How to Use the Google Docs Track Changes

How to Use the Google Docs Track Changes

How to Use the Google Docs Track Changes Feature with Images

The Google Suite platform’s Google Docs is a long-time favourite. Editing, creating, collaborating, and keeping track of the changes made by your other team members are all supported. Tracking changes in Google Docs is a function that most people find difficult to use. To begin with, it’s a fantastic tool that helps the document editor in two ways.

  • You can make changes to your work without leaving a remark.
  • You can collaborate with others and monitor changes in real-time.

You can also accept, reject, and amend modifications. Other team members will be able to share their information more quickly and vibrantly due to the process. Follow along with us to learn more about Google Docs’ track changes function.

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How to Keep Track of Google Docs Changes

When it comes to naming attributes, there is some ambiguity. Microsoft Word is another well-known document program that everyone is familiar with. In a Microsoft Word document, the term “track changes” is used. The feature is also available in Google Docs. However, the name properties are different. Suggestions are the name given to it in Google Docs.

Activate the Suggestion Option

You must first enable the functionality on your papers before you can use it.

The feature will be available automatically if you’re using Google Docs through a web browser or a smartphone app. If you’re uploading a document from a third-party source, pick “Suggestions” from the pen button in the top right corner of the screen. You can see the recent edits on your document once the feature is activated. Google Docs allows you to keep track of changes.

Sharing your document

Sharing is a crucial step while working with Google Docs in a collaborative setting with other team members. Only the people with whom you’ve shared the URL will be able to access your document.

How to Use the Google Docs Track Changes

  • Google Docs Document Sharing
  • Click the blue Share button to share your document.
  • Take a screenshot of the page’s link.
  • To change the settings, click the Sharing restriction option.
  • Customize the sharing limitations to meet your specific requirements.
  • After that, you can use Google Docs’ track changes function to keep track of your changes.

How to Use Google Docs Comments

One of the most basic writing rules is to never use comments in the same paragraph as the document. It becomes redundant and changes the tone of the statement. Many word processing programs, thankfully, allow you to leave comments. Collaborators have their comments section in Google Docs.

Add a comment to Google Docs. To use the function, click the Plus icon after highlighting/selecting the place where you want your comment to appear. All team members can respond and discuss the current changes here. Before approving a comment, keep in mind that the document’s original author can accept, reject, or edit it.

Version History in Google Docs: How to Use It

Another helpful feature of Google Docs is version history, which allows you to keep track of ongoing changes in a document.

The feature indicates when and when the changes were done. Users can also go back in time if they choose to. Look under Files > Version history of using this function. You can also compare documents using Version history, which is a fantastic tool. You can use this to compare two papers and list any modifications that need to be made.

To use this tool, go to Tools > Compare Documents in the menu bar.

Documents to Compare

Note: that all of these features are linked to the Google Docs Track Changes setting.

Final Thoughts:

Google Docs is a fantastic free document management system. You won’t need to download a separate program like you would for Microsoft Word. It includes all of the fundamental text documentation features, such as Google Docs Track changes. You can access it from anywhere since it is in Google Workspace.

I hope you learned something from this post and that you will share it with others to show them how excellent this function is.

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