Top 10 PitchBook Competitors and Alternatives in 2023


Investigate alternate solutions to PitchBook, including genuine user evaluations of rival tools. Financial Research Software is a popular technology, and many individuals are looking for easy, rapid software solutions that include financial research, graphing, and communication. Other crucial elements to consider while investigating PitchBook competitors are dependability and simplicity of use. We read a list of solutions reviewers picked as the top PitchBook alternatives and competitors to PitchBook, such as AlphaSense, Bloomberg Terminal, Refinitiv Eikon, and S&P Capital IQ Platform.

What is PitchBook?

PitchBook, founded in 2007, is an award-winning private equity, venture capital, and mergers and acquisitions database with over 70,000 individual users throughout its customer base. It is well recognized for its private market database, as well as reporting and data visualization tools used largely by finance, investing, and sales professionals. The platform provides deep insights on over 3.5 million private and public firms throughout the globe, including access to financial histories, valuations, CEOs, and investors.

PitchBook also keeps an ever-expanding collection of data and records from over 1.9 million business transactions throughout the globe, including over 450,000 investors and 110,000 funds.

If you’re seeking for business intelligence, venture capital, deal sourcing, private market intelligence, or completing due diligence on startups and other businesses, PitchBook is a beneficial platform. It is also an excellent platform for networking, fundraising, benchmarking competitors, and allocating various asset classes throughout your investment portfolio.

PitchBook, like any market intelligence tools, offers pros and drawbacks. Let’s have a look at them now:

The PitchBook Strengths

  1. Access to a broad range of information, including company patents, financial analysis, and information on previous and present company investors, among other things.
  2. Advanced search filters provide investors with access to detailed information on firms.
  3. Emerging markets for investors seeking to profit from new and alternative marketplaces
  4. You may set up personalized alerts and monitor your dashboard for breaking news.
  5. Third-party software integration is supported.

PitchBook Weaknesses

  1. Does not have access to an expert call library.
  2. There is limited access to earnings transcripts, and there are no SEC or worldwide filings.
  3. There is no access to sophisticated AI search capabilities or sentiment analysis.
  4. Users are unable to contribute internal material to the platform, and there is no access to broker research.

Top 10 Alternatives to PitchBook Recently Reviewed By G2 Community

Look over the alternatives listed below. Based on reviewer data, you can discover how PitchBook compares to the competition and read reviews from current and prior customers in industries like Financial Services, Venture Capital and private Equity, and Management Consulting to choose the best solution for your company best PitchBook alternatives and competitors.


1. AlphaSense



AlphaSense is a market intelligence top PitchBook alternatives and competitors operated by the world’s leading companies and financial institutions to assist professionals in making more confident and timely business choices. Since 2011, our artificial intelligence-powered system has offered insights from a vast range of public and private material, including real-time and aftermarket broker research, expert calls, private business data, SEC filings, earnings transcripts, regulatory content, news, and trade journals. Over 4,000 corporate clients, including the bulk of the S& P 500, rely on our platform. Please visit for further details.

2. Refinitiv Eikon


Refinitiv Eikon gives you quick access to reliable news, data, and analytics, all sorted by relevance to your specific requirements and presented in a highly visual format that’s simple to understand and act on.

3. S&P Capital IQ Platform

The S&P Capital IQ platform is your one-stop shop for a comprehensive collection of financial data, analytics, and research. Our web-based platform combines comprehensive data on companies, markets, and people across the globe with powerful tools for research, idea development, and workflow management top PitchBook alternatives and competitors.

4. Bloomberg Terminal

The Bloomberg Terminal is at the forefront of innovation, providing quick access to essential news, data, and trading tools from any internet-connected PC or mobile device and assisting users in turning knowledge into action.

5. FactSet Research Management


FactSet (NYSE: FDS | NASDAQ: FDS) provides exceptional information, analytics, and adaptable technology to assist more than 122,000 users in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities faster. With educated insights, workflow solutions throughout the portfolio lifecycle, and industry-leading support from dedicated experts, we provide investment professionals the edge to succeed. We are honored to have received several honors for our analytical and data-driven solutions and being named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For® and the Best Workplace in the United Kingdom and France.


Dealroom is a worldwide intelligence platform identifying the world’s most promising companies and innovation ecosystems. Dealroom, an API-first firm with 100+ data points on over 2M+ startups and scaleups worldwide, is meant to assist you in identifying under-the-radar companies, doing in-depth research, staying up to speed with innovation, and much more top PitchBook alternatives and competitors.

7. S&P Capital IQ Pro

The S&P Capital IQ Pro platform combines basic data with sector-specific metrics and analytics pertinent to the industries we cover and essential asset data, mapping tools, regulatory information, and other features.

8. Sentieo by AlphaSense

Sentieo is a platform for equities research that combines intelligent public document search, research management, team collaboration, equity data dashboards, sophisticated visualization tools, alternative data, and a suite of mobile apps.

9. Growjo


Growjo gives information about private companies that are rapidly expanding. Our platform enables you to search for companies based on staff size growth, a certain industry or feature, expected revenue, venture investment, valuation, competitors, and other criteria. It is used by venture capitalists, investment bankers, recruiters, and sales/marketing operations to source better deals and locate rapidly developing companies.


10. YCharts

YCharts is a financial technology product allowing more informed investment choices and improved client communication. According to the 2022 Kitces Report, YCharts is the “Investment Data” market leader and the #1 most embraced in the previous year, and it allows wealth managers to quickly show their value to their customers and prospects with a comprehensive array of simple tools on a user-friendly platform.

How to Choose a PitchBook Alternative

PitchBook is a complete market information solution. While it may satisfy certain expectations, it has flaws. Consider the following features while searching for an alternative:

Pricing: PitchBook is a costly solution for many organizations, so choose an alternative based on your budget. Choose a platform that offers flexible subscriptions or has a pricing plan that fits within your budget.

Data quality: Find a platform that has accurate, up-to-date, and dependable data. Here, user reviews and ratings can help you make smarter judgments.
Additional features: Opt for a platform that offers unique features such as analytics, news, research reports, and smart search capability to make a difference. These kinds of value-added services may help you make better investment choices.

Data coverage: In comparison to many rivals, PitchBook offers a straightforward user interface and user experience. Opt for a platform that is easy to use, has a user-friendly design, and allows you to filter and adjust data.
Data coverage: PitchBook offers a wealth of data on a variety of markets, including private equity, venture capital, and mergers and acquisitions.

Check that your preferred alternative offers access to the markets you’re interested in, as well as substantial data coverage in those locations.


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