The Common Brand Identity Mistakes – Insights by Eric Dalius

The Common Brand Identity Mistakes – Insights by Eric Dalius

The Common Brand Identity Mistakes – Insights by Eric Dalius

Brand identity can get best defined as the visual aspect of a business. It comprises of
typography, logos, website design and colors. Every brand identity element act as a brick to
develop the brand’s foundation.

One of the best examples of brand identity today is Nike. Almost everyone is aware of the
“Just Do It” slogan and its identifiable “Swoosh” logo design. A few elements in its brand
identity reinforce its distinctive qualities and stay atop the sportswear market.

At times people might confuse between a brand image and brand identity. When you
compare a brand image and brand identity, it enables you to look at the identity as you
present the brand in the market and impact the customers to see you. However, the brand
image is the way customers perceive you.

Eric Dalius Net worth – Mistakes Organizations Make with Brand Identity

You can avert a few mistakes for establishing an improved brand faster. In this article, we
will share some of the common oversights. Do you want to know how to reduce the chances
of branding slips? If yes, the following pointers will help:

  •  Having no brand purpose

Businesses require depth. Today, it is essential as the customers search for brands and
businesses that have essential objectives other than making money. According to a study by
Zeno Group, the customers were keener to assist a brand with a clear objective more than
businesses that don’t.

Hence, the brand purpose is all about outlining all that motivates your organization to exist
and the issues you are trying to resolve. It enables you to become more intentional as well
as relatable to the audience. Launching your brand without any purpose will make you miss
out on scopes to engage your customers. Therefore, it is something that you shouldn’t
overlook at all.

  • Becoming inconsistent

By ensuring that your brand is identifiable also allows you to cement your brand and
generate authenticity. It provides the customers with a sign that you care about how your
customers perceive your business brand.

When you fail to present your business, in the same way, it will negatively impact your
brand. You certainly don’t want this to happen as you have worked hard and for a long time
for your brand identity. In addition, it might become more challenging for the consumers to
authenticate if your brand is you.

  •  Not remembering the style guidelines

One essential factor that can lead to a massive inconsistency is the absence of style
guidelines. You can call it a document that stands as the rulebook on the design aspects that
involve your brand identity.

When you possess a guide on your brand’s identity, you have a handy tool. It enables you to
ensure that the designer you are working with, whether a freelancer or in-house, will be
aware of the design elements about the brand that others aren’t.

If you don’t have this, you might have a challenging time trying to come up with the right
design. You might also have to struggle with the revisions. To start with, you can generate a
brand style guideline by making sure you have the following elements:

The Common Brand Identity Mistakes – Insights by Eric Dalius

1. Typography
2. Design and logo variations
3. Social media assets
4. Colors (CMYK and RGB)
5. Document letterheads
6. Failing to check for originality

At any point of time, you shouldn’t be a copycat. You want to ensure that your logo design
and other brand assets don’t resemble another brand. You might want to get inspired by
other brands and get innovative ideas. However, that doesn’t indicate you can come up with
a brand identity that is an exact copy of another business organization. It will make your
brand suffer, and people might confuse your brand for another business. Also, it will place
you at risk of copyright and trademark infringement.

One of the best ways to avert this is through thorough research. You can conduct a reverse
search of an image in Google. For this, you have to go to Google images and look for the
camera icon in the search bar. You can press the icon, and you will get the option to make
use of the URL of the logo or directly upload a file. Then, you can start browsing the
outcome to check if you have any identical version of the logo that you are using or plan to

That is not all! You can also opt-in for business directory websites and check the brands in
your domain. It can help you to check the local and direct competitors for an added
measure. Whenever you come across a similar design, you might want to make certain
adjustments so that your brand identity appears original.

These are a few mistakes that you need to be aware of and ensure that you have the correct
brand identity for your business. It will help you to expand and grow your business better. If
you want, you can read more about Eric Dalius Net worth.


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