Full Guide Of Ubersuggest For Beginners In 2021

Full Guide Of Ubersuggest For Beginners In 2021

Full Guide Of Ubersuggest For Beginners In 2021

Search Engine Optimization is not that easy how it sounds. In order to reach one of the top, you need to analyze your performance report as well as your competitor’s performance.

Apart from checking how your strategy is going, you also should keep track of how your
competitors are doing. You also can follow the footprints of your competitors in order to rank the way they are. Or, in case you have full faith in your strategy, you can take a little help from the technology and brush up your skills to get maximum traffic. Ubersuggest can help you in whatever possible way to improve your SEO skills and present your URL with a good rank. Here is a full guide to that.

What Is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest was established with a motto to shine up Google Suggest Terms. Recently,
entrepreneur Neil Patel has bought and enhanced the features of ubersuggest.
It is a free tool that helps you to find a bunch of keywords. In case you lack a new keyword
ideas, it is the tool that you go for.

Step By Step Guide To Ubersuggest For Beginners in 2021

Though this tool is easy to use, beginners who are new to ubersuggest may face some
difficulty in handling or using this tool. Here is a step by step guide to enhancing your SEO
skill with ubersuggest.

Full Guide Of Ubersuggest For Beginners In 2021

#Step 1 Project Creation

● Register for a free account by opening the ubersuggest dashboard.
● Click on “Add your First Project.”
● Write the URL of your website along with the name.
● Enter the country name that you are doing business in. In case your business is
local, you also can enter the city name. If your business is spread across multiple
countries, you can place them one by one.
● Let’s assume your site is connected to Google Search Console. Then on the left-
hand side, a list will be shown of the keywords, and you also can add keywords. You
also can track keywords of your own choice and press enter.
● Once you click on the next, your dashboard will open within a few moments. The
dashboard will contain a lot of information, including organic monthly traffic, tracked
keywords, backlinks, referring domains.
● Go to the “Tracked Keywords” box and click to load your website profile.
● In the report, you will be able to track your website ranking overtime on both desktop
and mobile devices. Due to Google’s mobile index, the ranking may differ on mobile
than desktop.
● Click on the mobile icon to see your website’s ranking on Google’s mobile index.

This report will help you to track your SEO progress properly.

#Step 2 SEO Error Fixing

● Click on the “Site Audit” button in the Navigation.
● Type your URL and click on the “Search” button.
● After a few minutes, a report will open.
● That report will contain an on-page SEO score, organic monthly traffic, organic
keywords, backlinks, and many more.
● Here also, you will get two overviews for desktop and mobiles.
● In case you have the “Critical” option or “Warnings” options to check the report.
● It will offer an SEO issue analyzed report. You will also receive assistance to work on
those issues.

#Step 3 Competitor Analysis

● Go to “Traffic Analyzer Overview”
● Enter any of your competitor’s URLs, and you also can check their reports and can
work to enhance the ranking of your website.
● Click on the “Top Pages” section, and you will see an option saying “View The Pages
That Drive Traffic To This Domain.”
● It will give you the report of the top 10 pages.
● By clicking “Traffic Analyzer Keywords,” you will be able to see the report of those
keywords that make the most traffic.

#Step 4 Blog Post Ideas

● On the Navigation, bar click on the “Content Ideas.”
● If you have a keyword preference, you can type the keyword on the search bar and
hit the “Search” option.
● It will show a list of top blog posts that have done well for the keyword on the basis of
social shares, estimated visits, and backlinks.
● You also can check details of particularly one blog post by clicking on the “View All”
under the option “Estimated Visits.”
● Click on the “Keyword Ideas.”
● On the search bar, type the keyword that is used by your competitor and make a
● A long list will open with all the suggestions.
● Click on the “Related” link to get a more giant list.
● To see more blog posts and keyword ideas, click on the “Questions,” “Comparisons,”
and “Prepositions.”

#Step 5 Promotion

● Click on the “Backlinks” option from the navigation bar.
● Enter your competitor’s domain
● A report will open with all the backlinks that your competitor is using.
● From the drop-down, select the option “URL.”
● And you will be able to see a report of a particular backlink.

How Ubersuggest Is Helping You To Enhance Your SEO

Full Guide Of Ubersuggest For Beginners In 2021

Here are the reasons why you should use this tool to enhance your skill or how this tool is
helping you do that.
● You can see the top keywords for which top-ranking sites are performing.
● To rank your content or site, ubersuggest offer you long-tailed keywords of a
particular keyword.
● You will get different topic ideas with different keywords.
● The report of your competitor’s URL, you will get the idea of which keywords and
content that page or site is ranking in Google Search.
● You also get details of the backlinks that top-ranking pages or your competitors are
using in order to rank on the Google search.

Final Tips

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not the job of a day or two. It takes a lot more time
and hard work. But skill and strategy play a key role here. So, now you know how to use
ubersuggest in order to get a good rank. Utilize all the service advantages of this free tool

and see the result, whether your URL is performing better or not. We believe this will help
you in many aspects.

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