10 Best Download Public Domain Music Websites In 2022

10 Best Download Public Domain Music Websites In 2022

Public domain music is entirely legal and free for you to listen to, download, and use for different reasons. Sites with public domain songs differ from free music streaming services because music becomes your right. Public domain music is no one’s property since there are no active copyrights. You don’t need to worry about copyright laws; if you use them in your videos, mix them with your existing music collection.

Access to commercial streaming music has never been simpler, very thanks to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. However, such applications are designed for personal enjoyment. If you need to use music in creative production, you should look for public domain music or work protected by a Creative Commons license.

In either case, the music is free to download and use in any way you like. Fortunately, several fantastic services make it simple to search and download a wide range of public domain and copyright-free music.

10 Best Public Domain Music Websites In 2022

The top public domain music websites are listed below. Increase your musical knowledge and explore a whole new genre of music that you may not have previously known about. 

Note: Copyright and regulations are complex and subject to change. It’s always ideal for reading the fine print before downloading anything to safeguard yourself against any potential legal issues, even if the sites mentioned in this post have done the legwork to ensure that what they’re selling is in the public domain. Only amusement value is intended for the information in this article. 

1. Musopen

Download Public Domain Music Websites  Musopen 


You may get free classical music from Musopen. Free songs can be found by composer, instrument, era, mood, length, license, and other criteria. You can even get the sheet music to go with the songs Domain Music Websites

This source stands out since it offers more than just downloads. Using any device, you can listen to the public domain tracks on a classical music radio page. 

2. Open Music Archive

Download Public Domain Music Websites  Open Music Archive

Open Music Archive is another website featuring free downloads of public domain music. This website’s goal is to digitize illegally obtained audio files. These tags include instrumental, the 1920s, blues, weird, solo, work, country, dance lessons, and remix, among many others public domain images. 

Each audio file is available for download as an MP3, but you can also stream them via their SoundCloud page. 

It’s important to note that music from the Open Music Archive is housed in the UK and is, therefore, free to use. Please be aware that if you are accessing this website from a place other than the UK, your country’s copyright laws may prevent you from downloading these files.

3. Freesound

Download Public Domain Music Websites  Freesound 

Freesound is a bit different from the other sites on this list because it provides a vast database of hundreds of thousands of sounds instead of sheet music or downloadable tunes, including voice snippets, thunderstorms, and bird songs. 

It seeks to build a sizable collaborative database of audio samples, recordings, bleeps, and other noises available under re-usable Creative Commons licenses. 

You can browse these samples using keywords, tags, locations, and other intriguing methods provided by Freesound. The sounds can also be sorted by the number of downloads for quick access to the most well-liked ones. 

Under the same Creative Commons license, you can add and remove sounds from the database and communicate with other artists.  This winnie the pooh public domain website might be an excellent resource if you’re trying to develop a fresh and original project. 

Recommendation: SoundBible.com is another website like Freesound, but its collection is too limited to have its place on this list. But it’s evident that many people use it because some of the sounds there receive over 100,000 downloads, and the files are offered in both WAV and MP3

4. FreePD.com

Download Public Domain Music Websites  FreePD

FreePD.com is a simple website with many songs in the public domain. You may preview everything before downloading it, and you can download any type of music in MP3 format. 

Epic Dramatic, Romantic Sentimental, Upbeat Positive, World, Horror, Electronic, and Comedy are a few of the subcategories listed here. 

5. International Music Score Library Project

International Music Score Library Project

With more than 500,000 music scores, tens of thousands of recordings, and thousands of composers, the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) is a fantastic source for public domain music. 

Browse the most recent additions, perform a search by composer name, composer era, or look through the featured scores. Another resource for finding public domain tunes and sheet music is the random tool.  Here you can also find publications published in a variety of languages as well as first editions of well-known historical works. 

6. ChoralWiki


Anyone looking for outstanding public domain music should check out ChoralWiki, which houses the Choral Public Domain Library. 

You can go through the whole Online Score library, public domain characters conduct a search for Advent and Christmas music, or read the archives to see what has been contributed in the past. Seasons are used to classify sacred music. 

7. Digital History

Digital History

This website, run by the University of Houston, claims to be created especially for history teachers and their students. There are 1920s songs from the public domain that are free of copyright, as well as blues, jazz, Irish, and songs about the Civil War. 

Each link takes you straight to the download, allowing you to preview them in your browser before deciding whether to save them. Navigating the list is because numerous downloads are available here, all on the same page. The name of the composition and the performer will be visible. 

8. Youtube Audio Library

Youtube Audio Library

Certain public domain music is found on the YouTube audio library—this is a little-known trick.  Some sounds may fall under the creative commons license and need acknowledgment. Some sounds have a little more difficult YouTube licensing, but you should still be able to use them for videos on the site. 

9. ccMixter


For inspiration for your projects, ccMixter includes categories for the top tracks and editors’ selections. Alternatively, you may simply use the search bar at the top of the homepage to hunt up the song or artist you’re looking for. 

You can connect with thousands of musicians and music lovers worldwide on the website’s dedicated forum. Remember that ccMixter demands attribution when using any of the sounds from this website. 

10. SoundBible


SoundBible is simple to use. You can search for sound effects using the search box displayed when you first enter the homepage. 

You can find an almost infinite number of free music classified by relevance if you scroll down the main page. The sounds can be listened to or downloaded for offline listening or project use. 

What Types of Music Are Public Domain? 

Before January 1, 1926, all US music published was deemed in the public domain. Artists can also forego copyright protection and designate their creations as public domain.

Does Free Public Domain Music Exist? 

Yes, free public domain music is available. Public domain music is available for listening to and downloading without fear of copyright violations. Even commercial use is permitted. Always check to see if a song is genuinely in the domain before assuming it is.


That was a brief overview of the top websites to discover public domain music. You can test out a couple of these to discover which contains the sounds or music best suits your requirements and preferences. Musopen is a good place to start, and you may go from there. Just be sure to double-check the licensing before downloading any songs.


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