The 11 Best Rabbit Alternatives Websites In 2020

Rabbit Alternatives Websites

The Rabbit was of that Online App that enabled users to stream movies, socialize, and watch videos with family members and friends. It turned out to be a favorite platform for a viewer that enjoys watching videos and movies with family members and friends.
Rabbit is not usable because of a lack of funds, and Kast now communicates all of the resources.
Kast Guaranteed to deliver all the qualities of all Rabbit again, and each one, the consumers, is still awaiting. Therefore, before Kast meets its promise, here’s your listing of Rabbit options for seeing videos and films in the category (Together with family and friends).

The 10 Best Rabbit Alternatives Websites In 2020

1. ShareTube

ShareTube is a simple service that permits users to view YouTube movies with Friends and loved ones.
To initiate the co-watch, then you merely need to produce space and discuss a YouTube URL to perform with the material in a comprehensible manner.
It Permits You to view YouTube videos.
It’s a conversation service.
Just borrows YouTube Content.
It does not have any webcam and sound service.
It is possible to see the site to begin seeing together.

2. is another very best choice for Rabbit users.
It’s possible to make an area and play with the film so another member of your workplace can watch movies.
Chat assistance.
No sound and webcam service.
It is possible to see the site to begin seeing content together.

3. Airtime

Airtime is a smartphone program that lets you view YouTube movies and listen to songs together.
Support Chat and Lets You Send GIFs, sound messages, and Share decals.
Supports of sound commentary.


Slow down on Android Phones
Go to the Site to put in on Android and iOS.

4. Syncplay

Syncplay Is a solution to the issue; it lets you play content on Media Player from the computer, then it broadcasts your playback at a private space.
Most excellent for seeing downloaded content.
Supports significant media players such as VLC
No assistance to talk with the team.
To Obtain, you can visit the official website.

5. Kast 

Kast Is currently the proprietor of each of the Assets of Rabbit. It permits users to talk (Text and Voice notes) and watch videos with at least a hundred members in 1 room.
Kast also supplies video games to perform and discuss with the real-time audience.

6. Explorii App

Explorii App is a social media mobile program that empowers chatting capacities, group video calls/audio calls across the web, and platform to view movies and videos in the category, like Rabbit
The program is only accessible on both iOS and Android.

7. Twoseven

Twoseven is a movie sharing platform where you can live flow videos. You may watch the movie with your loved ones and friends and socialize with a real-time messaging feature.
Like Rabbit,


Twoseven does not support live audio comment but concentrates on Webcam live response, maximum aid for video streaming, and real-time capacities. Twoseven provides a Chrome extension that also contains service for Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and much more.
Live response with Webcam.
Outstanding in functionality with no latency delay.
Twoseven is a good selection and best choice for Rabbit, also you may go to the official Website for more info HERE.

8. Watch2gether

Watch2gether Is another option that permits users to view movies, listen to music, and go shopping on Amazon. It’s my personal favourite.

The fantastic thing about Watch2gether is that live sync capacities while streaming with no delay.
No Service of Webcam and sound message
No Netflix support.
Ads at the free version.
Require a high upload rate due to no digital internet machine that’s offered in Rabbit.
Should you would like to combine, you may pay a visit to the web site, Watch2gether supports Free and Paid subscription, which begins at $3.99/month.

9. Netflix Party

The Majority of the features of this Rabbit and Netflix Party will be the same. That is the reason it’s a popular platform amongst Rabbit users.

Content together and empowers the team chat abilities to socialize with the team. Netflix’s party does not need to be set up and runs well on the consumer’s browser.
It’s Perfect Synchronized playback
Support simply Netflix articles; you can’t play with YouTube along with others.
No Webcam and sound support.
It is possible to pay a visit to the website and make space to see together.

10. Rave

Rave Is another portable application which may be thought to be the trustworthy option of Rabbit.
There’s not any problem in sync. Users may even use the voice chat option and play with audio and sync with other mobiles.
View content collectively on Netflix, YouTube, Google Drive, and much more.
It helps the user to send voice notes to socialize with the category.
No movie chat service whilst viewing.
It is possible to see the official site and find the Store links. To obtain, you can see the website.

11. AnimeParty

AnimeParty is our final Rabbit alternative during this list, which is devoted just for streaming and watching Anime content together. It’s a no-frills website that allows you to create a private room and share the space with your friends. You’ll find Anime content from its library and may start watching directly. It also features a group chat feature, so you’re well sorted on the interactivity front. Besides that, the sync playback is pretty good, and you’d not find significant issues while streaming videos. To place it straight, if you’re an Anime lover and searching for a Rabbit like a co-watching platform, AnimeParty may be a solid choice.

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