Record Your Computer Screen and Modify It Effortlessly

Record Your Computer Screen and Modify It Effortlessly

Record Your Computer Screen and Modify It Effortlessly

Record a computer screen via a browser screen recorder is one activity that many users didn’t know how to do until a few years ago. However, there are many online tools currently available that you can use to capture your computer screen on your device. Instead of downloading many challenging programs from Google Chrome, it is a simple process that does not need many resources to achieve. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to a recently found tool that works via your browser. In this sense, you will have the ability to record any computer screen process without installing anything like Adobe’s software.

Online programs for such recording tools have gained a lot of strength in recent years. In the coming period, it is possible to dispense with the Adobe program in editing videos and making production on them, and this is considered the future in making everything through remote editing, as it is a great alternative to do any activity.

It saves us much time to install and get registration. It is what can be done effortlessly with the RecordCast screen recorder. Thus recording your computer screen will not be a challenge, even if you are not a very technical man or you are just the first time to do these processes. With this screen recorder, you can control all the process fully with its very straightforward interface. Besides, it has no costs and no need to register.

How to record screen

Record Your Computer Screen and Modify It Effortlessly

To start recording your screen using RecordCast, you must begin by accessing the website from

On the main screen, just click the Start Recording button. You’ll enter a new page where you can choose the recording mode, as well as an option to capture only system audio if you need it. Of course, it also provides opportunities to select the recording area that you want to record. You may record a class video from YouTube and study it later.

After recording, you can then modify it by using this site. If you want, you can also download a video from YouTube to the computer and edit it online via this online tool without any downloading.

By selecting these recording options, you will immediately begin recording your screen. To stop your recording, click the “Stop Sharing” button below. The video download options will appear, allowing you to get the video downloaded in WebM format immediately. With RecordCast online screen recording tool, you can make screen recordings easily and in a few simple steps.

Record Your Computer Screen and Modify It Effortlessly

Moreover, RecordCast provides a flexible built-in video editor with which you can add text, images, music, and more to your videos. You’ll also be able to make cuts and adjust unpleasant pauses and silences.

What I love best is its elements section. RecordCast provides millions of elements for different styles such as business, time, woman & fashion, car, food, decoration, etc. Under its Misc category, you will find it offers different fade-in and fade-out transitions for those elements. You are able to adjust the time of the effects.

Benefits of using RecordCast

I recommend RecordCast in this article because I have used it for a long time, and I found it is beneficial to me in many ways. Here I’ll list some of them.

  1. It requires no installation of any plugin or software.
  2. The interface is handy and easy to use with just a few clicks.
  3. All for free.
  4. Easily record and create video tutorials with your webcam.
  5. It records both system and microphone audio at the same time.
  6. Editing tools allow you to edit video – make captions, insert background music, and effects.
  7. Videos can be downloaded in 1080p resolution without any watermark.

In my opinion

If you are sick of relying on third-party apps, perhaps even for a fee, for the recordings of your screen, I strongly recommend you to give RecordCast a try to assess how well it does for yourself. I think it will be the right choice for you as you will not need anything other than your browser to create and share your screencasts. If you have more questions about this topic, you can share more information in the article now.

I hope that you have benefited, and do not forget to visit the rest of the topics on the blog and visit our YouTube channel and our Facebook so that everything new comes to you. May blessings of God be upon you. If you have any ideas, do not forget to leave comments.


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