Best 8 Grammar Checker Free Grammarly Alternatives 

Best 8 Grammar Checker Free Grammarly Alternatives 

Best 8 Grammar Checker Free Grammarly Alternatives 

Grammarly is a most popular online service that allows grammar help while writing on the web. This has millions of users thanks to the free tier the company gives. Some find the free version somewhat limiting as it does not quote the sentence or provides progressive ideas to make your writing clear and precise. Therefore if you are on the lookout for the best free Grammarly Alternative, when you have come to the best place. Here, we have curated the best list of services like Grammarly, free or have an affordable premium plan. Later on, on that note, let’s go over the list.

Best 8 Grammar Checker Free Grammarly Alternatives 

We have discussed the top Grammarly Alternatives that are available for both free and paid users. We have concentrated on services that do not have a limited set of features below the free tier and are fitted with many online services. You can click on the links here to read about these Best 8 Free Grammarly Alternatives.

1. Writefull

Writefull is not your traditional grammar checker. First, it is meant for researchers working in academia to write sentences modeled on academic writing. This uses language models trained on thousands of journal articles to make your writing sound like academic writing. The best part is that Writefull is accessible for researchers but, if you run an institution either are a publisher, you will have to spend for the subscription plan.

Researchers can use Writefull on Microsoft Word Web or the desktop version for free. Besides that, Writefull is also available on the web and helps documents like DOC, DOCX, and TEX. Also, if you use Overleaf, the popular LaTeX editor, then Writefull can be seamlessly blended. To end, Writefull is one of the best free alternatives to Grammarly if you are a researcher in the academic world.


  • Best for researchers
  • Web app available
  • LaTeX integration


  • Limited to academic writing

Check Out Writefull (Free for researchers, Premium subscriptions starts at $5.46/month)

2. LanguageTool

Best 8 Grammar Checker Free Grammarly Alternatives 

LanguageTool is our favorite online grammar checker, and it is an excellent alternative to Grammarly. To explain, the service is not free and has a related freemium model as Grammarly. But, LanguageTool can check for errors more robustly under the free version, and you don’t even want to create an account. Further, it contains punctuation and writing style like Grammarly, so that is excellent.

LanguageTool has a check of 10,000 characters per text below the free version. Therefore keep that in mind. Notwithstanding its hamstrung free version, the reason I suggest LanguageTool over Grammarly is its affordable cost of the premium version.

You can see the premium service for $4.92 per month related to $11.66 per month for Grammarly (billed annually). Also, in India, the LanguageTool subscription comes down to only Rs. 92 per month, which is incredible. Each in all, LanguageTool is one of the best free Grammarly Alternatives, and you should give it a shot.


  • Robust algorithm to correct errors
  • Web app
  • Extension and add-ins available
  • Quite affordable


  • Limitation of 10,000 characters per text

Check Out LanguageTool (Free and Premium subscription starts at $4.92/month)

3. ProWritingAid

Best 8 Grammar Checker Free Grammarly Alternatives 

ProWritingAid is different best Grammarly Alternative that allows both free and paid services. It does not have several limitations in the free version. I like Grammarly. It performs grammar and spell checking, decreases redundancies, improves readability, and much more. To get started with ProWritingAid, you want to install its extension and create a free account.

However, keep in mind, it does not have a web editor. That means you will have to both install its app or use its browser and app extensions. Note down: Some of the app extensions, like Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365, will only work with a paid subscription. To sum up, if you view a free grammar checker yet can go to a premium plan for more features, when ProWritingAid makes a bunch of sense.


  • Advanced proofreading
  • Compatible with online services
  • Readability score
  • Extension available


  • Need to create an account
  • Need a premium plan for Google Docs or Office 365 integration

Check Out ProWritingAid (Free and Premium subscription starts at $20/month)

4. Ginger

Best 8 Grammar Checker Free Grammarly Alternatives 

Ginger is a popular best Alternative to Grammarly that provides its services to both free and paid users. Like Grammarly, it does an AI-powered model to rephrase the sentences, gives contextual suggestions, synonyms, and more. Ginger can also assist you in getting creative with your writing by proposing new phrases sooner than index words.

The best good part about Ginger is that it is friendly with almost every text field. No matter if you are writing on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Docs, it will work. This checks your grammar, spelling, and punctuations to secure a proper sentence structure. I suppose Ginger and Grammarly are somewhat comparable in terms of features, and you should give it a try. On top of that, Ginger is relatively more affordable, coming at $6.24 per month (billed yearly).


  • AI-powered error checking
  • Compatible by any text field on the web
  • Smart plans for phrases
  • Affordable premium plan


  • Some advanced features available to only paid users

Check Out Ginger (Free and Premium subscriptions starts at $6.24 per month)

5. Outwrite

Outwrite is an easy grammar checker that focuses on basic proofreading following the free version and has a robust algorithm to discover errors if you need to get the premium version. Grammarly, the best free version, supports spell checking, basic grammar plus punctuation checking, paraphrasing tool, including synonymy. The best significant part is that you have a web editor as great, where you can paste your text and edit immediately.

Not to think, you have an extension for Chrome, a separate add-in for Microsoft Word, also more. Also, if you take the premium version, you will get features like Eloquence improvement, sentence rewriting, practical suggestions, and much. Therefore, to sum it all up, you are looking at one of the best free Grammarly alternatives in Outwrite.


  • Provides web app
  • Basic grammar check and some advanced proofreading
  • Extensions available for many services
  • Thesaurus support


  • Slow in identifying errors

Check Out Outwrite (Free and Premium subscriptions begins at $9.95 per month)


Best 8 Grammar Checker Free Grammarly Alternatives is not only a grammar checker, though it’s also an AI-based writing assistant that can assist you to enhance your writing style by many folds. The best part is that it also allows a free service and offers spell and grammar checks, autocomplete advice. What I like about is that its Chrome extension works on nearly every text field on the web, just for Microsoft Office 365. You have to install now a separate add-on to make this work with your Office documents.

Because of the technology, Sapling uses deep knowledge technology to support intelligent recommendations while writing on the web. Due to this tech, it can also know the tone of the writing and recommend changes accordingly. is an excellent alternative to Grammarly that is free, and it works amazingly well.


  • Uses Deep Learning technology
  • Autocomplete suggestions
  • Adjust the tone of the writing
  • Extensions available


  • The premium plan is quite expensive

Check Out (Free and Premium subscription starts at $25/month)

7. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a just alternative to Grammarly because it lets you edit texts and documents directly on the web without requiring you to install an extension or add-on. Apart from that, it gives you six parameters to judge your writing. For example, it detects adverbs in your content and asks you to limit it to a particular number. Moreover, it discourages the use of passive voice and underlines the text for quick assessment.

And if there is a single alternative to a phrase or a word, Hemingway Editor suggests that word as excellent. Not to reason, it also provides a readability score so you can get a fair idea of wherever your text stands in terms of natural reading and comprehension. All in only, Hemingway Editor is a fabulous free grammar checker really like Grammarly, and you should give it a shot. If you are watching for a premium version, you can go for its dedicated application for Windows and macOS that requires $19.99.


  • Allows web app
  • Five parameters to judge writing
  • Readability score
  • Easy to use


  • The free version is limited

Check Out Hemingway Editor (Free, One-time buying of $19.99)

8. Grammark

If you are watching for a free, open-source Grammarly Alternative, you can opt for Grammark. It is a single grammar checker tool that lets you paste the text into a web app and read about errors in your writing. Unlike Grammarly, it does not give reasonable suggestions and sentence restructuring inputs. But it does detect errors and describes what you need to change to make your writing coherent and comprehensive.

This concentrates on passive voice, wordiness, transitions, sentence length, style of writing, and of course, grammar. Then, move ahead and check out Grammark and see whether the service is helpful or not. I am beautiful sure beginners will find this open-source Grammarly Alternative pretty beneficial.


  • Free and open-source
  • Fast identifies error 
  • Suggests recommendations


  • Does not give smart suggestions

Check Out Grammark (Free)

Find Paid and Free Grammarly Alternatives

Therefore, these are our eight best Grammar Checker tools for the top best free Grammarly Alternatives. You can select best any one of them based on your need to get started with improving your writing. I love LanguageTool because it has a clean UI and allows a web-based text editor. Not to consider, it’s pretty affordable too. Anyhow, that is all from us. Suppose you are watching for the best writing apps for Mac when heading over to our linked article. And if you have any questions, before do let us know in the comment section here.


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