What Is Summer’s Popular List Of Sunglasses For Girls?

Summer’s Popular List Of Sunglasses

Summer Fashion Sunglasses 101: Must have sunglasses for girls

Summer has arrived and so is our bright and sunny days. It’s time we get serious
about our eyewear fashion. Summer is all about a new switch, just like it is a new
season, you’ll need to make a U-turn with your fashion game. It’s about time you get
rid of your sweatpants and get a lightweight and floral fashion upgrade. With the
latest trend of babydoll dresses and bucket hats, you’ll find new trendsetters in
eyewear fashion.
Here’s where we come to rescue.
We got the latest news off the street about the trends that are getting popular every
day now. The trends of 2020 are a mix up of elegant fashion with a vintage
inspiration. Here’s what you need to get a posh eyewear makeover in sunglasses.
Sunglasses are such a necessity in summer, aside from their style aspect, you’ll also
need to ensure you get paramount protection. How do you ensure your sunglasses
are quality manufactured to offer maximum protection? Here’s how:

How to know if your sunglasses are protecting your eyes or

Sunglasses’ sole purpose is to give us quality eye protection that ensures our eyes are
free from any UV interaction. Many eyewear retailers fail to do so which costs you a
lifetime of visual problems. Here’s how to ensure you get the quality sunglasses with
all protective features embedded to ensure your eye remains at utmost protection.
UVA and UVB Protection – UV protection is one of the most vital and primary
things to contain on your sunglasses lenses. UV protection on the lenses is still not
enough because there's a wide range of rays that you are still unaware that leads to
eye damage. Hence don’t just look for UV protection look for UVA and UVB
protection as it ensures maximum UV absorption in the lenses and elimination of
any rays in the eyes.
AR Coating – Anti-reflective coating is a special type of coating that is applied on
the front and back of the lenses to ensure the unwanted rays are reflected from all
angles. Unwanted glare and reflected rays from different sources barge on your eyes
and lead to the unclear and painful visual experience. This is only eliminated with
the help of AR coating hence look for the AR coating on your lenses to get enhanced
visual experience.
These two vital coatings will ensure you that your sunglasses are completely suitable
for active protection. Hence don’t forget to check these labels before making any

purchase. Specscart, a UK born eyewear startup offers these coating on its sunglasses
with no added cost.

Top 5 Sunglasses Trends in 2020

Round Metallic Sunglasses

Round metallic sunglasses are truly inspired by the John Lennon iconic style
statement sunglasses frames. It’s chic and minimal that offers a youthful appeal and
a bit of flirtatious look on your face. The metallic round polarized sunglasses are
popular for being a polished frame that makes every outfit and faces pop out into
highlight. These metallic frames are great for a fun outdoor look or a date night
parents to showcase your fun and charismatic appeal.

 Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses have always been a classic so there’s no brainer that it wouldn’t
make the list. However, if you are bored with consistently the same designed frames with
no addition of new creative design then we got some good news. Lately, aviators
sunglasses are getting refined into being more creative and eccentric. The latest
popular trend in aviator sunglasses is thick acetate frames, which are not usually
seen in aviators sunglasses. The thick frames are popularly known for being a
poignant attention-grabbing accessory that works elegantly on any formal outfit.

Transparent Frame Sunglasses

Just when you thought transparent frames were getting its underrated fame in top
glasses frames. It got adapted into sunglasses frames. Transparent is being a new
favorite of the millennial population every day now because of its refreshing vibe
and luster. However transparent frames on sunglasses are kind of magic that’s
never been experienced before.
The contrasting beauty of transparent frames with dark tinted lenses gives us an
ultimate fashion goal. These designer sunglasses are worth addition to formal or
informal outfits as they are elegantly beautiful additions. It works on the notion that
sunglasses should be noticed for every detail and it perfectly manages to do so by
Go ahead and grab these new trends and let your style shine in the summer. Get
these iconic beauties at Specscart, it offers sunglasses at the best price range. With
fully loaded AR Coating, polarised lenses and UVA and UVB protection, a plus for
eye protection and fashion goals.



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