Top 6 Best r/SoccerStreams Live Streaming Alternatives

Top 6 Best r/SoccerStreams Live Streaming Alternatives

Due to copyright violations, following the closure of a popular subreddit with 100k subscribers, /r/SoccerStreams. We’ve soccerstreams69 completed a list of the best functional alternatives to r/soccerstreams, so you don’t miss out on the upcoming football leagues, all for free.

We’ve created a complete list of the best reddit soccerstreams Alternatives for streaming all football leagues in 1080p and 720p resolution.

What is Reddit r/soccerstreams?

SoccerStreams best Subreddit page was one of the best solutions for people who did not want to spend money on channel subscriptions soccerstreams69. During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, this subreddit grew in popularity. During the World Cup, over 100,000 people visited our website searching for soccer stream links.

This soccerstreams69 website used to be flooded with hundreds of links 30 minutes before the match, which could be used to live stream a football match in full HD resolution.

SoccerStreams best reddit soccerstreams alternatives also provided direct links, Sopcast links, and Acestream links. The majority of these links use P2P technology, similar to that of a torrent website. The reddit world cup streams best part about these soccerstreams streaming links is that people could live stream in high quality without buffering.

Unfortunately, the page is no longer available due to a copyright violation by the Premium League team. It was a popular subreddit for posting HD functioning streams world cup stream reddit.

What is Reddit r/soccerstreams shutdown?

So, here are a rare of the best alternatives to r/soccerstreams in 2021 that we could find soccerstreams69.

Best r/SoccerStreams Alternatives

Alternatives to Reddit Soccer Streams soccerstreams69

Top Reddit SoccerStreams Alternatives include:

1. r/Footballtactics

This subreddit shows streaming links just before the game begins. Many people share links to numerous matches. You are ready to find the link to the football match you’re searching for!

It currently has a limited following of about 10,000 subscribers. However, there are usually more than 1000 people on our website at any given moment. The majority of the links on this website are from AceStream. As a result, you won’t have to worry about buffering.

 2.  r/Soccerstreams69 (Shutdown)

r/soccerstreams alternatives. This subreddit was created for individuals who still want to utilize Reddit as their primary football streaming website.

Because this subreddit is less in size than r/soccerstreams, links to all games are not available here. Asian and other lesser-known leagues are unlikely to acquire streaming links.

3. r/soccer

Redsoccer best reddit soccerstreams alternatives is a very young website created just after SoccerStreams was brought down. As a result, it has a small number of subscribers. However, the links provided are pretty valuable!

Several requirements must be fulfilled by people who are allowed to submit streaming links on this website to preserve the high quality of the streaming links. For beginnings, only direct stream links are authorized.

The feeds are either SD or HD in quality.

4. USsoccer attempted to become what r/USsoccer/ was!

Everything is done via their Discord channel, which explicitly mentions that the original Reddit sub is empty. Because Soccer Streams was just allowed, we cannot predict whether Soccer Thunder will be available for a long time. You can, however, continue to use this website for as long as it exists.

5. r/SoccerstreamsRedd

Due to the repeated banning of subreddits discovered publishing stream links, r/soccerstreamsredd was created. This subreddit lacks amusement, does not appear aesthetically lovely, and only displays a limited amount of links at a time.

When the links are no longer helpful, they are removed. This is done to prevent the website from being.

6. r/chelseafc

Best reddit soccerstreams alternatives Chelsea football club, abbreviated chelseafc, is a subreddit and forum dedicated to the Chelsea football club. It has almost 130k active users.

This subreddit contains the most recent updates, news, and match schedules. People also debate football matches and share memes about them here.

Live Football Links Discord Channel

If you’re into technology, you’ve probably heard about Discord. Discord is a VoIP programme for sharing game-related text, music, photos, and videos.

The Discord programme is compatible with all operating systems and web browsers. Discord servers began operating soon after Reddit banned SoccerStreams.

Within a few weeks, more than 1.5 lakh people had joined its server, and thousands of members were online at any given moment.

Discord’s operation is identical to that of the SoccerStreams subreddit. Users can exchange channel links by directly messaging the admin panel or moderators.

You may send links to any match once they approve the message! You will also be assigned a streamer role for future link sharing. Streamers, like SoccerStreams, can only provide links to live matches one hour before the game begins.

However, the channel links will not be displayed until 30 minutes before the match. As a result, if you visit the Discord channel while there is no live game, you will not find any links. Discord Channel – AceStream links for live football matches is one of the best websites for football fans best reddit soccerstreams alternatives to find AceStream links. You’ll find links to not just football games but also tennis and basketball. The Acelisting website, unlike SoccerStream, gives links to channels one week before the match.

Thus, a week before the game, you will notice forthcoming matches and their AceStream links in AceListing.on the website!

On the homepage of this site, you will see a list of all the matches that are planned for that day. The AceStream links are located next to the list of events.

If you have AceStream installed on your device, you must use your browser to click on the links. It will start streaming the game on the AceStream channel after launching the AceStream software on your smartphone.

This website lists networks that broadcast the Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the Portuguese A Liga, the Argentina SuperLiga, the Columbia Primera A, the Champions League, the French League, the Italian League, and the Europa League, among others. There are also links to other broadcasters that broadcast the same game in different languages.

Final waord Soccer Streams Reddit is no longer available.

These are some of the best reddit soccer streams 2021 alternatives we could find for you on the internet! But, it would help if you were aware that even these r/soccerstreams websites might be brought down without warning due to potential copyright issues.

Until then, you may experiment with the Discord channel and the AceStream connection serving the website to see which one best functions best for you in alternatives to accessing live soccer streaming links. If you learn of a helpful soccerstreams69 website that provides streaming links to soccer matches but is not featured above, please let us know in the comments area below. 


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