How to Use Gameshow for Twitch

How to use gameshow for twitch

How to use gameshow for twitch

A gameshow is software that you can use for live streaming your games. It’s just like OBS but better in many cases. It has got many premade scenes and overlays all ready for you. Also, the support you get from the software is better than OBS. Moreover, there are no issues like bugs or problems during the stream on Gameshow.

However, before you get further ahead Gameshow is a paid app. But it is worth every penny you pay. There is a 60-day free trial option that you can try. Get that and give it a try. Here we will be going through how to use gameshow for twitch streaming.
Let’s get on with it right away.

Using gameshow for twitch

Well, setting up a gameshow for twitch isn’t that difficult. They developed the software for
streaming purposes. As a result, the twitch function is already integrated into the software. So, setting it up with your twitch account will be a walk in the park.
First of all, you will need to download the software from their official website. You can get a
free trial for 60 days. You won’t need to put any credit card information for that either. Then
open up the software on your windows.

When you open up the software you will see the free trial message. Click next there. Then a window pops up with different kinds of templates and boxes. You can use premade templates for particular games. You can find templates for almost all the popular games on Twitch. If you don’t get one you can make your own templates.
To make a template choose a canvas first. There are three types of canvas. One is blank, one has game and one has game plus cam. The blank one lets you create every single thing on your own.

You start from nothing with the blank canvas. Game one comes with a premade screen where your game will show. And the game plus cam is the canvas where you have your game screen on the back and your cam around a corner.

Once you select a canvas you will get options to create your own template. Here, you have to build your screen layout. That’s completely up to you how you want to do it. But if you need help with any of the processes you can visit There you will find lots of tutorials for customizing your screens on your own.
After you complete your template you will see a window with different options for streaming.

The first ones are for choosing the platforms. There you have to select twitch. Then choose the game title. Next up select the game execution file. Then select the window as the game window. Then choose the camera you want to use for your face cam. Select your microphone.

Then choose the encoder you want to choose. It’s better to keep the settings to 30 FPS or 720p unless you are a partnered streamer on twitch. Finally, choose your twitch server. Then click on next. It will take you to your broadcasting window. On the left, you get a preview window and on the right, you get the live window.

Below you will get to see different premade layers or the ones you created. You can select,
modify, add, or remove layers to that as well. There is a button to go live. Press that and you are all done. You can start streaming your games on Twitch. However, for the first time, you will need to do some authentication for your twitch account.
There are lots of customization options such as adding twitch widgets, integrating twitch alerts and so much more. You can do a lot with the software once you start using it. Customizing scenes, switching between scenes get very easy with this software.


There you go. If you are tired of all the malfunctions from OBS studio it’s time to move on. And for that purpose, you can’t get anything better than Gameshow. Like you saw above it’s not that difficult to use gameshow for twitch streaming. In fact, it makes a lot of things much easier to do. Hope this will help you get started with gameshow and twitch.


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