Best 5 Solar Panel Installation Companies in New York

Best 5 Solar Panel Installation Companies in New York

The use of solar energy to power houses is becoming more widespread in New York. Solar panel technology is continually changing and has achieved tremendous strides in its brief existence. Despite recent manufacturing and recycling issues, the country has emerged as the leading residential and commercial green energy solutions provider. Aside from lower monthly energy bills, cash incentives and tax advantages assist in offsetting the cost of installation and ownership.

Solar installation companies in New York, like technology, are developing, and numerous of them compete for your business. It might be inquiring to sort through all of them to find the appropriate one for your requirements.

Not all solar energy companies are the same. We looked for and located the best solar panel installation companies in New York and evaluated the top five below to assist you in finding the company that best meets all of your demands solar panel installation companies.

Solar Energy Can Power Your Home

1. Tesla Solar

Solar Panel Installation Companies

If it hasn’t already, Tesla is quickly becoming a household brand for technological achievements.
It’s hardly surprising that theyfind made our list. Nevertheless, you may be surprised to read that the company’s solar panels are not accessible in your area. There is some uncertainty about availability, but Tesla aims to service all 50 states solar panel company.

Their solar technology is available in the form of solar panels and roof tiles. Tesla-approved installation companies typically conduct installations. Incorporating the company’s Powerwall battery storage device, which is not available for separate purchase to the general public, is a benefit of acquiring the company’s solar arrays.

Tesla solar panel offers free home consultations, financing, residential and commercial sales, services, and products with 25-year warranties 400 watt solar panel .

Pros and Cons

  • Options for solar arrays
  • Purchase includes access to Powerwall storage.
  • Guaranteed competitive price

2. Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar is the next company on our list solar panel system. The company is BBB accredited and has an A+ rating. Consumer Affairs and Google Reviews consumers give them an average rating of more than four stars. Momentum has been providing one-stop shopping for solar energy since 2009.

Momentum Solar provides a concierge-company service, with a single point of contact for their services, from drafting a plan through installation to getting their customers set up with their utility company. The company works in ten states and offers free energy consultations to residential and commercial customers and financing options. If necessary, they may also provide tree removal services Solar installation companies.

Pros and Cons

  • Shopping at one location
  • Concierge service
  • Tree removal service

3. Trinity Solar

SunPower’s website offers free estimates, which is why we chose it solar panel system. Trinity Solar is the next company on our list, specializing in solar energy solutions in the eastern states. The company is BBB-accredited and has an A+ rating and an average of 4.4 stars from Google solar panel cost  Review consumers.

Trinity was founded in 1994 and has remained largely on the east coast of the United States.
They usually operate in residential settings and collaborate closely with non-profit groups in each location. Over 77,000 solar power systems have been deployed by the company thus far.

Trinity Solar is a privately held company that provides financing options, 25-year guarantees, free energy assessments, and services ranging from design via installation and service.

Pros and Cons

  • Eastern states experts
  • Local non-profit collaborations
  • Long experience in business

4. Vivint Solar

Solar Panel Installation Companies

Vivint Solar completes our list solar panel installation solar panel company. Founded in 2011, the company was acquired by Sunrun Solar in 2020. Vivint has received high marks on various consumer review systems, including 4.3 stars on Google Reviews Solar Panel Installation Companies.

In collaboration with Sunrun, the company offers a wide range of solar energy products and services, such as free energy consultations, residential and commercial installations, financing options, and a Product Selector Tool that may show homeowners the best solar energy system options at a glance. Vivint also provides its customers with solar charging solutions and battery backup options for electric vehicles ring solar panel.

Pros and Cons

  • Solar charging for electric vehicles
  • Options for battery backup
  • There are commercial installations available.

5. SunPower

Solar Panel Installation Companies

SunPower is a solar panel company trustworthy installer network for your solar system, solar panels, and power requirements. Find a solar panel installer right now! SunPower has been manufacturing best solar panels for over three decades. Because of its experience, high customer satisfaction scores, and 50-state coverage region, the company tops our list Solar Panel Installation Companies. Consumer Affairs customers give them 4.5 stars and rate them A+ at the Better Business Bureau.

SunPower’s primary goal is to provide solar power products to consumers, merchants, and reputable installations. They are, however, willing to supervise installation tasks for consumers who purchase their products. SunPower’s website has a wealth of valuable information and a chat option. Free consultations and financing are offered for residential and business consumers to make purchasing easier solar panel system.

Pros and Cons

  • Coverage region of 50 states
  • Extensive experience
  • Overall positive feedback

The best 5 Solar Panel Installation Companies in New York

How to Choose the Best Solar Panel Installation Company in New York

Solar panel installation companies are sometimes more than just installers solar panel cleaning. A solar company may be an excellent source of information on all aspects of solar energy. Every company has its unique method to make the transition to solar power as simple as possible, from education through installation, financing, and future service plans Solar Panel Installation Companies.

Look for a company that meets your requirements based on the criteria listed below.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service harbor freight solar panel is crucial to the sustainability of a solar company solar panel calculator. Solar panel companies understand that effectively servicing their customers is the difference between a decent company and an amazing one. Some are more skilled than others.

Check out public review platforms for possible installation company prospects. Examine their competition to see how they rate. If you have neighbors who recently installed solar energy systems, inquire about their experience with their installer 100 watt solar panel. Choose one with a track record of providing excellent customer service solar panel kits.

Options for Financing

Solar panel installations are an expensive investment. The average solar panel system cost is $16,000, but for certain households, the cost might be two or three times that. If financing is required for your installation, you are not alone. The vast bulk of solar panel installations is subsidized.

Personal loans from financial institutions are an alternative. Solar loans from solar energy companies are, in many circumstances, also. If financing via your installer is crucial to you, search for the best financing or leasing options for your company.


Solar power products have a typical warranty of 25 years. Warranties differ in terms of craftsmanship, service, and product protection, with some being superior to others. Before signing on with your selected solar installation company, ensure that they explain their warranty in writing and that you are aware of and understand any restrictions.


Everything discussed above will be meaningless if you can’t reach your solar installation company when you need to. Aside from understanding how many solar panels you require, how much they will cost, and when they will be installed, find a company with a track record of keeping lines of communication open with its customers for your purchase Solar Panel Installation Companies.


Many people have a poor understanding of how solar electricity works. Going from design to a working system and activation is even more mysterious. It is crucial to have all of the information in front of you when making a critical financial choice.Solar installation companies understand that informing their customers about the products and processes will make them happier. The solar company you pick should be able to answer any questions you have about solar electricity and how it works in detail.

Reasons to Hire a New York Solar Panel Installation Company

Solar panel installation companies daily offer solar energy solutions to their customers.
They devote their time to accumulating knowledge and information on solar, which most of us do not have time to acquire. When you hire a best solar panel installation company, you can use their expertise in various ways.

Avoid DIY Installation Failures

It is feasible to install a solar energy system in your home as a do-it-yourself job, but specific hazards are involved. Most would-be DIY installers will be turned off by the manual work necessary.
Other issues include the fact that DIY installation may violate some manufacturers’ warranties.
There are no craftsmanship warranties, as there are when experts complete your project. And if something goes awry with your system, you’re on your own to find it.

Hiring a professional solar installation company does initially cost more than DIY installation. However, spending the additional money now assures you’ll get the best installation possible and warranties to back it up if something goes wrong.

Information on Incentive

Installing and maintaining a best solar energy system for your home or business can reduce your monthly energy expenditures. It also offers several benefits through government programs, tax credits, and refunds. A professional solar installation company will have the resources to connect you with the correct people so you can take advantage of all available benefits.


The Forbes Home Improvement editorial team reviewed third-party data on 16 prominent companies to determine the best solar panel installation company ranking, with each company’s star rating derived by considering a range of parameters, including:

  • BBB rating (25 percent )
  • Customer feedback (25 percent )
  • The number of states served (20 percent )
  • Warranty (15 percent )
  • BBB accredited (10 percent )
  • Consultation on energy for free (5 percent )

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