How To Fix Canon Printer Not Connecting To WiFi

How To Fix Canon Printer Not Connecting To WiFi

How To Fix Canon Printer Not Connecting To WiFi

Unusual things can lead to failure, such as when you are trying to print the document, and your printer will give you an error, before-mentioned as the Canon printer not connecting to WiFi.

This means that you are going to get that silent treatment from the printer. Although you might have done nothing wrong, you are still encountering the issue. You might also try to fix the problem, but you are not able to.

Multiple users might have faced this issue but do not know how to resolve it. Well, some steps are going to help you resolve this issue.

This is because there are many reasons why you are not able to fix this issue. Also, there are many causes of this error which is why you cannot find out the main cause of the present issue that you might be facing.

To fix this issue, the first thing that you must know is whether you will start to resolve the issue. There can be many hindrances that you might be suffering, and you may not know which is the one that is causing this issue.

To fix the Canon printer won’t connect to the wifi issue, what you can do is follow the five steps that are discussed here:

How To Fix Canon Printer Not Connecting To WiFi

Steps1. Set your Printer as The Default Printer:

This might be possible because you are trying to connect the Wi-Fi printer, and some other printer has been set as a default by the PC. What happens is that sometimes when a printer might install a virtual printer on its own and when you are pressing the print command, the virtual printer is going to save the file instead of sending the printing command to your printer.

This is why you are not able to connect the printer to the Wi-Fi. But do not worry as you can easily fix this issue. You need to click the start button and then go to the control panel and then select the option of hardware and sound.

After that, you there need to click the option of devices and printers. After that, you need to right-click on the printer and then observe whether your printer is set as the default printer. If you do not see that your printer has been set up as a default printer, select the option to set your printer as the default printer.

After that, you can verify the action. This step will most of the time resolve the Canon printer won’t connect to the wifi issue, but you require the next step if it does not.

Steps 2. Reboot All The Devices

A restart is going to help fix many glitches. Various issues are formed out of nowhere, and the same is the case with the canon printer. If you see that an issue like this is irritating you with your work, then you can try on this step.

Various devices are attached in this scenario, such as the printer, computer, and Wi-Fi router.

To restart the device, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you should switch off all three devices and then unplug the power cables one by one. After that, wait for 30 seconds for every device before you plug them back into the power socket.

The moment you have switched on the devices, check whether or not you can resolve the issue or not. There are most of the times when you might have resolved the issue after this step.

If you are still incapable of fixing the canon printer not connecting to wifi, follow the next step to fix the issue.

Steps 3. Verify Router Settings

There are at times when you are going to face this issue, and the issue might be from the router’s side. This means that you might have to reconfigure the settings of both your PC as well as the internet.

You might have just had to buy a new router which might have a different ISP setting. This means that it is going to need reconfiguration. The router settings may also need some adjustments that might be a little unsuitable for the wireless printer.

That is why there is an urgent requirement to change the settings of the router. When you have changed the router settings, try to see whether you have resolved the issue or not…if the issue continues, then you want to try the next step.

Steps 4. Update The Router’s Firmware

If you see that while changing the router’s settings did not help, you need to update its firmware. Updating the firmware will address all the bugs out and is also going to resolve all the connectivity issues.

When you are also moving to a different version of windows, like Windows 10, it will create an interruption of the connection. This is among the issues that updating the firmware could and why you cannot resolve the canon printer not connecting to wifi.

Steps 5. Disable All the VPN Connections:

There are at times when you are using the virtual private network to make a connection; then, it is possible it can restrict you to take a print in the Wi-Fi printer.

This will happen for security reasons but what you can do is disable the VPN connection and then try and figure out a way to connect to the home network. This might help you to resume the printing functions.

In Conclusion:

At times, you cannot resolve the canon printer’s issue not connecting to wifi also after trying all the steps discussed earlier.

You do not want to worry, as with the professional specialists’ proper guidance, and you will be able to print from your device. Get in touch with the experts to fix the issue.

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