FamilyTreeNow: What Is FamilyTreeNow: You Need To Know!

FamilyTreeNow: What Is FamilyTreeNow: You Need To Know! is a free site that provides several people finding tools. You can search anything if you know their first and last name. The best thing about FamilyTreeNow is the family tree builder that allows you to search and track your genealogy.

What Is Family Tree Now? When you perform a search at FamilyTreeNow, it enables you to find various information about someone, for example, associated names, possible relatives, age, likely associates, current and past home addresses, mobile numbers, email addresses, etc.

Is Family Tree Truly Free Now?

The information available on the website is free. You don’t need to know tricks or spend extra money to find someone or create a family tree.

You won’t ever be prompted to purchase while using

Is Family Tree Up To Date Correct?

Even if is free, you should consider whether the data it uncovers is worthwhile your time. Is the information accurate and useful for reaching out to or confirming a person you find?

The service uses open sources to find information. This website merely acts as a central hub for a variety of information that is already widely accessible, much like the majority of search engines and other tools of a similar nature.

This is how it functions; therefore, it’s crucial to understand that doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of any information found in public records. Therefore, you should verify the authenticity of the information you obtain on this website.

How Has Family Tree Changed Recently?

All of the information on is accessible without registration and for free in one location, making it stand out from other search engines.

Just a first and last name is required to find information. Suppose you’re prepared to search through other websites. In that case, the information it uncovers is accessible to the general public, but goes a long way in consolidating it into one location for free.

Making a family tree is one of its other key features. Most people search websites allow you to locate people but don’t provide you much else to do with the data. Using the records you uncover during a search, you can use this site to create your family tree.

Locating Individuals Using

  1. Click Search at the top of the webpage to access the Search Records page.


  1. Type any available information, then click Search.


Tip: If you also know the person’s country of birth, the name of a relative, the nation in which they presently reside, the date of the person’s passing, and/or their phone number, select add more criteria below the form.

  1. Click View Details next to the person whose details you wish to see more of, or scroll down to the Filter Results section to limit the results to information from census records, death certificates, current-day individuals, or public member trees.

4. All the data that has about this person is on the following page.

Tip: Scroll down their profile page for more information. Alternatively, visit and click the View Full Background Report button to conduct a name search.

What can I find at

You can utilize a wide range of data to locate someone, including but not restricted to the following:

Census Statistics

This covers all data collected by the U.S. Census surveys, such as full name, age, birth year, birthplace, gender, marital status, census county, state, race, and ethnicity, as well as address, father’s and mother’s names, full names, and birth years of other members of the household.

Records from Family Tree Now date from 1790 to 1940.

Death and Birth Records

This website has over 76 million birth records going as far back as 1905, which are taken straight from vital county records.

The U.S. Social Security Death Index provides death information that can be used to locate a deceased ancestor. The deceased’s name, residence, birth date, and death date are all included in the data. From 1936 onward, there were around 100 million death records.

Living Individuals Data

With over 1 billion records collected from numerous sources and back forty years, asserts to have the most comprehensive database of live individuals.

Locating current and former addresses, aliases, known relatives, and phone numbers are made easier by living people records.

Records of marriage and divorce

When searching, users can use the site’s marriage and divorce records, which may contain information on the couple’s names, ages, wedding date, place of registration (state and nation), certificate number, and volume number, and other details.

Over 28 million marriage records from 1820 to the present are available on Family Tree Now, along with over 6 million divorce records beginning in 1968.

Second World War Records

You will also be able to learn here if the person you are looking for serving in World War II. Their domicile at the time of recruitment, race, marital status, level of education, military serial number, term of enlistment, branch code, and what grade of the military they were are all included in their military records, in addition to their complete name, birth date, and enlistment date (private, specialist, major, etc.).

A public database of military records maintained by the U.S. government has this information.

Construct a family tree

If you wish to create your family tree or add someone you find, you can create a free account at



One thing to keep in mind about the family trees on this website is that the tree’s owner can select a particular level of privacy:

  • Public with hidden information about live persons: All details about those who have passed away will remain public. For all minors, all information will be kept private, except last name and first initial. Full date of birth, bio, and any media (pictures, etc.) are private for live non-minors. Private information can only be viewed by the person who produced the family tree and those with whom they have shared it.
  • Private: All of the records, media, profiles, and other content in this tree are private. With this setting, the tree can only be viewed by the person who made it and others with whom they have shared it.
  • Open and unhidden: All information is available to the public.

Instructions for Opting Out of FamilyTreeNow

By going to the Opt-Out of Records page, you can ask for your data to be removed from the website.

There are conflicting accounts about how effective’s removal/opt-out process is, with some readers saying that their problems were resolved in 48 hours or less and others obtaining errors stating that their requests couldn’t be handled.

The removal of your information from other persons’ search websites does not follow opting out. Even if you remove the current record, Familytreenow com might create a new one if your information changes (address, last name, etc.). This is because it will become new public knowledge.

Other Online Self-Protection Techniques

Make sure your information is secure online if you’re worried about how much personal information you’ve uncovered on You may quickly help to protect yourself by using the internet anonymously, maintaining your online privacy, and deleting your personal information from people’s search websites.



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