How To Make YouTube Outro That Grows Views?

How To Make YouTube Outro That Grows Views?

How To Make YouTube Outro That Grows Views?

Every day 500 hours’ worth of video content is published on YouTube. And the total number of channels on YouTube reached a whopping number of 31 million as of August 2019. It shows the level of competition this platform has, which begs the question of what can you do to ensure that your channel has a surviving chance in this huge market.

The answer is the outro. There are a lot of things that marketers and YouTuber can do for engagement and high ranking, and one of the most vital things amongst them is an outro. Also known as an end screen or end slate, it has the potential to keep the audience hooked to your channel for a lot longer than the 10-minute duration of the video. How? Well, by providing CTAs. If you create a compelling and productive outro and include call-to-action strategically, you can engage people to your channel, website, other channels, and more.

However, a lot of brands and YouTube video content makers are not too invested in the outro. That can create an issue as their competitors realise the importance of this feature, and they don’t. So, in this blog, we will explore what an Outro is, it’s need, and how to create one? That will ensure that your channel has one of the most promising features to grow.

Outro- Description

An outro is the end part of a video which the content creator uses to include specific call-to-action. It not only ends the video with the outline of it and credits, but provides links to other channels or videos that you may have, or of websites. Moreover, it includes intricate details which encourage your customer to like or subscribe to the channel or buy a product using a link in your description box.

In short, an outro aids in growing your channel as a high number of subscribers and viewers are two imperative factors which aid in the growth of the channel.

In an outro, which you can create using a tool like Canva outro maker or renderforest, you can add:

⦁ A link to other videos of the same channel
⦁ A link to another channel or website
⦁ Ask people to subscribe
⦁ A video playlist

Need for an outro

1. It helps in monetization of the channel

To monetize on YouTube, you need 4000 watch hours. When you put an outro, you are trying to get people to stay on your channel for longer and explore other videos. It increases watch hours and aids in growing your rank in YouTube search engine results. That is imperative for growth because if your rank is not high, Google would not recommend your video to people. Without high ranking, you won’t get subscribers and watch hours, monetizing it would be hard.

2. It intrigues the audience

A lot of people are uploading the same content as you. To attract viewers and engage them, you need to provide them with a unique feature of your video. A well-crafted outro can appeal to your viewers more.

3. It makes your video presentation better

Ending the video on a black screen or abruptly after the last scene is never a great end to an excellent video. However, an outro gives you a perfect way to end the video on a better note. It lets you include video links or more and add an appealing background and more information.

4. Works in your favour against competitors

When you place outro strategically and provide links to your other video, you are avoiding automatic links to your competitors. It keeps you ahead of your competition and also when you add social media links to it, you are inviting them to be part of your social media family too.
When we watch a video, we invest in it, and then we find something else to watch. If outro is not there, we will not get a reminder about subscribing or clicking on the like button. It aids the channel out, and the audience often forgets to do so without a push.

5. It keeps the audience hooked to the channel

For a successful YouTube channel, you need your viewers to spend a lot of time on it. That way, Google indexes your channel or videos as people find it interesting, and you get a higher ranking.
But how do you make users stay on the channel for long? Well, with the help of an outro. It tactfully places a link to another video of yours, which ensures that the audience does not leave without checking it out. It increases the view of the channel, which is imperative for its growth.

6. Provides proper ending to the video with CTAs

A lot of times, we come across a video which ends abruptly on a black screen. There is no proper end, and it doesn’t look complete. But with an outro, you can avoid that as you can use it to create a unique pattern in which you are thanking the viewers or more. It also allows you to add a distinct sign off which can involve the logo of your brand or so to create a unique sign off. That provides you with a medium to connect with your audience.

Lastly, with an outro, the best thing you get is a medium to include CTAs like asking the audience to subscribe to the channel or follow a link. It is the best way to ensure that you not only entertain the audience but also tactfully sell your brand.

7. Outro is the perfect medium to encourage users to follow you on social media

If the user is coming across your video for the first time, and they like your video, they would love to connect with you on social media. But without a proper username, it is hard to find you on social media, even if you call out a lot in the video itself. People can forget it with ease. So, the best way to ensure that they connect with you through social media is to put the usernames in the outro. It will help you and your viewer interact with each other, which is so vital to building a relationship and growing your channel.

Tips to create outro that will help grow the channel

1. Be consistent

The first tip is vital for an outro if you want it to accomplish the goal you set for it. And that is consistency. Never create a unique outro for all your videos. Evey video that you upload on Youtube does not require a new outro as it breaks consistency.
Keep the template, music, and background the same so that people can connect to it. What you can change is the credits or call to actions, as they may vary according to the video.

2. Use an outro maker

Yes, there are outro makers which makes your job pretty simple. Outro makers like Canva or Snappa have templates which help you be consistent with your end screen. Also, they are easy to use and not complicated liked editing software, so creating an appealing outro becomes simpler.

3. It should not be less than eight-second long

You want the viewer to absorb the information on the outro, so keeping it for a mere two-second won’t do the trick. However, an eight to ten-second long outro can work wonders for your channel. Do not increase the length of more than 10 seconds in any case.
But do keep in mind that to have an outro, your video also needs to be longer than five minutes or more.

4. Make it appealing

If the outro is not appealing, it will not have the desired effect. Thus, make sure the outro has enough white space, so it does not look messy. Also, use subtle buy mesmerizing visuals or graphics or font.
Do not overwhelm the viewer, but engage them with your CTA.

5. Use relevant CTAs

When adding CTAs, make sure it is relevant to the current video. For instance, if you have a blog for the recipe that you are sharing, use it in the outro, and not one which you shared last week. Be smart with your CTA if you want better response and engagement from viewers.

How to create outro using Canva?

Want to create an appealing outro within a minute without much trouble? Use Canva outro making feature which is free and easy to use.

⦁ Find the template for an outro which works with your video or you can make one from scratch as well.
⦁ Next, upload video or images or GIFs to incorporate into your outro.
⦁ Use any font type from Canva library to add text to your outro
⦁ If you wish to add music or animation to the end screen, Canva’s easy drag and drop feature makes it simple.
⦁ When you are finished with the outro, download it and attach to the YouTube video using editing software.

Never let anything to chance! An outro ensures that you are doing everything to encourage your viewers to explore more of your channel. So, add an outro now for engaging your viewers more to your channel.

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