Simple VS Complex Website

Simple VS Complex Website

Simple VS Complex Website

When we hear about making profits, the first things that come to our mind are highly
complicated and big websites, which is a good option for earning potential profits. But if we
consider the money and resources used to build such websites, we might change our minds.

Many of us ignore the importance of simple websites. Simple websites can help you earn a lot of profit, but you must have to build the site professionally and give the right touch to it. But how will you go, right? You can go right by choosing the perfect domain name and start writing the “good and value-driven content for your website.

Consistency is essential in the success of your business. Regularly update content on your
websites, and keep the readers engaged while keeping them in suspense, so they keep coming back to your website. Earning huge profits on a free website is easy; the main aim is to drive traffic to the website.

Complex websites, on the other hand, are ideal for big business ventures. Complex websites take a lot of time and effort to build, and many take time to load. It requires maintenance from your tech guy, and if something goes wrong the developer will take its time to find the bug in the website. Simple websites come with simple HTML codes and simple coding; you can resolve any issue quickly.

Complex websites can help you earn profits, and they can look good and fancy as well. They have great images, videos, and every feature. Such a website can bring you money and boost your business. But, complex websites also come with a lot of challenges. For example, it can delay your actions. You will have to struggle to find the relevant information.

Complex vs. Simple Website

A good website design determines the user experience and conversion of your traffic. The first impression is significant; when a visitor first comes to your page, he decides whether to stay on this page or leave it.
If the user’s first experience is not right, the user will immediately leave the page. Therefore,
your page must have everything that will attract the visitor and give him an excellent first
When someone visits your webpage, they see three to four things to evaluate a complicated or straightforward website. Following are these three factors:

● The color difference
● Images
● The font in the text and website
● The layout of WebPages

According to research conducted by three famous universities, complex websites are less
appealing to visitors than simple websites.
It implies that the more complexity you will integrate into your web design, the more will be the bounce rate. But, you have to maintain the balance between extremities. Don’t make it too simple; it is also not appealing for visitors.
Therefore, to reach your potential customers, you need to find a perfect blend of simplicity and complexity.

Some of the factors that you can consider are written below.

1. Prototypical Sites Are More Appealing

The human brain works uniquely. It has set patterns. These patterns are detrimental in decision making and other things that we do. The human mind has a prototype of which color is best, how an apartment building should look, and how a good website should look.
So, you have to consider the psychology of the human brain before you proceed. Create a web layout design that appeals to your customers. Use your creativeness and design a perfect layout. Your website must meet the expectations of your visitors.

Your users are searching for you. They have visited many websites of the same niche as yours. So, they have a basic idea of what they are expecting from you. It is your job to meet those expectations. But, try to do something different to engage them and convert them.

2. Simplicity Gives Excellent First Image

It is difficult for the human brain to process complex information. So, whenever you visit
complicated websites, it takes time for the brain to visualize and interpret site data. Due to this reason, the person will leave your webpage due to a highly unpleasant experience.
With a simple layout, high definition pictures, and comprehendible font, you can make many facets of your site stand out from other websites. Improve user experience means more accessibility.

3. Simple Sites Are Easy To Rank

Simple websites are easy to rank on Google. The reason is simple, it has a straightforward
HTML script that easy to read, and you can optimize it for SEO without worrying about technical aspects.

A simple website takes less time to load as compared to its counterpart. A simple web design contributes to an excellent user experience, decreasing the bounce rate, and driving more people to your website.

4. Outsourcing Website Development Needs

Outsourcing your website needs is a good idea. It will save you some time and is a cost-efficient solution. You can outsource your web development needs to developers who can get the task done as per your requirements. You can also outsource your marketing needs to agencies that excel in performing such tasks.

What Are The Choices?

● Fully custom web sites can be quite expensive and are not ideal for large businesses.
● You can often solve problems in simple websites with a custom plug-in with a little bit of
programming and a net framework like Word Press.
● Most E-commerce options, surprisingly, aren’t that expensive. If you are looking to sell
only a few items on-line, a dedicated eCommerce website hosting service like Shopify or
Squarespace is an affordable way to start your business.


If you are thinking about making a website for your webpage, consult skilled website development and design companies. Also, make sure to do a thorough study of the most
famous sites of your competitors. It will give you an idea of how to formulate a website that
offers more conversions and less bounce rate.


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