7 Top Gboard Alternative for Android Phones in 2024

7 Top Gboard Alternatives for Android Phones in 2024

Best Gboard Alternative for Android Phones: Most Android users utilize a pre-installed keyboard app. However, there are various third-party Gboard Alternative keyword apps accessible on the Google PlayStore. These best Gboard alternatives for Android keyboard apps include amazing new themes, additional features, advanced swiping options, and much more.

When choosing the best keyboard for your laptop, there is always the possibility of keyloggers and other viruses.

So I’ve compiled a list of the most reliable, safe, and popular third-party keyboards that you may give a go as an alternative to Google Keyboard. Furthermore, owing to a problem in Gboard, numerous users were locked out of their devices, thus it is best to hunt for an alternative to Gboard app to keep secure in the future.

7 Top Gboard Alternatives For Android Phones

1. Grammarly

Grammarly was first renowned for its grammar checker plugins for web browsers. One of the best Android keyboards for apps that can check grammar and plagiarism was created by Grammarly.

We may not be concerned about grammar while messaging our buddies. It becomes more important when dealing with business interactions and emails on a smartphone.

2. Fleksy

Fleksy has a similar appearance and feel to native keyboards. It may be your new friend. Interestingly, Fleksy use the Qwant search engine. Qwant is a private search engine.

So, if you despise Google’s search engine, you’ll receive two perks here. You may also share and view YouTube videos from the best keyboard app, Fleksy itself.

3. Open Source Gboard alternative

There are also several open-source gboard alternatives to consider if you have concerns about keyboard privacy and data collecting. Some open-source keyboard alternatives enable users to access and change the source code, giving them more control over their data and how it is used.

4. AnySoftKeyboard

This keyboard app supports different languages, themes, and has several customization options. It also has a built-in dictionary and gesture typing.

5. F-Droid Keyboard

This Android keyboard app is easy, lightweight, and open source. It supports various languages, text prediction and autocorrection, and customized settings.

These are some of the best options for people concerned about privacy and data collecting. Furthermore, there is no need to bother about any subscriptions or payments.

6. Swiftkey

SwiftKey might be considered the best alternative to Google Keyboards. Swiftkey, like the Gboard keyboard, employs artificial intelligence to learn your typing style and anticipate the next words.

The nicest aspect of Swiftkey is its ability to flip between several languages. The keyboard also includes an emoji keyboard that provides a plethora of emojis and GIFs.

Download the Swiftkey Chrooma keyboard.

7. Chrooma Gboard alternative

Chrooma keyboard is similar to Google’s Gboard, except it offers many more customization options. You’ll get access to all of the main features, like swipe typing, word predictions, and text autocorrect.

Chrooma has a multitude of features that assist you with numbers, emojis, and phrase recommendations. Chrooma comes with a night mode option. That is why it is on the list of the four best Android keyboards for Android and the best gboard alternatives.


Best Gboard Alternatives for Android Phones to be useful?

Comment with your thoughts on the best Android keyboard you’ve used.

Are Android Free Keyboard Apps Safe?

It’s important to note that many of the best Android keyboard apps, including ones that come pre-installed on your phone, gather typing data in order to offer text prediction and other features.

Is Gboard keyboard safe?

Yes, using Google Keyboards is completely secure, but you may try out other options from the list above.

So, in my opinion, these pre-installed and third-party Android keyboard apps may cause privacy problems for certain users. Although many apps list privacy rules regarding data gathering, it is best to give them the benefit of the doubt. Above are listed the best Gboard Alternative collections. However, if by “safe,” you mean security, that’s a very other scenario.



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