11 Best Lawn Mowers That Make Yard Maintenance Easy

Lawn Mowers That

11 Best Lawn Mowers That Make Yard Maintenance Easy. The best lawnmowers do a good job in the least amount of time. After all, cutting the grass is physical labor. However, determining whether to buy your own mower or hire a lawn service is a huge decision, and choosing equipment that ticks all of your lawn care boxes makes sense. Our top option is the Honda NeXite Self-Propelled Mower, which is dent-proof, rust-proof, and backed by a Life Time Warranty, making it easy to mow your grass.

Lawn Mowers
The multi-blade mechanism of the Ego Power+ lawn mower provides a professional, crisp cut to your lawn that a… [+] that a single-bladed mower cannot achieve.

It can take some time to figure out what your needs are. According to Dale Vogelsanger, senior product expert for lawn and garden at outdoor power equipment site Power Equipment Direct, there is a wide range of lawnmowers on the market. He suggests categorizing your needs based on the size of your lawn, how comfortable you are walking versus riding, and the type of terrain you intend to mow. According to him, this can help you decide whether you need a gas mower, an electric mower, a riding mower, a push mower, or even a robotic mower.

It’s also a good idea to consider bells and whistles. “Do you need special attachments, such as a mulcher or a catch bag?” Would you rather have the convenience of an electric push-button start or the traditional cable pull? What about variable speed and other features that help you maneuver around obstacles?” says Liberty Lawn Maintenance’s proprietor, Noah James. Naturally, you must also consider your budget.

With that in mind, these are the best lawnmowers on the market. (While at it, look at our list of the best weed eaters.)

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1. Honda 21-Inch NeXite Variable Speed 4-In-1 Gas Walk Behind Self Propelled Mower


Power source: Gas | Type: Self-propelled | Cutting width: 21 inches | Cutting height: 0.75 inches | Yard size: 1 acre


The Honda 21-Inch NeXite is an obvious option for the best gas engine self-propelled lawn mower. Still, because this category is often the best choice for the middle homeowner, it also becomes the best mower all-around. This mower hits all the right notes while being reasonably priced. The Honda GCV200 engine starts quickly and has plenty of power to drive the rear wheels. Honda puts its Select Drive control right at your fingers, allowing you to precisely adjust the mower’s speed to match your walking pace—not with a lever, but with an actual dial. It’s also extremely safe; when you let off the brake lever, the flywheel brake quickly stops the engine.

One of the most common reasons people need to replace their mowers is deck damage, but Honda’s NeXite boasts one of the best deck materials on the market. It is dent-proof, rust-proof, and backed by a lifetime warranty. Underneath, it employs air pressure to keep grass flowing longer, resulting in better trimming and mulching. The business end of the mower then relies on dual blades that may be set between 0.75 and 4 inches off the ground. It produces excellent mulch when in use. When it comes to mulch, a single lever allows you to quickly switch between bagging (the bag has a big 2.5-bushel capacity), mulching, and discharge.


2. Ego Power+ 21-Inch Self-Propelled Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

$699$749Save $50 (7%)

Power source: Electric | Type: Self-propelled | Cutting width: 21 inches | Cutting height: 1.5 inches | Yard size: 1/2 acre

The Ego Power+ is one of the best overall electric walk-behind mowers on the market. A 56-volt, 7.5-ampere-hour lithium-ion battery powers it. That makes it as strong as a typical gas mower, and it should last about an hour on a single charge. Another advantage is that the battery is compatible with all Ego power tools, allowing you to replace batteries and always have a spare ready to hot-swap if needed.

A standard lever controls the drive and provides great fine-speed control across the whole range of the mower’s performance. The multi-blade mechanism of the mower provides a professional, neat cut to your lawn that a single-blade mower cannot. Do you have to mow late in the day? No worries: LED headlights will illuminate your path.

The Ego’s single lever allows you to switch between mulching, bagging, and discharge easily, and the collection bag holds 2 bushels of clippings. You may modify the deck height from 1.25 to 4 inches with a single simple lever, eliminating the need to adjust each tire or front and rear separately.

Lawn Mowers
The Home Depot

3. Toro Recycler 21-Inch Briggs & Stratton High Wheel Gas Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower With Bagger


Power source: Gas| Type: Push | Cutting width: 21 inches | Cutting height: 1.25 inches | Yard size: 1/2 acre

A dependable 140cc Briggs & Stratton engine powers Toro’s 21-inch push mower. It’s a budget-conscious mower providing much power but foregoes niceties (such as self-powered) for smaller yards.

The motor is easy to start: there is no requirement for a manual choke adjustment, priming, or pumping before turning it on, which is a pleasant convenience. Because you’ll pull this mower, the massive 11-inch rear wheels will be useful for traction on rougher terrain and inclines. The deck’s height can be adjusted from 1.25 to 3.75 inches in six other positions, but you’ll need to set height levers independently in the front and rear.

The Toro offers a few important conveniences. First, you can rapidly choose between mulching, bagging, and discharge. It also comes with a clippings bag. The handle can be set between two different heights without using any tools, and the motor requires no oil changes throughout the mower’s life—check the level and apply oil as needed.


4. American Lawn Mower Company 50514 14-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower

$145$160Save $15 (9%)

Power source: Cord | Type: Push | Cutting width: 14 inches | Cutting height: 1 inches | Yard size: 1/4 acre

Corded electric lawnmowers, though much less prevalent than they once were, are nevertheless an option if you have a small yard and wish to avoid using a gas-powered mower. The American Lawn Mower Company’s 50514 14-Inch Corded Electric Mower is a powerful and easy-to-use option at an affordable price.

The 50514’s smallest downside is its limited deck size—it only has 14 inches of cutting width and is intended for little yards. However, at just under 26 pounds, it is one of the lightest of the suggested walk-behind mowers.

This is built around an 11-amp motor and allows mulching or bagging your clippings (it comes with a 1.7-bushel bag)—but no discharge option. The bag includes a grass level indicator to let you know when it needs to be emptied. Another convenience is that the deck height is controlled by a single lever but with a fairly limited height range of 1 inch to 2.5 inches.

Lawn Mowers
The Home Depot

5. John Deere S100 Side By Side Hydrostatic 42-Inch Riding Lawn Mower


Power source: Gas | Type: Riding | Cutting width: 42 inches | Cutting height: 1 inch | Yard size: 1 acre

In terms of gas mowers, John Deere’s S100 ride-on mower is a classic. It features a 42-inch cutting deck, which allows it to cover a lot of ground in one pass. Thanks to the side-by-side foot pedals and hydrostatic gearbox, you can effortlessly go around up to an acre of lawn at a time. Enjoy a wide range of cutting heights from 1 to 4 inches, which can be adjusted in 0.25-inch increments. An 11-inch adjustable seat and ergonomic handlebars ensure you are as comfortable as possible when mowing. It’s worth mentioning that this mower comes with various add-on accessories, like a trolley and lawn blade, in case you wish to use it for something other than mowing grass.

The Home Depot

6. Best lawn mower: Toro Titan

Power source: Gas| Type: Zero-turn | Cutting width: 60 inches | Cutting height: 1.5 inches | Yard size: 7 acres

One of the most powerful commercial mowers on the market is Toro’s 60-inch zero-turn mower. While it is a bit pricey, you get a lot with this machine. For your money, you get a machine that can cover up to 7 acres in a single pass. One of the main reasons you’ll want to consider this Toro is its large 60-inch cutting deck. It’s wide enough to simplify your cutting pattern and save you time. The mower also features 23-inch tires for a better grip on difficult terrain and a blade speed of 18,908 FPM for a finely manicured cut. Do you need the job done quickly? You’re in luck: this mower has a top speed of 9 miles per hour.

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7. Ryobi 54-Inch Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower

$5499$5999Save $500 (8%)

Power source: Battery | Type: Zero-turn | Cutting width: 54 inches | Cutting height: 1.4 inches | Yard size: 3.5 acres

Only some people needs a zero-turn mower, but if you need to landscape a yard with a lot of obstacles, such as trees and flower beds, nothing beats being able to pivot inside your mower’s footprint. The Ryobi 54-Inch Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower is an excellent example of this type. Because Ryobi makes it, it is powered by batteries and an electric motor rather than gas.

This is a significant advantage for this mower, which runs silently and emits no harmful fumes. Despite this, a single charge can level up to 3.5 acres. This electric system powers five motors and spins three blades for precise and professional cuts. The deck can be manually adjusted in 12 positions ranging from 1.4 to 4.5 inches.

The control panel features a digital battery level indicator, LED lamp operation, reverse mowing, and a USB charging connector for keeping your phone charged while mowing.

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8. Worx WR140 Landroid M Robotic Lawn Mower


Power source: Battery | Type: Robot | Cutting width: 8 inches | Cutting height: 1.5 inches | Yard size: 1/4 acre

The Worx WR140 Landroid M Robotic Lawn Mower, similar to a Roomba for the yard, is a modern alternative to frequently shepherding a walk-behind mower in the blazing heat. The concept is that this robot will mow your lawn autonomously, on a set schedule, or when you manually activate it from your smartphone. It has Wi-Fi and GPS, so you can operate it remotely and always know where it is in your yard. The WR140 is intended for lawns up to a quarter acre in size, and its perimeter can be defined by laying down a boundary wire that it knows not to cross. (Worx also makes a model for larger, half-acre lawns.) However, the mower is looking for more than just the boundary wire. Thanks to a group of optical sensors, it can navigate around obstacles in the lawn, so it won’t run into or try to mulch things your kids have left lying around.

The WR140, powered by a normal WORX battery, automatically returns to its charging station when the battery runs low. Like the robot, the charging station is self-contained and equipped with a weather cover to keep the mower dry in the rain. As an extra advantage, the battery is compatible with other WORX instruments.

This model is remarkably responsive. It has two enormous wheels in the back for traction and a single smaller wheel up front, allowing it to turn on a dime. It can effortlessly handle tight corners and obstacles and work in mountainous yards with a 35% grade.

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9. Greenworks 3-in-1 Electric Corded Lawn Mower


Power source: Corded | Type: Push | Cutting width: 20 inches | Cutting height: 1.5 inches | Yard size: 1/4 acre

There’s no need to spend much money on a huge or expensive machine if you have a tiny yard. You don’t need to worry about ensuring the fuel tank is full or charging a battery because this Greenworks option is corded. The mower’s 20-inch deck helps you to cover plenty of ground in a single pass, and the seven-position height adjustment allows you to get the perfect mow each time. Clippings can be placed in the supplied bag. Because this is a plug-in model, it’s helpful to know it has a chord clamp to prevent the extension cord from unplugging accidentally during the job. When you’re done, fold the handle for easy and compact storage.


10. Sun Joe 14-Inch Push Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

$170$188Save $18 (10%)

Power source: Electric | Type: Push | Cutting width: 14 inches | Cutting height: 1.18 inches | Yard size: 10,000 square feet

This is different than the machine for you if you have acres and acres to mow. On the other hand, Sun Joe’s cordless electric push mower is a terrific option if you have a small to medium-sized lawn. Each pass cuts a 14-inch path, allowing you to push through plenty of grass. In addition, the mower offers a three-position manual height adjustment, allowing you to receive a higher or lower cut based on your desire.

The system has a simple push-button start and removable safety key to ensure that only adults can manage the action when ready. Your clippings will be gathered into a 10.6-gallon bag that can be easily separated and tossed in the trash or compost bin. The Sun Joe is powered by a 28-volt lithium-ion battery that can mow over 10,000 square feet of yard on a single charge. (An LED battery level indicates where you stand on power as you mow.) When you’re finished with your yard work, plug it in to recharge for the next time.

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11. Ryobi Brushless Battery Push Lawn Mower


Power source: Battery | Type: Push | Cutting width: 20 inches | Cutting height: 1.5 inches | Yard size: 1/2 acre

With a battery that can last about an hour before recharging, this Ryobi push mower is designed to tackle mid-sized yards up to 1/2 acre. There’s no cord to juggle or gas exhaust to avoid—turn it on and get to work. The mower has a 20-inch cutting deck, which is large for a push mower and weighs only 56 pounds, making it easy to use. To achieve a flawlessly manicured look, utilize the mower to mulch or bag grass clippings and switch between seven positions. The handle telescopes are are for your convenience and to make it easier to store after finishing the job.

How We Chose The Best Lawn Mowers

To round out the best lawn mowers, we asked two lawn care experts for their advice on what to look for in a decent mower. We next analyzed features such as deck size, total value, critical safety options, and must-have elements to create your mowing experience as seamless as possible. Reviews from real owners were also considered to ensure we have the best understanding of how these mowers work overtime on various lawns.

What To Look For In A Lawn Mower

When looking for a lawn mower, there are a lot of aspects to consider. Keep them in mind as you go on your hunt.


When it comes to lawnmowers, there is no one-size-fits-all solution because everyone’s needs vary significantly. When deciding which type is best for you, Vogelsanger suggests taking the following factors into account:

Cordless Push Mower: This is the best option if you have a smaller lot and can cut your grass frequently. “If you have a cordless mower, you don’t want your yard to get overgrown because this doesn’t have the power to get through taller grass,” Vogelsanger adds.

Ride-On Mower: Ride-on mowers are ideal for people with larger lots, limited time, or physical limitations. “They are going to cut faster and have a wider deck than a push mower,” he explains.

While not as common these days, he says a plug-in mower is perfect for people with smaller lawns—a quarter-acre or less, or a city lot.

While some people prefer battery-powered options, but gas mowers often allow you to mow for longer, according to Vogelsanger. You need to remember to recharge.

Battery-Powered Mower: He notes that these mowers are typically a fantastic option for people who don’t want to deal with gas or fumes. They may also be more cost-effective in the long term, depending on how long you intend to keep your mower.

Robot Mower: A robot mower may be an excellent option if you want a hands-free experience and the budget. “These cut the yard for themselves,” he explains. However, because these machines don’t do a good job of working around obstacles, you’ll need a yard free of waste and trees.

Cutting Options

Most mowers will have at least a few options for cutting heights, with many giving you at three or more. Some mowers even let you quickly adjust the height with the touch of a button or handle, making it seamless to go to higher or lower increments. When it comes to choosing features like grass clipping functionality, Vogelsanger says it really comes down to personal choice. “You can discharge clippings, mulch or bag them,” he says. “Some people prefer to bag, while others don’t want to have to dispose of the clippings. It’s up to you.”

Deck Size

Its deck size determines the width of grass that your mower can mow in one pass. While it’s easy to believe that a larger deck is preferable, this is only sometimes true. “Think about the size and terrain—how much space do you need to cover?” Is it a small plot of grass or many acres?” James explains. Smaller yards will benefit from decks between 14 and 21 inches, while large lawns will likely profit from 42 inches and above. If you have a large yard, try the Toro Titan Max, which has a deck size of 60 inches.

Drive Type

Depending on the type of mower you select, there are a few different drive types to consider. Some ride-on mowers include four-wheel drive, which is useful if your yard is tough or steep. Others feature cruise control, which is useful if you have a lot of yards to cover. Some yard mowers are self-propelled, requiring only your steering to drive them, but others require your hands to maneuver them around your yard. Finally, the best drive features for you are determined by your specific needs.

Which Type Of Lawn Mower Lasts The Longest?

The majority of lawnmowers on the market today are built to last. In general, a lawn mower should endure between six and ten years. However, how well you maintain your mower matters a lot. While electric mowers may need to have the batteries replaced over time, gas mowers require frequent oil changes. It is best to consult your mower’s instruction booklet to determine what your specific model requires to extend its life. If you’re concerned about the longevity of your mower, think about the warranty before you buy one—that way, you’ll be protected by the just-in-case machine.

Which Lawn Mower Gives The Best Cut?

Many lawnmowers give you options for cutting your lawn, with some enabling cutting height modifications by increments as tiny as 0.25 inches. Any mower on our list will give you an excellent cut. However, we recommend the Honda 21-Inch NeXite Variable Speed 4-In-1 Gas Walk Behind Self-Propelled Mower for most yards. It employs dual blades to ensure a precise cut in yards as large as an acre. View the Ryobi 54-Inch Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower if you have a larger yard—it can handle up to 3.5 acres on a single charge.

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