Guide To Smart Home Automation: Things To Consider in 2021

Guide To Smart Home Automation: Things To Consider in 2021

Guide To Smart Home Automation: Things To Consider in 2021

What is home automation?

In a nutshell, home automation helps you build a technologically advanced
a home that can be controlled at your fingertips. A home where your appliances
and power points can be controlled from your smart device from anywhere
across the globe while being connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or
Ethernet networking cable (also called the Internet of Things (IoT) devices).

You can control devices as interesting as thermostats and garden sprinklers to
commonly used everyday home appliances like your home lighting, electrical
outlets like your television, kitchen appliances for heating and cooling
systems that are connected to a remotely controllable network. This also
includes your home safety alarm system like doors, windows, smart locks,
surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, and any other device linked to the
home security.

Interconnected electronic hardware and electronic interfaces support the
connection of devices through the internet. These home appliances and power
points need to be adaptable to smart homes where they need to have the
possibility to be connected to the internet and the power supply. These
appliances are called smart appliances, smart plugs, and are easily available
in the market today.

Why Automate Your Home?

Listed below are a few important reasons why you should consider
automating your home:

1. Easy Life

It’s a dream come true feeling when you can actually curl up on the couch
after a hectic day at work and control your entire home electronic devices
without moving an inch. Home Automation gives you the privilege to
manage various tasks comfortably and conveniently.

You can switch off the lights from a different room, set the room temperature, and even warm up your food in the microwave while you are still curled up on the couch,
watching your favorite movie. Smart wellness products are beneficial for the
elderly and persons with disabilities making life a bit easier for them. It also
helps in monitoring their activity and can trigger emergency alerts during the
immediate medical situation.

2. Low electricity consumption

Electronic devices left on when not used result in receiving unnecessarily
huge electricity bills. Most of these devices are left on while not in use due to
the extra effort of going and manually switching them off. With the brilliance
of home automation, you can now automatically switch off devices even
when you’re not at home, plus enjoy the benefit of receiving affordable bills.
It’s a one-time investment that will be rewarded by the low electricity bills
moving forward.

3. Gives you the comforts

Home automation systems are more than just saving energy; it comes with a
lot of comforts too. For instance, watering the lawn while you are still
enjoying your cup of coffee or getting your floor vacuum cleaned while you
are still in bed. You can configure a time on your smart device to get the
garden sprinklers to water the garden at a particular time daily and so on with
your other smart devices. If you feel like you have no time whatsoever to do
such routine work, home automation is all you need to have a more relaxed
me time.

4. Customization

A smart home follows your instruction to work for you, and you get treated
like royalty. For instance, you can change the brightness lighting of the
indoor and outdoor lights according to your taste. You can even pre-set a
particular time for your desired device to automatically start working and to
be turned off automatically too.

5. Home security

You can now lock your doors with a single tap on your smartphone. Ever had
that feeling when on your way to work, worried with the thought if you have
locked your door and windows properly. Now with home automation, you
can have a peaceful day ensuring that your door and windows are double-
checked and locked even without your presence. An automated locking
system is a blessing if you have tiny tots at home. In addition to this, getting
security cameras will top up your security needs, leaving you relaxed while
you can have Livestream footage of your home on your smart device
whenever you want.

Things to Consider When Building a Smart Home

The feeling of owning a smart home can be pretty exciting but the process of
planning one can be equally confusing and tricky if you don’t have the right

knowledge. Here are some suggestions you can follow to make a wise

1) Plan and Set a Budget

The first and most common step before you purchase is spending time
planning the areas of your home you would need to be automated and setting
a budget for the same. The list of smart gadgets available in the market can
take you off track from what you actually need. Planning appropriately, you
can always keep space for adding other gadgets from your wish list. Do keep
your builder informed on the smart devices you would be purchasing or have
purchased so that the right wiring and fittings can be arranged from the start
avoiding extra work.

2) Comparison study

There are various smart automated devices available in the market today.
Before making any purchase carefully consider the features, security, and
lifespan of each gadget, not forgetting to check the compatibility with other
gadgets on the list. Also, there is no such rule where you need to use one
particular brand, however, using one or two brands can be helpful in getting
familiar with the system. Invest in the best smart home controller or “hub” as
it is the most important purchase you will make. The hub acts as the heart of
all your devices helping with the connectivity and control of other devices.

3) Know users experience

It’s always good to know the customer’s experience with the product before
investing in it and Reading testimonials and reviews online will give you a
better idea but nothing better than getting a first-hand review from a user you
personally know. This will not only make you aware of the main pros and
cons you may need to consider, but it will also alert you to scenarios that
wouldn’t have thought about it before.

4) Connectivity

Apart from having a strong Wi-Fi router, it’s also advisable to have an
Ethernet networking cable in every room. These cable connections will
guarantee that you get proper internet access throughout your home for the
better functioning of devices.

5) Tech Security

The most important point to consider before getting your smart devices is
learning about the security of your devices. You need to get your devices
secured by putting a strong password and firewall on your router, as they
come with default ones that can be easy to guess. Also, note that it’s
important to always keep the software updated.

To conclude, smart home automation systems can save your time from your
daily routine and even safeguard your home leaving you more relaxed. So
start planning on converting your home today for a better and more
comfortable tomorrow.


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