How Gen Z is Changing the Rules of Style

How Gen Z is Changing the Rules of Style

How Gen Z is Changing the Rules of Style

Generation Z is extremely connected to their friends and peers. More importantly, this hyper-
connected generation is highly interested in the story behind possessions. Finally, Gen Z is
interested in wardrobe flexibility; workout clothes are paired with non-workout garments and
there is no difference between work, school and workout clothes.


Athleisure refers to comfortable, casual clothing that can be used for hanging out and for
hanging out. Even better, athleisure garments are terrific for traveling. Patterned yoga leggings
can be paired with a long tunic, loose terry pants can work for tai chi and look terrific with a
denim jacket. Clothing is unpolished but extremely comfortable and easy to pair with other

Quality workout gear has a long shelf life and can work for men or women. It’s important to note that athleisure isn’t just about hanging out in sweats. Trim yoga pants can be tucked into low boots or paired with fun sneakers for multiple settings.


In addition to casual clothing that can be swapped, switched and stacked, the jewelry trends
among members of Generation Z include lots of combinations. This age group prefers the look
of gold and lots of it. Fast fashion means less expensive, lots of layering and an eclectic mash
of vintage, classic and quirky, irreverent designs.

Necklaces can go from simple organic designs to multi layered chains and pendants. Because
this generation supports larger causes with their purchase power, unique items from a small
business or individual artist are popular as well as researching and buying from companies with
transparent policies and solid CSR.

While small stud earrings are quite popular in both silver and gold, bangle bracelets are all the
rage among Gen Z shoppers. These can be made of metal in all tones, as well as the wide
variety of colorful plastic options for a nod to the ‘80s.


The hair trends of Gen Z are almost anything goes! Except side parts. That is a non-starter and
has caused a spirited debate on Tik Tok and across the web. Current trends for the guys

include unruly, grown-out curls and on the other end of the spectrum nearly shaved cuts. The
new flob, or flat bob for women, is flattering, versatile and easy to maintain.

True to the generation the styles are non-fussy and look good styled or natural. Both of these
cuts are either easy to DIY, such as the buzz cut and low-maintenance. A good flob cut can
easily be grown out or kept short with regular appointments.

Gender Neutral Outfits

Gen Z is also focused on gender neutral clothing. Billie Eilish can rock an oversized hoodie or
hockey that this gender neutral trend is reaching around the world. While many traditional
garments in India included a long tunic over loose trousers for all genders, popular gender
neutral garments in Great Britain and the United States include

● full skirts and full, loose trousers with heavy walking shoes
● trim trousers and long jackets in matching sets for couples
● hoodies, which continue to work with both skirts and pants

The ability to express your own style without being trapped in the jaws of gender has been fully
embraced by Gen Z. It appears that there are few constants, but chunky sneaks and
unexpected updates to classics, including a comfy hoodie dress are quite popular.

The break with gender specific clothing and the trend away from specialized wardrobes is a
great gift from Gen Z to the rest of the generations. If you’ve always had a separate wardrobe
for work and play, look to Gen Z for a better way to be.

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