intuitive.

There is also the opinion that UX goes far beyond web design. It concerns all communication between the client UI UX agency and the company: the quality of service, correspondence, content, and advertising mailing.

There has been Confusion with UX and UI design in the IT-sphere for a long time (mainly because the same people often do them). UI refers to drawing graphical interface elements: buttons, blocks, icons.

UI UX Agency: The Principles of UX and UI

Probably this was the starting point for all designers who were first interested in web development: open Photoshop and start drawing a page with beautiful buttons.

Few people immediately think about the position of elements in terms of their convenience. It is a manifestation of healthy human egoism because, in this case, you have to sit down to draw the site for yourself, not for others.

But the UI UX Agency must be multifaceted. Therefore, it is important to distinguish several main principles of UX, which allow making resources with utmost care about users.


One of the main principles of design is to give complex things a simple form. This principle is known as KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) in English.

Users always appreciate the ability to simplify something complicated as much as possible (conditionally, buy a car on the site in two clicks). It not only saves them time, but such an experience also gives the visitor a valuable sense of control and order.

As a rule, minimalist design is developed and implemented much faster. But do not confuse simplicity with primitiveness, and make a simple design extremely functional and aesthetic — one of the main objectives of UX.

UI UX Agency: Pareto’s Law

Of course, this is not a law but a generalizing principle named after Italian sociologist Vilfredo Pareto. It says that 20% of efforts give 80% of the result in any business.

The same principle can be stated in development: 20% of site functionality provides 80% of its value for users. UI UX Agency design aims to find the key 20% and focus the visitor’s attention on them.

The audience’s attention is a precious resource for the web designer. Smartphones have accustomed us to solve problems as quickly as possible, with one object on the screen on average not more than 10 seconds. And if the site the user wants does not load in 3 seconds, he will leave for another.

From a UX point of view, the resource should launch instantly, have an obvious hierarchy and show the user its critical features in the most obvious way. So first, we need to show the user the most important things and everything else.

The Sequence

The average web user has already seen hundreds of online resources; your site probably will not be a discovery for him. However, he comes to you with his baggage of experience and expectations.

It is no need to confuse visitors to the site with bold design experiments. Instead, the button should look like a button and work just like all the other buttons on the Internet.

Good UX is a UI UX agency built on commonly known and recognizable elements in harmony with your audience’s experience. Confusion can prevent the user from solving their problem.

That’s not to say there’s no room for creativity and experimentation in interface design. But innovative solutions should be a natural extension of everyone’s comfortable practices. Otherwise, they will bring the audience only irritation and frustration.


A UI UX agency creates any site or app to solve a specific user task, and that task always has a particular context. Therefore, it is essential to understand the specifics: when, where, and what device will be opened.

Attention to non-obvious details is crucial for good UX. For example, you can create an app that will be pleasant to use in a quiet office environment. But in practice, the audience will find it difficult because they open it while playing sports or on the noisy subway.

Taking context into account requires:

  •  audience research;
  •  regular feedback gathering.

IT giants go even further for the sake of this and collect as much user data as they can.

We have to start our design work with CA research and focus groups. As a result, we prepared several prototypes for approval by the client. You don’t always have to approach UX work as an art form. Instead, it’s a creative puzzle in which the art needs to be aligned with business needs and concerns for the end-user.

So, UX design is the process of increasing user satisfaction with a product. UX design aims to make a product more enjoyable and user-friendly, whether a cell phone, an app, a website, or even a chair. So, here you are, sitting in a chair right now.

It was important for the designer of this chair to think through all the details and design it so that you get the most satisfactory experience sitting on it. The same can be said for UX designers who create a practical, functional, and intuitive user interface.

But A quality product comes only if UI and UX designers work together on the project.


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