Best image hosting websites of 2021 free and paid

Best image hosting websites of 2021 free and paid

We’ve become trigger-happy snappers and active picture uploaders because of ubiquitous cloud computing and the introduction of smartphones with excellent connectivity and compact-beating cameras.

The industry for image hosting services, on the other hand, caters to professionals – from photographers to painters and media producers whose livelihoods are dependent on how good image web hosts are and what video uploading sites free services they offer.

We’ll explain how these facilities differ from traditional web hosting and show you some of our favorite best image hosting websites in this article, so you can find something that suits you, whether you’re an absolute budding beginner looking for web services image a safe hideaway for your summer snaps or a genuinely professional looking to display a growing portfolio.

Best image hosting websites of 2021 free and paid

1. Google Photos

Picasa Web Albums was turned into Photos by Google, and it is now bundled with over one billion Android devices, making it the top image hosting option on the market.

Unlike the other options offered, image hosting Google Photos is a personal image holding service, yet sharing is surprisingly simple. Keep in mind that your photos will be saved on Google’s servers and utilized to improve the company’s machine learning capabilities.

Google Photos is capable of sophisticated techniques, such as facial recognition and image text search, and its search skills even expand to locations. There are a few extra free image host features here, such as Memories, which displays photographs and videos from prior years at the top of your album. Furthermore, Canon customers can use Wi-Fi to backup images from their gadget to Google Photos.

Pictures from your Mac or PC, and also mobile devices, can be backed up and synced. Additionally, you may utilize Google’s Gallery Go, an offline photo gallery that uses learning algorithms to organize and improve your photos’ appearance automatically.

If you google picture hosting upload photos in high-quality format, up to 16 megapixels, Google gives you limitless storage. Professionals will almost certainly opt to pay a premium to keep their images in their actual resolution.

2. InMotion Hosting + Piwigo

The majority of web hosting firms include a helpful app store as part of their hosting packages. Softaculous, a popular self-hosted picture gallery option that allows you to design your image hosting website, comes with a set of free programs, one of which is Piwigo. This famous self-hosted picture gallery solution enables users to build your image hosting website. Galleries, tags, privacy, templates and plugins, analytics and administration tools, photo upload sites free unlimited and far more are among the many features available.

That complements InMotion Hosting’s Power package, allowing users to create up to six websites with unlimited disc space and bandwidth to accommodate future expansion. InMotion also provides a $249 ‘QuickStarter’ option that allows you to have a WordPress-based website up and operating in under 48 hours by having the firm design it for you, depending on your questionnaire responses.

Other self-hosting picture gallery solutions, like Chevereto, Koken, Lychee, or Media Goblin, are also worth considering if you are technically savvy.

3. SmugMug

If you’re passionate about photography and want to make a livelihood doing it, SmugMug – which recently acquired Flickr – is among the best options available.

Every SmugMug plan that starts at $55 per year when charged yearly or $7 per month when charged monthly includes unlimited photo uploads and the tools required to create a gorgeous photo site. SmugMug also makes sharing photos and selling personalized prints and presents simple.

Free storage and bandwidth are included, but e-commerce choices are only accessible on the more costly Portfolio/Pro subscriptions, including several critical e-commerce, advertising, and branding capabilities. Personalized paints, which, as the name implies, transform your images into paintings, are also included in all plans.

SmugMug is “quirky in areas, but nevertheless capable of generating top-quality picture gallery websites,” according to our evaluation. The business, which boasts a customer base of more than 75 million, takes itself in providing ‘heroic’ help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with only one day off every year.

4. Imgur

Imgur is the world’s most popular independent picture hosting service. You don’t need to signup to use it, and it’s all pretty much infinite except for three things: you may only upload 50 images per IP address every hour, the file size limit for non-animated pictures is 20MB, and the file size limit for GIFs is 200MB. You can also upload One-minute videos.

Files are maintained indefinitely, although non-animated photos exceeding 1MB and 5MB are compressed using lossy compression. As a result, don’t use this as a photo backup service online.

There are a slew of photo hosting tools here, either created by Imgur or by users of the site’s thriving user community.

5. Flickr Pro

It’s tough to talk about free image hosting without bringing up image sharing Flickr. Instead of casual happy GIFer consumers, this service is aimed at prosumers.

Since 2017, Flickr has had a stratospheric ascent under the hands of Yahoo and Oath/Verizon and has been a component of SmugMug since 2018, albeit it has struggled with profitability in recent times.

While this, Flickr’s primary offering is still free, and despite having a 1,000-photo/video restriction, it still includes strong photo editing capabilities and intelligent image management features. Advanced metrics, ad-free browsing, and a computer auto-uploader are all included in the premium Pro plan. You can also print your favorite photographs straight from your Flickr profile.

Flickr’s unique selling feature is that it has developed one of the largest photo networks on the internet. Also, if you’re looking for an Adobe Creative Cloud membership, you may save money on a Flickr Pro account, which will undoubtedly make the service more appealing.

Other best free Image Hosting websites are:


This little-known picture hosting website offers a one-of-a-kind feature that makes it extremely handy for individuals who need to construct thumbnail galleries quickly. You can imagebb upload packed ZIP files, which are suitable for non-indexed archives.

Pictures have a 10MB download limit, with no limit to the number of attachments or the length of time a file is hosted; however, web image only JPG, GIF, and PNG are allowed.

Imagebam focuses solely on hosting images rather than cultivating a community or increasing discoverability, unlike other photo-sharing sites. While registration is not required, it gives you access to photo management tools and the opportunity to organize your photos and galleries.


Pixabay, free image hosting a prominent premium picture hosting service that describes itself as an online group of individuals who publish top-quality copyright-free photographs and videos, is on the other side of the spectrum.

However, to be a part of this highly elite club, you must adhere to the site’s strict image quality criteria, which implies that all photos are manually inspected. The mobile applications do not presently permit direct image uploads, and logging in is required.

You can submit up to 100 photos every day that are at least 3,000 pixels on their longest side and are up to 40MB in size. The more high-quality photographs you submit, the more uploads you’ll be allowed each day.


Imgbb is one of the most popular image hosting services since it is nearly difficult to go simpler than it. You’re set to begin after dragging and dropping your images onto the homepage.

There is a 32MB file size limit, but there are no limits on how many files you may post or how long they can stay online. Imgbb does not need users to register; nevertheless, you should be aware that humans will examine all images you upload.


Imagetitan, like Imagebam, best free image hosting site lacks a network and instead offers a simple browser-based interface. There are no smartphone apps available; you can only upload files less than 1.5MB in size, and only the three most common image file kinds are supported.

There are no limits to the number of images you may post or the amount of bandwidth you can use, and the photos can stay online for as long as you like. You will be given a deletion code that you can use to delete pictures at a later time. There’s no need to sign up, and while hotlinking isn’t forbidden, Imagetitan doesn’t provide direct links.


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