Parcel Boxes for Residential Purposes: How to Choose the Right Package

Parcel Boxes for Residential Purposes: How to Choose the Right Package

You have ordered some goods online. The courier arrives at your home, but there is no one to receive the packages. He decides to leave them on the front porch, as is the practice with many of them.

Unfortunately, the local burglar is on the prowl. Seeing the unattended items is too much of a temptation. So, he does what he does best; which is to steal.

It isn’t until much later that you realize what happened. You would have prevented the loss by having a secure or lockable parcel box for residential purposes.

Preventing theft is not the only advantage you get with a drop box. There is also the convenience you get. No more trips to specific locations or the post dropbox to pick your purchases.

Further, with the ongoing Corona pandemic, they are an ideal option for those who prefer contactless deliveries.

You can make as many online orders as you wish. All the delivery man has to do is leave the items in the outside parcel box.

So, what are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing parcel boxes for residential purposes? Read on to find out. But first, let’s start the discussion with a definition of parcel boxes.

Parcel Boxes: What Are They?

A parcel or package drop box is a secure facility that acts as a drop-off point for packages or mail. What makes them ideal is that once the courier drops the package in the box, no one can remove it

Only the person with the right combination or key can get access to the lockable parcel boxes. It ensures the security of your items, no matter how long you are away from the residence.

You can place the residential package drop box anywhere you want. Some people will put them on the front porch, driveways, gate posts, or gardens. Others will mount them on the wall so that they are above ground level.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Parcel Boxes for Residential Purposes

1. Level of Security They Offer

One of the most critical considerations is the type of security features on the residential package drop box. So, check out the following features.

The material used in the construction of the dropbox. Strong metal construction is one ideal option because it is difficult to break into.

Locking features: whether key or combination. Some of the most secure drop boxers feature a two-stage security lock feature. The courier places the item into the loading bay of the parcel dropbox.

A cantilever system gently lowers the item into a secured cabinet. This action prevents access to the packages through the entry hatch. The only way to get them is to use the key to open the box.

There are drop boxes that require you to leave the box open for delivery. Once the courier places the item in the box, he locks it. The only disadvantage with such is you cannot receive multiple packages.

2. Parcel Box Size and Design

Decide the best size for your package dropbox. There are so many options. One way to approach it is to look at the type of items you normally buy.

Heavy parcel delivery boxes, for example, tend to be larger. If you want to mount the box, opt for a smaller size.

Another point to consider is how many packages you receive at any given time. A small box may only hold one or two packages. A larger box can accommodate several parcels, making them ideal.

Another advantage of so many options is the different designs. It doesn’t hurt to focus on the design aspects. After all, you will place it in a visible area. Colors like green, gray and black blend in well in the outdoors.

But, this should not stop you from applying a bit of creativity with pops of color. You can always take on the paint job as a DIY if you don’t find what appeals to you.

Another feature to consider is one with barcodes or QR codes. The scanning is proof of delivery of your items.

3. Element or Weather Proof

The parcel drop box stays outside and will face all types of weather elements. Look for a weatherproof delivery box.

Some manufacturers will use anti-weather powder coating to create a layer of protection. But, do not only focus on the body.

Check other critical parts like the seals. The material in such parts should also be weather resistant.

4. Ease of Installation

The parcel drop boxes come as a complete unit. All you need to do is secure it to the floor with bolts or weights. The other option is to mount it on the wall.

Most manufacturers will throw in an instruction manual, so you should have no problems following them. Some may even give you a resource to help with the installation. If that is not available, you can always get the local handyman to help.

Do note, you must secure the parcel drop box properly. A determined burglar can decide to steal the whole box.

Look at it this way, if some thieves carry off entire ATMs, a parcel box would be no challenge. So, pay due attention to proper installation for additional security.

5. Cost Considerations

Cost considerations will depend on the budget you have. Prioritize some must-have features depending on your requirements. But, we would recommend that you do not compromise on some of the features.

The more secure the box, the better. So, if you have to pay a little above what you would want, it will be worth it in the long run.

Final Thoughts

We have looked at some factors to consider when choosing parcel boxes for residential purposes. One of the most critical is the security features. Look at the material used in the construction. What kind of locking mechanism does it have?

The size will depend on the type of purchases you normally make. Ensure that you ask about weatherproofing. The boxes stay outside, and they have to bear the effects of the elements.

Finally, the box should be easy to install, although this should not be a deal-breaker. Some come with instruction manuals. The other alternative is to get an expert to install it for you.

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