How to Entertain Yourself and Your Family During Coronavirus

How to Entertain Yourself and Your Family During Coronavirus

How to Entertain Yourself and Your Family During Coronavirus

The world is now living in a historical moment when most of us are forced to maintain
quarantine at home because of this COVID-19 pandemic situation. As this is a highly
contagious virus and causes infectious disease, we are protecting ourselves and others from
being infected by staying or maintaining quarantine at home. But in this coronavirus
situation, the main problem is school-college closures, outdoor sports or entertainment
cancellations, and weekend or holiday delays; these are causing a harmful impact on our
mental health. We need to find solutions to this problem. We need to find alternative
options to entertain ourselves and our families and to stay mentally healthy. In this article,
we will talk about the ways to entertain ourselves and our families and how we maintain
mental health during this coronavirus situation.

Ten ways to entertain yourself and your family during coronavirus

1. Call or Chat with your friends and family members: everybody is trapped at
home and needs to maintain isolation in this pandemic. Chatting or messaging with
your friends or family members is an excellent option to pass your boring
quarantine period. You can also talk with them over the phone and share your
thoughts and feelings with them.

2. Spend time in the kitchen: well, you are having a lot of time in this lockdown for
this coronavirus situation. You can use your time for cooking or baking food for
yourself or your family. It is a great time to learn and have experience with cooking
and a baking masterpiece at home.

3. Freelancing or outsourcing: freelancing is the best way to keep yourself busy in
this quarantine period. It is an option where you can work staying at home. You can
learn and complete a freelancing course during this isolation time. You can earn
money along with spending a lot of time outsourcing.

4. Start a website or blog: you can start your own website or blog while you are
staying in isolation. You can create content and share innovative ideas or your
thoughts with people through posting on the website or blog. You can spend your
time in web development and designing, blog writing, video creating and editing,
photo editing, or graphics designing.

5. Play indoor games: you and your family may feel mentally distressed during the
quarantine period. So, you need to find a way to keep or maintain healthy mental
health. There are various indoor games like chess, sudoku, hide and seek etc and you
can play such indoor games to entertain yourself and your family members. Also,

spending time with family members is very important and this is the best chance to
get closer with family.

6. Play online games: there are numerous games available online. While you are
talking with your friends over the phone call, you can also play online games with
them. You can interact with your friends through playing and texting or messaging in
the same field.

7. Start gardening: you can keep yourself busy in gardening. If you are living in a
temperate climate area where the winter season is not likely to approach quickly,
then it is a great period to start planting seeds and making a garden. You can start
your flower or vegetable gardening in the yard of your home. If you don’t have
enough space in your home yard, you can also make your roof garden or plant some
indoor plants to give your home a pleasant look. You need to spend a lot of time
taking care of your plants or garden.

8. Enjoy movie time with family members: during the lockdown and quarantine
period, the movie theaters and cinema halls are closed to stop spreading the
coronavirus. But there is still an entertainment option for you. You can create a
movie theater in your own home. Choose a right corner in your home and decorate
or design it with a monitor, soundbox, appropriate lighting system, and other
materials. Enjoy a blockbuster movie with your family members. You can also watch
movies on Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV while sitting with your family. Have popcorn
and enjoy a movie theater sitting at home!

9. Do exercise and stay fit physically: most gymnasium and exercise centers are
closed during the pandemic situation. It is not recommended to go for a gym in the
local gymnasium if they are still open. So, you should spend time in yoga and
exercise at home to keep yourself fit physically. Physical wellbeing has a significant
impact on mental health. You can have the gymnastic equipment at home and can
maintain the daily physical exercise routine easily staying at home.

10. Spend time on home improvement tasks: while you are in self-isolation, you can
help in home improvement tasks. You can spend your boring time decorating a room
or corner, painting walls, organizing the furniture, or repairing any damage to your

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the world is implementing self-quarantine and
avoiding social meetings or gatherings. Still, the tips will let you feel that staying at home
can be entertaining and enjoyable and will help you and your family get rid of this boring
lockdown situation.

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