How to Choose Glasses That Make You Look Younger

How to Choose Glasses That Make You Look Younger
It might seem less important to choose glasses that make you look

younger than, say, comfort or cost. Maybe so. But since you might wear
your glasses a lot, or even all day, it’s important that you feel your best in
the ones you choose. That means being happy with what you see in the
mirror when you put them on. So, if you are looking for trendy blue light
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Additionally, here are some tips for choosing men’s glasses that make you
look younger.

How to Pick Glasses That Fit Your Age

Eyewear should be fashionable and should both match your age and make
you look younger. If you are older, you probably want to find eyewear styles
that will help you embrace your age in a stylish way. When shopping for
men’s glasses that make you look younger, keep the following tips in mind.


The best glasses for making you look younger are ones that lift your face.
You can get a natural facelift from the shape of your frames.
Sharp edges are not as nice as corners that are softer and more rounded.
Rounded corners help soften the features of the face and naturally lift

Cat-eye shapes have rounded edges that make older women look slightly
younger. Shapes that are upswept and rectangular with rounded corners
look great on older men. If your glasses fit right, they shouldn’t touch your


When you wear glasses with warm colours, you look younger. Cool and
ashy tones should be left for younger people.

Both older men and women look great in warmer colours. Look for frames
that are brown, berry, or beige coloured. These look good on older women.
Men should look for blue, brown, grey, burgundy, or green frames.
Keep an eye out for shiny materials to give your eyes a natural sparkle, but
be careful to avoid dull colours, plain silver, and basic black. If you choose these colours for your glasses, you might look older. It’s time to let your best qualities stand out and not blend in.


When you’re looking for frames, don’t pick ones that are too small on the
side. As we get older, we get presbyopia, which is losing our ability to focus
on things close up. Because of this, many of us need different glasses for
near and far vision. Because of this, you might need glasses with a lens that
lets you see both near and far. Your eye doctor will be able to help you
choose the right lenses.

It’s hard to fit a lot of reading space into very small frames, so think about
going bigger.

Even though very small frame shapes are fine for distance glasses or
dedicated reading glasses, they don’t leave much room for line flat-top
bifocals or no-line progressive lenses. For comfortable reading vision, a
larger vertical dimension is usually much better.


Putting on the right style of glasses can help you look younger. Don’t be
afraid to try out different colours and shapes. Look for shapes that are
deeper and have a retro look. These are great for people who are still young
at heart and want a little more style in their eyewear.

Lens Types

People over 50 often reach for “granny glasses,” which are reading glasses
that can be bought anywhere. These are the glasses that some people
wear on the end of their noses. When you wear these kinds of glasses, you
look older.

Take the time to get a full eye exam and find out your real needs for seeing.
Your eye doctor may suggest a lens that can be worn more like regular
glasses, so you don’t have to peek over the top of reading glasses.


If you think your men’s glasses make you look older than you’d like, think
about the shape, colour, size, and style of your next pair. How you look in
your glasses can change a lot just by making a few simple decisions.

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