How To Add Fun To Watching YouTube Videos A Some Tips

How To Add Fun To Watching YouTube Videos

How To Add Fun To Watching YouTube Videos A Some Tips

Millions of Internet users worldwide watch YouTube videos every day – and the number of videos viewed increases by the minute. If you think about it, YouTube only provides a limited number of actions – upload a video, watch and rate it and recommend it to friends to watch.

However, even such a simple service has its issues – some might find it minor, some – not. YouTube has its secrets, and if you care to know them, we guarantee this will make using the popular service even more fun.

Let us have a seem at a few of them.

YouTube Download Software

There is no need to discuss here why it is so much better to download videos, YouTube videos in particular, on your hard drive – there are plenty of reasons for you to do it, as long as it does not violate any copyrights.

Airy by Eltima is YouTube downloader software that enables you to save a video. Apart from downloading, it will also help you convert video. YouTube videos can thus be held in various formats according to your convenience.

How to Save Videos from YouTube with Airy?

Using this software to download YouTube videos is extremely easy:

  • Copy a video’s link.
  • Paste it to the Airy window.
  • Choose the required format.
  • Click ‘Download,’ and the download will be complete in a few seconds.

Playback Repeat

To repeat a playback automatically, type in the word ‘repeater’ after ‘youtube’ in your browser address bar. The video will open in an external site, and you can playback your favorite as much as you wish to – or perhaps as long as your neighbors can put up with it. Similarly, you can playback only a part of the video.

Bypass Regional Restrictions

Watching YouTube Videos

A favorite video is not available for viewing due to regional restrictions? Changing the format of the video’s link from this (pic 1) to this variant (pic 2) should help.

Watching YouTube Videos

Specify Playback Start Time

Watching YouTube Videos

Right-click on the player will bring up the ‘Copy video URL at current time’ option. Those who share the copied link will start watching a video from the time you specified. For better accuracy, you can modify the last characters in the link (pic 1) – they stand for a time, t=X, some seconds elapsed from the beginning of the video (pic 2).

Disable Videos Suggestions

If you do not want to see related videos at the end of your playback, append ‘?rel=0’ to the URL in the embed code. Adding the command to the end of the URL in the address bar does not support it.

Check out if Wadsworth Constant works for you.

This Wadsworth Constant is an axiom which states that 30% of any video can be skipped because it contains no useful or exciting information. Check it for yourself! Google added a feature to YouTube – append ‘&wadsworth=1’ to the video’s URL.

That’s pretty much it – hope you make most of these tricks! Do get in mind that these features are not official to disappear or change over time. Have fun!


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