Rocket Money Review: Easy Budgeting App with Extras

Rocket Money Review: Easy Budgeting App with Extras

Rocket Money is a comprehensive money management and budgeting software that helps people improve their financial health. To help you choose, we’ll examine the app’s features, usability, benefits, and drawbacks. Rocket Money simplifies money management by consolidating checking, savings, credit card, and investment accounts. Plaid, a trusted third-party service used by many financial institutions, secures and easily integrates the app.

Is Rocket Money Trustworthy?

The Better Business Bureau assigns ratings to businesses based on their handling of client complaints and transparency. Rocket Money has a B grade due to many client complaints. Rocket Money has never been embroiled in any public controversy.

How Safe Is Rocket Money?

Rocket Money does not save login information. They link your bank accounts with Plaid, a reputable financial IT company. Your intelligent savings account is with an FDIC-insured bank in the United States. Your money is probably secure in the bank. You should be concerned that Rocket Money is stealing from you in plain sight. Why should they charge you 60% to save you money on your next payment when they merely call a company and read a script? Road robbery!


  • Bill management, transaction tracking, and credit score monitoring
  • Can help you save money by canceling unnecessary subscriptions
  • Excellent user interface and navigation.


  • All features need a membership.
  • Some bank connection problems
  • Inadequate investment tracking

What is Rocket Money, and how does it operate?

Rocket Money combines all of your financial accounts into a single app for budgeting and money management.

All of your primary accounts may be linked:

  1. Checking Accounts
  2. Accounts for savings
  3. Cards with credit
  4. The savings and investment accounts

Many financial institutions are linked via Plaid, a trustworthy third party. A checking account must be linked to Rocket Money. Connect your accounts to the app dashboard to view all account balances. Using the app, you may automatically detect and manually enter recurring payments such as invoices and subscriptions. The Rocket Money app allows you to create monthly budgets for different types of spending. Automatic savings uses artificial intelligence to distribute savings depending on spending habits in order to avoid overdraft risk. Allows you to access all of your accounts in one place.

The Rocket Money dashboard shows both your total and individual account balances. Check out the current transactions, upcoming invoices, and “Left for spending.” Analyze your monthly spending using the Spending tab. On the regular tab calendar, the app discovers all of your invoices and regular payments, making it simple to determine who and when to pay.

Can Help You Automate Savings

Setting your accounts to save automatically may allow you to increase your savings with no effort. You may customize your savings goals and frequency using Rocket Money Autopilot. To avoid disturbing payments and other responsibilities, the powerful artificial intelligence analyzes your accounts to find the best time to save. Funds are held in an FDIC-insured savings account with NBKC Bank and Synapse partners. If you utilize this service, you should move your savings into a high-yield savings account on a regular basis to take advantage of the higher interest rates.

Monitors credit reports.

Rocket Money enables you to manage your credit ratings and history, which are critical to your financial success. Check your credit scores and set up real-time alerts. Your three credit reports will be accessible as well, ensuring that prospective lenders view you at your best.

How Much Does Rocket Money Cost?

Rocket Money app pricing is peculiar. Choose your own pricing using app. (Yes, you read it properly.) If you do not want to pay, you may use the free version. Account connectivity and budgeting are beneficial despite their simplicity.

There are numerous Premium membership levels available:

  • Pay $36 each year, or $3 every month.
  • Pay $48 each year, or $4 per month.
  • From $5 to $12 is what you can pay each month.

Is it $5, $12, or anything in between? It’s your call. Choose your own price. To clarify, Premium pricing include the same features and services as Standard rates. You’ll get the same access for $36 a year as you would for $5 or $12 a month. I don’t see why somebody would pay twice as much for the same service. I’d want to upgrade to Premium, but I’m not sure whether the benefits are worth it. The seven-day free trial allows you to test out all Premium features. If you do not want to pay, cancel before the trial period expires.

Should I go with Rocket Money?

No, we don’t agree. The free version of Rocket app is devoid of useful features. As previously said, you can do anything the premium version provides for free or better elsewhere. Rocket Money’s Better Business Bureau rating has been reduced to medium due to user complaints. 6 Rocket app’s main concern is their bill negotiation service. Users claim they were unilaterally charged for invoices they were unaware were negotiated and that they continued to be charged even after deactivating app! That is something that should be avoided.


Is Rocket Money Real?

Rocket Money is a reliable budgeting and money management application. It consolidates bank accounts, checks credit ratings, and allows for budgeting and savings.

Is it possible to cancel a subscription?

Premium clients may manage and cancel subscriptions using Rocket Money’s subscription cancelation service. During the free trial, users may try this capability.

Is bill negotiation service efficient?

Users may reduce their cell and cable costs by using the Bill Negotiation function. This is an extra service that costs a portion of the anticipated first-year savings if the negotiation is successful.

What Is the Price?

Rocket Money has its own set of fees. The program is completely free to download and use. The premium features need a subscription. Users may pay $36 per year ($3 per month) or $5-$12 per month. The features are the same for all pricing levels.


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