8 best Riding lawn mowers to power through mowing day

Riding lawn mowers

8 best Riding lawn mowers to power through mowing day. The greatest riding mowers make cutting the grass as simple for you as possible. Please turn on your machine, fire it up, and get to work. Sure, you could pay someone to mow your lawn as needed, but that may add up over time—you’ll save much more money if you do it yourself. The Ryobi 38-Inch Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower is our top pick due to its capacity to run for up to two hours on a single charge and good built-in features that make mowing less of a burden.

Riding lawn mowersThe Ryobi 38-Inch Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower is a quiet, zero-emission machine that is less expensive than some competitors.

Why should you choose a riding mower over a push mower? A lot of it comes down to personal preference. “Riding lawnmowers can significantly reduce the time it takes to mow a lawn,” says Mallory Micetich, an Angi home specialist. “Purchasing a riding lawn mower can save you a lot of time if you have a larger than average lawn.” Riding lawnmowers can also benefit those with mobility limitations.”

Do you need a riding lawn mower? Going Yard’s professional landscaper, Chris Lambton, offers a helpful rule of thumb: If your Yard is 0.5 acres or larger, investing in a lawn tractor is generally wise. “If you have knee or back trouble, this will still allow you to keep your lawn looking great and save your body the wear and tear of pushing a mower around the yard,” he explains.

Of course, a riding lawn mower is a significant investment—a nice machine will typically set you back $2,000 or more—so choose wisely. Determine your needs in terms of a deck (the mowing area covered by the lawn tractor) and the type of power source you prefer ahead of time to guarantee you make the proper decision. Then, think about any extra features you might want in your riding mower, such as whether it bags or mulches your grass, has an ergonomic chair, or has a built-in phone charger.

We looked into the most popular lawn tractors on the market and narrowed them down by usefulness, comfort, and pricing to help you make the best decision. These are the best riding lawnmowers available to help you get through lawn day quickly.


1. Ryobi 38-Inch Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

$3900$4199Save $299 (7%)

Cutting width: 38 inches | Power type: Electric | Weight: 595 pounds | Cutting options: Two-blade deck | Ideal size of yard: 2 acres

The Ryobi 38-Inch Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower is a quiet, zero-emission machine that is less expensive than its competitors. It’s also rather powerful: this mower can run on a single charge for two hours. Furthermore, the Ryobi boasts a 38-inch cutting deck, which is big enough to cut a large swath of grass in a single pass. You have the option of either discharging or mulching your grass. It also has features like a digital battery monitor, cruise control, and a USB connector to charge your phone.


  • Electric
  • Wide mowing deck
  • Long runtime


  • No arm rests
  • Acceleration can be too fast for some
  • Ride can be bumpy

Riding lawn mowers

2. John Deere S100 Side By Side Hydrostatic 42-Inch Riding Lawn Mower


Cutting width: 42 inches | Power type: Gas | Weight: 414 pounds | Cutting options: Reverse mowing, single-lever height adjustment | Ideal size of yard: 1 acre

John Deere is a household name in lawnmowers, and the S100 is one of its most cheap ride-on. This mow has a 42-inch cut system that gives it a professional appearance. You can also set it up to bag or mulch your trimmings. The S100’s side-by-side foot pedals and hydrostatic drive make it simple to move about your Yard. Choose from 1- to 4-inch cutting heights, which are adjustable in 0.25-inch increments. You can even turn this mower into a tiny lawn tractor by adding attachments like a tow-behind cart, sweeper, and snow blower.


  • Affordable
  • Large deck
  • Good cut quality


  • Traction can be unreliable on hills
  • Smaller seat
  • May tip over on big inclines

The Home Depot

3. Ryobi 54-Inch Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower

$5499$5999Save $500 (8%)

Cutting width: 54 inches | Power type: Electric | Weight: 796 pounds | Cutting options: Reverse mowing | Ideal size of yard: 3.5 acres

With this zero-turn mower, you can easily surpass obstacles like trees and flower beds in your Yard. Because the Ryobi 54-Inch Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower is electric, you won’t have to worry about inhaling fumes while mowing. While some comparable models have limited battery life, this one can level up to 3.5 acres on a single charge. A large range of mowing heights is available, ranging from 1.4 to 4.5 inches. This mower also offers amazing features like a built-in USB charging outlet, LED lamps, and reverse mowing if you need to return and tackle a certain area again.


  • Wide deck
  • Electric
  • Large mowing height range


  • Requires a lot of storage space
  • No bagger
  • Expensive

Riding lawn mowers
The Home Depot

4. Cub Cadet CC30E 56-Volt Max Electric Drive Cordless Riding Lawn Tractor


Cutting width: 30 inches | Power type: Electric | Weight: 362 pounds | Cutting options: Cruise control | Ideal size of yard: 1 acre

The Cub Cadet CC30E is a little ride-on mower by ride-on mower standards, taking roughly the same space as two garbage cans, yet it has enough live power to tackle lawns. It features a deck that is 30 inches wide and can fit through gates that are as narrow as 36 inches. It also has a high-backed seat, armrests, and two USB charging connections so you can work as you fire up your phone. You can tackle up to an acre of grass on a single charge with a lithium-ion battery with a maximum voltage of 56 volts. When you’re through, plug in the battery; it’ll be ready to go again in four hours.


  • Petite
  • Comfortable ride
  • Electric


  • Not suitable for wet conditions
  • Steering can feel loose
  • Deck may be too small for some

Tory Bilt

5. Troy-Bilt Pony 42-Inch Riding Lawn Tractor


Cutting width: 42 inches | Power type: Gas | Weight: 520 pounds | Cutting options: Reverse mowing, bagging, mulching | Ideal size of yard: 2 acres

With a 15.5 horsepower engine, the Troy-Bilt Pony Riding Lawn Tractor packs a powerful punch. You can easily switch between seven speeds while you ride around your Yard. Do you have some obstinate grass? A reverse mowing feature provides an alternate cutting option, and the 42-inch twin-blade deck allows you to cover a large area of land while working. Automatic headlights enable you to see in dim lighting without having to flip a switch. You can choose between bagging and mulching modes. There’s even a cup holder to keep your favorite beverage close at hand.


  • Large deck
  • Powerful engine
  • Comfortable ride


  • Low seat back
  • Shift transmission

Tractor Supply

6. Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro LT 42-Inch Lawn Mower


Cutting width: 42 inches | Power type: Gas | Weight: 570 pounds | Cutting options: Cruise control, reverse mowing | Ideal size of yard: 1-2 acres

The Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro LT was designed to tackle difficult lawns. This machine has a 42-inch deck with heavy-duty S-blades to easily chop off bristly grass. The mower features a powerful 19.5 horsepower mow power engine that can help you zip around your Yard and a hydrostatic transmission, so you don’t have to worry about shifting. A 15-inch high-back seat offers a 10-degree incline to maximize your work comfort. You can cycle through 12 different cutting heights until you discover the one that works best for you. LED headlights help you to mow even in low-light conditions.


  • Sturdy
  • Large deck
  • Comfortable, high seat back


  • Some assembly required
  • Can be noisy
  • No armrests

Riding lawn mowers
Tractor Supply

7. Toro 42-Inch TimeCutter Zero-Turn Riding Mower


Cutting width: 42 inches | Power type: Gas | Weight: 502 pounds | Cutting options: Reverse mowing, power steering | Ideal size of yard: 2 acres

Toro’s TimeCutter Zero-Turn Riding Mower allows you to work around your lawn effortlessly, even in small spots. The mower’s weight of 502 pounds aids in keeping it securely on the ground as you ride up and down hills. A 22.5 horsepower punch engine provides ample power to tackle any terrain. A 42-inch deck helps you to cut a wide path while saving time. Fenders protect your engine from tire muck that can fly up, as well as protect you from backsplash. There’s even a built-in cupholder and storage cubby to help you keep your belongings organized while you work.


  • Compact design
  • Low to ground
  • Built-in cubby storage


  • Ride can be choppy
  • No armrests


8. Craftsman Gas Tractor T110 Bundle


Cutting width: 42 inches | Power type: Gas | Weight: 510 pounds | Cutting options: Bagging, mulching | Ideal size of yard: 1-2 acres

Many riding lawnmowers require you to buy a separate bagger for your machine, but Craftsman’s T110 bundle includes everything. The accompanying bagger collects all of your clippings, so you don’t have to worry about tracking grass inside after mowing. The mower has 17.5 horsepower and a 42-inch steel deck to tackle large areas of lawn at once. A seven-speed transmission lets you know how quickly or leisurely you want to mow. A low-back seat cushions and supports your back as you get ready for work.


  • Wide mowing deck
  • Good acreage coverage
  • Seven speeds


  • No arm rests
  • Seat back may not be high enough for some
  • Assembly takes time

How We Chose The Best Riding Lawn Mowers

To choose the best riding lawnmowers, we consulted two lawn care professionals for their advice on crucial features to look for in these machines, andelements you may be able to live without. We next looked at the most popular mowers on the market and narrowed the field based on mowers like deck size, deck age, comfort, and, of course, value. We also evaluated user feedback and included them in our final choice to guarantee you receive the most realistic picture of how these machines operate in a variety of households and lawns.

What To Look For In A Riding Lawn Mower

The best riding lawn mower for you is determined by various personal considerations, such as the size of your lawn and whether you live on hilly terrain. Here are some things to remember as you sort through all the machines on the market.


Each lawn mower has a distinct power output, including horsepower and battery life. You can get away with a less powerful mower if you have a smaller lawn (half an acre or less). Larger lawns (one acre and up) necessitate ride-ons with longer battery life and more horsepower. In terms of actual numbers, if your lawn is up to three acres, you’ll want a mower with an engine with at least ten horsepower; anything larger than that, you’ll get better results with at least 20 horsepower. If you’re using an electric mower, make sure your tractor can handle your acreage (many will state how many acres it can tackle on a single charge). The last thing you want to do is stop mowing to recharge or swap out the tractor’s battery.

Deck Size

The size of your deck influences how frequently you’ll need to cut back and forth across your lawn. A larger deck size, in general, means less cutting time. But bigger isn’t necessarily better. You’ll want to keep specifics about your machine in mind, like whether you’ll need to squeeze your lawn mower through any gates to ensure the machine will fit. Most lawns that are a half acre or slightly bigger can be easily tackled by lawn mower decks, which are typically 42 inches wide. Consider a riding lawn mover with a larger deck—54 inches or so—if your Yard is much larger.

Grass Clipping Functionality

Riding lawn mowers feature many clipping functions, such as side discharge, which shoots your clipped grass out; mulching, which finely slices your grass; and bagging, which collects your clippings in one convenient location for later disposal. It is wise to decide what you prefer ahead of time.


If you live on hills, you should get a riding lawn mower that can handle the terrain. In general, rear-engine mowers and lawn tractors with middle-deck decks are better for hills since they are less prone to flip over. A zero-turn mower may also be a decent option if your hills aren’t too steep; an all-wheel drive (AWD) mower is another nice option because it allows your mower to power over inclines.

Are Riding Lawn Mowers Worth It?

In most cases, yes. Depending on where you live, a year of lawn-care services can easily cost $1,000 or more. Riding lawn mowers is the most cost-effective option over lawnmowers because they endure for years. However, mowing your lawn every one to two weeks necessitates time and effort. If you simply do not have the time, using a service may be a better option. Again, remember that it will cost you more in the long run.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Riding Lawn Mower?

There is a variety, as with other home maintenance goods. Riding lawnmowers typically cost $2,000 or more. Some, like the Troy-Bilt Pony 42-Inch Riding Lawn Tractor, need to catch up to that mark. Keep in mind that you typically get what you pay for. The price will rise if you want a riding mower with high horsepower or a large deck or features like a built-in phone charger or cup holder. Optional extras like mulching and baggers might raise the cost.

How Long Should A Riding Lawn Mower Last?

This is largely determined by how well you maintain your lawn mower and how frequently you use it. While battery-powered models may require replacing the mower over time, gas mowers will need regular maintenance, like oil changes. However, the instruction booklet for your mower should outline how to properly care for your machine over time. In general, though, you should anticipate your riding lawn mow to last at least ten years—if not longer.

Which Is The Best Riding Lawn Mower?

It’s important to remember that “best” is a relative phrase, and the features that make a riding lawn mower a fantastic pick for you might not be the ideal fit for your neighbor. Choose the ideal lawn mower for your needs by considering the size of your Yard, whether you prefer a model powered by gas or electricity, and any other features you require, such as mulching and bagging capabilities. Some mowers include options like four-wheel drive and cruise control, which can be useful if your Yard is steep or you need to cover a lot of land. The Ryobi 38-Inch Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower is our top pick because it can run for up to two hours on a single charge, is relatively low-maintenance, and satisfies the mowing demands of most homes.

How To Choose A Riding Lawn Mower Based On Your Yard Size?

Choosing a riding lawn mower that can handle your acreage is critical. “The bigger your yard is, the bigger your lawn mower should be,” adds Micetich. “A one-acre yard, for example, requires only a 30-inch cut width, whereas a five-acre yard may require a 60-inch cut width or more.” Technically, deck widths vary depending on yard size, but in general, a larger deck width will help you do the work faster. If you choose a battery-powered model, check that the battery can run for enough time to cut all your grass. Otherwise, you’ll have to stop and swap out the battery or recharge before the operation is finished.

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