20 Best Linode Alternatives Software for 2023

20 Best Linode Alternatives Software for 2023

Find the best Linode Alternatives available right now. Compare ratings, customer feedback, pricing, and features of Linode alternatives in 2023. Our list includes the top Linode Alternatives available on the market, as well as rival goods that are similar to Linode. To find the best answer for your wants, sort through the Linode Alternatives below.

1. Electric Evaluations Electric

Electric is transforming the way businesses manage their information technology. Electric offers real-time IT support to over 30,000 users and central IT management to over 600 customers. This offers businesses a 50% reduction in IT costs and uniform security across devices, apps, and networks.

2. DigitalOcean

The most user-friendly cloud platform for developers and teams. With DigitalOcean, best Linode Alternatives it’s easy to deploy, manage, and scale cloud apps more quickly and efficiently. Regardless of the number of virtual machines you have, DigitalOcean makes it easy to manage infrastructure for businesses and teams.

A platform for DigitalOcean Apps:

You can easily create, launch, scale, and scale apps with a fully managed solution. We will manage the infrastructure, dependencies, and app runtimes so that you may release code to production as soon as possible. A simple, straightforward, visually rich interface allows you to easily design, launch, manage, scale, and scale apps best Linode Alternatives.

Apps are protected automatically. You can rely on us to manage, renew, and create SSL certificates. Your apps are also protected from DDoS assaults by us. We assist you in focusing on what is important: building exceptional apps. Infrastructure, databases, operating systems, apps, runtimes, and other dependencies are all things we can manage.

3. Enterprise eG

eG Innovations charges $1,000 per month.

See Software Comparison. IT performance monitoring and CPU, memory, and network resource monitoring do not simply focus on these areas. With eG Enterprise, you can put the user experience at the heart of your IT management and monitoring strategy.

eG Enterprise enables you to monitor your users’ digital experiences and gain complete visibility into the performance of the whole application delivery chain – from code to user experiences to the data center to the cloud – from a single pane. You may also correlate performance across domains to proactively identify the fundamental cause of issues best Linode Alternatives.

The machine learning and analytics capabilities of eG Enterprise enable IT teams to make informed decisions about the right sizing and optimizing for future growth. Consequently, users are happier, productivity is higher, IT efficiency is enhanced, and concrete business ROI is realized. eG Enterprise is available as an on-premises installation or as a SaaS solution. Get started with a free trial of eG Enterprise now.

4. Lumada DataOps

See Software Comparison Both Intelligent data operations illuminate dark data and expedite data-driven transformation to allow an edge-to-cloud data fabric. Lumada DataOps uses an intelligent composable data platform to automate data management needs such as onboarding, integrating, managing, and publishing trusted data.

Top Pandora FMS Reviews

5. FMS Pandora LLC


Pandora FMS is a genuinely all-in-one monitoring system with over 50,000 client installations across five continents, including all typical silos for special monitoring: servers, networks, applications, logs, synthetic/transactional, remote control, inventories, and so on best Linode Alternatives.

Pandora FMS enables you to identify and resolve issues swiftly. It scales them to obtain them from on-premise, multi-cloud, or both sources. You can now use your complete IT stack and analytics to address any problem, even the most challenging ones. With more than 500 plugins, you can control and manage any technology or application, including SAP, VMware, Oracle, Lotus or Citrix, Jboss, AWS, and SQL Server.

6. V2 Cloud

Desktop virtualization does not have to be complicated. The IT genius you require is V2 Cloud. We offer a fully integrated Desktop as a Service solution that prioritizes speed and simplicity so you can work more efficiently anywhere best Linode Alternatives.

Our support staff will address your complaints. You may utilize your cloud PC with confidence. It happens quickly. Economically. You may test V2 Cloud risk-free and say welcome to the most user-friendly cloud desktop!

7. Contabo

Contabo is a German web hosting company that offers computing power, storage, networking, and other cloud hosting services. Customers are brought online by us. Popular server infrastructure choices are available at discounted costs in our product line.

We provide Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated Servers (also known as Root Servers), Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS), and Web spaces at affordable costs with quality that is built in Germany. We also provide 24/7/365 customer support. DDoS protection is included with all Contabo services. We provide both EU and US locations.


BVR CLOUD Is A Strong Alternative to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Linode, and Digital Ocean. 75+ locations and 150+ CDN regions globally.

9. Leaseweb

Customers of LeaseWeb get access to the most cutting-edge, cutting-edge networks in the nation. Our global network contains 43 places of presence and 29 Internet Exchanges. This network delivers your workloads with tremendous bandwidth capacity, lightning-fast speeds, and unparalleled connection.

We have strategically deployed top-tier, ISO-certified data centers to ensure you have access to important business regions in Europe and the United States. Each is built to the greatest performance, reliability, and security requirements. With our Customer Portal and API, you have complete control.

Isn’t it lovely to have total control?

You have complete control over how things are set up. We’ve built an easy-to-use customer portal and a robust API to offer you complete control. It offers a variety of features that allow you to control every area of your infrastructure.

10. Kamatera

The most technologically sophisticated items on the market will help your business. For businesses of all sizes, Kamatera Enterprise offers cloud solutions. Get the greatest cloud technologies, adaptable solutions, and personal technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your cloud servers, including firewalls, load bales, and other technical components, may be managed by Kamatera cloud professionals. You will save both time and money. For startups, SaaS developers, web & app developers, and other technological components, Kamatera offers flexible, reliable, and rapid solutions. Through a single Control Panel, all information and maintenance are accessible. Cloud consulting, server transfer, disaster recovery, and Microsoft cloud solutions are among the advanced management services offered by Kamatera.

11. Hostwinds

For personal or business usage, web hosting is quick and reliable. Everything you want to launch your website. A set of resources that are solely yours are provided by virtual private server hosting. Hostwinds cloud servers provide several 1-click installation options and may be modified. You have total control over your server and are entirely separated from other users with our dedicated solutions.

Hostwinds has complete control over all servers, systems, and structures. Every server, router, and deployment is fully under Hostwinds’ control. We may resolve any problem that may happen. Hosting businesses frequently rent servers and charge their customers. We can respond swiftly to crises since we own and maintain our hardware. It is also no longer necessary to repackage services from another vendor. These savings are passed on to our customers.

12. Hetzner

You can effortlessly manage even the most resource-intensive tasks. Our cloud servers are housed in our cutting-edge data centers. AMD EPYC 2nd Generation, Intel®, Xeon®, Gold CPUs, and fast NVMe SSDs provide best-in-class performance.

Hetzner Online’s servers are powered by renewable energy. Our highly experienced data center personnel are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, by email and phone, to give expert and personal support. Our tried-and-true security management solution guarantees that your data remains private and secure and that you have complete access to your IT systems.

13. Pilvio

Pilvio is an easy virtual cloud platform. The cloud can host your data, apps, and websites. An easy-to-manage and create resource platform. We provide virtual computers running a wide range of operating systems (Ubuntu and Centos, Windows, Fedora, OpenSuse, or Rocky). We also provide a one-click installation of WordPress, Moodle, Docker, and Nodejs.

14. KnownHost

KnownHost is a well-known name in web hosting. Since 2006, we have been offering exceptional, completely managed services. Each year, we grow and now provide dedicated, shared cloud, VPS, and cloud hosting to suit any budget. All with the highest possible uptime!

We are the world’s leading managed VPS provider and provide professional, fully managed to host for SMEs. We provide quickness, dependability, and support. Free setup, migration, and backups are part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee. This fully managed shared hosting is built on high-performance cloud architecture and offers the best of both worlds.

Unmanaged, scalable virtual private servers may be deployed instantly. You get the freedom of cloud computing with the greatest SSD performance and dependable uptime. Obtain the greatest power. It will keep you running day after day, and it is simple to manage and customize.

15. OVHcloud

OVHcloud provides total control to technologists and businesses, allowing them to start their businesses. We are a worldwide technology firm that delivers specialized software, infrastructure, and server building blocks to developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to manage, scale, and secure their data.

Throughout history, we have always questioned the established quo and worked to make technology inexpensive and accessible. An open ecosystem and open cloud are essential in today’s digital age. All will prosper as a result, and customers can select how, when, and where they want to manage their data.

We are a reputable global corporation with over 1.5 million customers. We build servers, manage 30 data centers, and run our fiber-optic network. We welcome the opportunity to power your data with our products, support, robust ecosystem, and enthusiastic staff.

16. vmgen Evaluations

Developers and businesses may utilize vmgen, a simple Cloud Computing IaaS platform. It blends an easy-to-use UI with a strong network. In 28 data centers worldwide, Vmgen users can create virtual machines. Data centers meet all security and compliance criteria. They also have direct access to the major Internet exchange points (IX). The Vmgen network supports IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and is immune to DDoS assaults. 

17. Vultr

It is simple to deploy cloud servers, bare metal servers, and storage anywhere globally. Our high-performance computing instances are great for developing web applications. Vultr cloud orchestration takes control and runs up the instance in your choice data center after you click deploy. You may launch a new instance with your favorite operating system or preloaded programs in seconds.

Expand the capability of your cloud servers as needed. Automatic backups are essential for mission-critical systems. The client portal makes it simple to set up scheduled backups. You can consume a lot of time writing and less time maintaining your infrastructure since our API and control panel are easy to use.

18. UpCloud

Superior cloud hosting. Take advantage of an unfair edge by utilizing cloud infrastructure for unequaled flexibility and performance.

  • Starting at $5 per month, cloud hosting
  • Sign up now for a free 3-day trial of UpCloud.

19. MaxIOPS

MaxIOPS block storage offers greater performance at a reduced cost and is expandable. It does not limit performance based on pricing. Our N+1 strategy eliminates all single points of failure throughout our whole infrastructure.

We are so confident in our redundancy that we will provide you with a 100% SLA with a 50x return for any outage lasting more than 5 minutes. Please create your plan with our Flexible plan or start with one of our Simple plans, which start at $5 per month. Money refund guarantee for 30 days. MaxIOPS technology is used to power all cloud servers. In as little as 45 seconds, you may create and start a new cloud server.

20. Scaleway

It makes sense to use the Cloud. Scaleway is the building block for digital success. Developers and  startups may use the cloud. Everything you need to develop, deploy, and scale your cloud infrastructure in one place. You can use computing, GPU, bare metal, or containers. Evolutive and managed storage.


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