Spotify and Hulu: How to Take the Bundle Match Made in Heaven as a Student

Spotify and Hulu: How to Take the Bundle Match Made in Heaven as a Student

Spotify and Hulu: How to Take the Bundle Match Made in Heaven as a Student

To all your pop culture wants, Spotify has an excellent bundle that TV combines movies and music. You sign up for per Spotify Premium account. This music service gives a bargain bundle with Hulu and Showtime subscriptions. Better still, there’s no added cost. All, the bundle costs $4.99 per month. All you have to do? Be in school.

The suggestion is available for any college or university student. Not only does Spotify give 50 percent off the price of Spotify Premium — which is usually a $9.99 charge per month — but the music app also gives free Hulu and Showtime subscriptions on with it. Among Spotify Premium, users can download music, have an ad-free experience, and fine-tune on-demand. With that, members take to watch movies like Parasite and Palm Springs on Hulu. And for only $4.99 — what a deal!

An ad-based usually starts at $5.99 per month Hulu membership, and Showtime runs at $10.99 per month. Added with the typical price of Spotify Premium, that’s nearly $27 — you’re saving quite a bit with Spotify’s bundle. Now think of all the fantastic movies, TV shows, and music you’ll be able to stream: it’s worth it. If you’re on the fence, Spotify gives a one-month free trial to test the waters.

Hither’s all the info you need to get this kind of bundle:

Is Hulu yet free with Spotify?

These you signed up for the Spotify Premium by Hulu promotion last year are yet available for the bundle. But, if you cancel or upgrade your Hulu subscription, you won’t be able to take the original deal. The promotion that provided Spotify Premium users free Hulu subscriptions has expired — if you didn’t nab the deal last year, you can’t take it now. Hulu is free by Spotify Premium Student.

What is the Spotify Premium Student plan? Also, what does it include?

The Spotify Premium Student plan is very like a Spotify Premium account. The best part about Spotify Premium is that it’s utterly ad-free on mobile and computer versions. Spotify Premium enables you to download music as well, so you can listen without using data. You can access unlimited skips on Spotify Premium, and you can play or queue any song at any time. The plan also includes free subscriptions to Showtime and the ad-based version of Hulu.

How visit I sign up for a Spotify Premium Student account?

Go to the Spotify Premium Student page and choose “Get Started.” You can create an account and sign in by Apple or Facebook. Once you’ve created an account and registered your payment details, Spotify will verify your registration status as a student using SheerID. If your school isn’t listed, or you’re required to upload a document, SheerID offers standard troubleshooting support for the Spotify plans. Once you’re set up at Spotify, you’ll be ready to access the exclusive Premium features.

How much does this Spotify Premium Student plan price, and is there a discount?

The Spotify Premium Student plan prices $4.99 per month, but the first month is free. This is a $5 discount on the regular Premium subscription, also though there’s no difference between the features. You can decide to cancel at any time.

How do I begin Hulu and Showtime on my Spotify Premium Student account?

To activate your Hulu account, you’ll want to head to your Account Page on Spotify. Under Account Summary, choose “Activate Hulu.” You can each create a new Hulu account or link the deal to a pre-existing Hulu account. Sadly, you can’t upgrade to any ad-free or live TV plans with this deal.

You can start your Showtime subscription via Showtime’s Spotify activation page. You can both create a new Showtime account or link one to an existing account already. Next, you activate your account, and you’ll enter Showtime’s full library of movies and tv.

After you set these up, you’ll be charged monthly through Spotify rather than streaming services.

Can I take this bundle if I’m not a student?

Unhappily, no. Spotify has given bundles for Hulu and usual Spotify Premium in the past, but at the moment, this deal is only for students. Time to go back to school!

How long does this bundle last?

Once begun, this deal lasts for four years. Each year, Spotify requires members to re-validate their enrollment status using SheerID. They’ll send you an email on it if it’s time. Be sure to validate unless you’ll be charged the regular $9.99.


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