How to Get Instant Length and Volume with the Best Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic Lashes

Whether you’re a seasoned false lash pro or a first-time user, the best magnetic lashes may give even the most highly rated mascaras a run for their money. Unlike extensions, which require expert application, touch-ups, and removal, and standard strip lashes, which require you to apply the adhesive yourself, magnetic versions can add volume and length without the high cost and care and the risk of a gummy mess.

Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic eyelash strips are a convenient alternative to traditional falsies or lash extensions.

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This is how they work: Instead of glue, you line your upper lid with a magnetic compound that attracts and holds your falsies’ strip. (It may look similar to an eyeliner pen used to make a beautiful cat eye, but it also has the cohesive quality to serve as the base for your artificial eyelashes.) We sifted through the many options for you, taking into account material, length, style, and convenience of use. Find the best magnetic lashes for every look and budget below.

  • Best Overall Magnetic Lashes: Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes
  • Eylure ProMagnetic Magnetic Eyeliner And Lash System : Best Vegan Magnetic Lashes
  • Kiss Magnetic Lash : Best Budget Magnetic Lashes
  • Best Magnetic Lashes For Beginners: Velour Lashes Magnetic Effortless Kit
  • Ardell Naked Magnetic Lash : Best Magnetic Lashes For Everyday
  • Best Magnetic Lashes For Sensitive Eyes: Lashliner Los Angeles Magnetic Eyelashes
  • Lilly Lashes Magnetic Lash False Eyelashes : Best Dramatic Magnetic Lashes
  • Best Waterproof Magnetic Lashes: Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner And Eyelashes Kit
  • MoxieLash Baby Lash : Best Half Lash Magnetic Lashes

Best Overall Magnetic Lashes

The Go-To Brand With The Widest Range Of Options



Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes In Hollywood


Glamnetic is the go-to brand for magnetic lashes if you’re even somewhat familiar with them. In addition to more than 70 lash lengths (from 4mm to 17mm) and styles, including multicolored strips and collaborations with brands like Hello Kitty, the company also sells colorful magnetic liners—browns, neons, and everything in between—a welcome change from the usual jet black. Glamnetic liners can be purchased separately or as part of a set, and you’ll get plenty of uses out of a single pen, just like your other beloved liners.

Best Vegan Magnetic Lashes

An Under-$20 Pick That Feels Expensive

Eylure ProMagnetic Faux Mink Accent

Eylure ProMagnetic Magnetic Eyeliner And Lash System


Eylure’s packages include a smudge-resistant magnetic liner and a pair of faux mink lashes that you may wear up to 15 times. This reusable pick is an outstanding deal for under two dollars per year, which is crucial to note because you’ll want to wear them every day due to their easy-to-apply, natural look and comfort. They’re also cruelty-free and vegan.

Best Low-Cost Magnetic Lashes A No-Fuss Lash Strip That Doesn’t Require Liner

Best Budget Magnetic Lashes

A No-Fuss Lash Strip That Requires No Liner

Magnetic Lashes

Kiss Magnetic Lash

$8$15Save $7 (47%)

If you dislike liquid eyeliner and can’t draw an artistic line, this set is your best option. To apply, load two layers of lashes into the applicator and “sandwich” your natural eyelashes between the magnetic strips of each. This method offers you a bigger look quickly without needing a separate eyeliner, which is also great if you prefer a clean, liner-free look.

A One-Size-Fits-All Option for Best Magnetic Lashes for Beginners

Best Magnetic Lashes For Beginners

A One-Size-Fits-All Option

Velour Lashes Magnetic Effortless Kit

Velour Lashes Magnetic Effortless Kit


This company says that its one-size-fits-all design eliminates the need for measuring or trimming before application, which is great for those new to lash strips. We particularly like that the liner is free of latex, parabens, and mineral oil and that the lashes can be used up to 30 times with proper maintenance. If all else fails, the box contains ordinary glue as a backup in case your magnetic liner nerve is lost.

The Best Magnetic Lashes for Everyday Falsies That Blend With Your Natural Fringe

Best Magnetic Lashes For Everyday

Falsies That Blend In With Your Natural Fringe

Magnetic Lashes

Ardell Magnetic Naked Lashes


Ardell is a renowned brand for traditional false lashes, so it’s no surprise that its magnetic equivalents look just as natural. The strips are elegantly curled to rest gently on the lash line, and the wispy, lightweight hairs blend in with your natural ones. These are ideal for office to after-work beverages and provide a subtle yet effective improvement.

Magnetic Lashes Made With Gentle Ingredients Best Magnetic Lashes For Sensitive Eyes

Best Magnetic Lashes For Sensitive Eyes

Magnetic Lashes Made With Gentle Ingredients

Magnetic Lashes
The LashLiner System™

LashLiner Los Angeles Magnetic Eyelashes

$30$35Save $5 (14%)

This latex-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, vegan liner solution is a good bet for individuals with easily irritated eyes. The brand has a variety of styles and lengths, so you may give your flutter some volume without sacrificing your sensitive eyes or particular style.

Best Dramatic Magnetic Lashes

Lightweight Lashes That Bring On The Full Glam


Lilly Lashes Magnetic Lash False Eyelashes


This company, founded by reality TV personality and glamazon Lilly Ghalichi, has a cult following, and its magnetic lashes don’t scrimp on volume. If you’re seeking falsies that will take your eyelashes to the next level, these dense strips are for you. And, while they will radically transform your eye look, they will not clog your eyelids (the company is known for delivering drama without the weight). Finally, if you properly care for them (see our maintenance advice below), you may reuse them up to 50 times—enough for a year’s worth of Saturday evenings.

Best Waterproof Magnetic Lashes

Top-Rated Faux Eyelashes That Won’t Budge


Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner And Eyelashes Kit

$17$25Save $8 (32%) WITH COUPON

Customers on Amazon are raving about how these waterproof lashes last all day and night without flaking, fading, or smudging. With over 3,000 five-star evaluations, the Arishine magnetic lash kit is ranked first for artificial lashes. However, like most cosmetics in this category, you will need an appropriate remover (oil cleansers and balms work miracles here) to remove all traces of this liner since soap and water will not suffice.

Best Half Lash Magnetic Lashes

A Half Strip With Plenty Of Volume

Magnetic Lashes

MoxieLash Vegan Baby Lash


MoxieLash has a cult following and is one of those brands that finds its way into any beauty-related debate. This half-sized version provides you some lash length in the outside corners for just the appropriate amount of additional drama while offering plenty of full-lash styles. When you don’t feel like going full glam but yet want to look your best, try them out.

What To Consider In Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic versions exist in various materials and styles, like standard faux lashes. When looking for the perfect pair, keep your personal style, budget, and skin type (including sensitivities and allergies) in mind.


“Magnetic lashes are super easy to apply,” says celebrity makeup artist Hailey Hoff, who has worked with everyone from Audrina Patridge to Noah Cyrus. “It depends on the brand, but typically you’ll apply liner to the lash line, let it dry, and then apply outward from the inner corner lash line.”

Another option is a liner-free option, like Kiss Magnetic Lash, our best budget pick. This option offers you the look of thicker lashes without the need for liner; instead, you sandwich your natural lashes between two magnetic strips, making removal and cleanup a snap.


Magnetic falsies are available in various materials, including synthetic, silk, and human hair. Hoff’s choice? “When it comes to magnetic lashes, I look for high-quality synthetic fibers with various styles,” she explains. She says she prefers to work with synthetic counterparts because they give eyelids a brighter, glossier look and keep their form and quality over time. Try the silk and human hair types if you are sensitive to synthetic materials or prefer a more luxurious feel.


The size and style you choose, like traditional lash strips and professionally applied extensions, should be based on your eye shape and style choices. Magnetic lashes are available in various lengths, including short, medium, and long, and styles like wispy, full, dense, and voluminous.

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