Best Slack Alternative Tools For Team Communication 

Best Slack Alternative Tools For Team Communication 

Best Slack Alternative Tools For Team Communication 

Team Communication Tools for Your Business? Now, Team communications are an essential part of any enterprise, and we all know that Emails have become more about messages from machines than people. 

The purpose is, Email, during its prime, was all about information from people at work and family. Here our inboxes are cluttered with automated emails, newsletters, and social media updates. Then, That’s why using. 

Emails for team communications might not ever allow better productivity, and there are by far better solutions for team communication. Slack, started in 2013 by the founder of Flickr, is one of the most generally talked about and used team communications app right now.

Slack provides a more reliable and easy way to communicate privately with your team and features a better search API that lets you search all discussions based on context. Well, Integration with many third-party applications like Google Docs, Dropbox, GitHub, ZenDesk, and more is added essential feature that Slack offers.

Why The Need for Slack Alternatives?

While there’re many upsides to Slack is not perfect. For example, while Slack gives a great free plan, it limits the context searching feature by doing away with the logs after it reaches 10,000 messages. This might be the case that Slack doesn’t fit your team because of the work you create. Also, some users might find its premium pricing a bit expensive. Well, The truth is that no 

single team communications app can satisfy all the consumers’ needs, and that’s why there’s a need for alternative team communication tools.

For Team Communication Slack Alternatives 

If you’re one such enterprise looking to make the jump from Emails to a new platform for your Team Communications, here are the Best Slack Alternative that you can check out in 2021. 


Chanty is one of the great app. Slack Alternative for little to medium-sized teams as it not only brings more features than Slack and is affordable. Let’s start with the features first. So, Chanty can become a single hub for your tasks, 

conversations, messages, and projects. Well, In Chanty, message history is not restricted, so you get access to your complete message history without an issue. Chanty has also improved messaging by bringing a “conversation actions” feature, allowing users to do things like pinning a message, renaming, or leaving a conversation.

The Chanty allows you to share media from video sharing and social media platforms such as YouTubeFacebook, and also. Additional features include code-friendly formatting, the ability to pin plans, collaborating with team members, and many more. 

Chanty is so much more potent than Slack, and yet its UI is available. Presently, You can find everything within seconds. Also, Chanty is one of the best Slack Alternative for team communications.

Microsoft Teams

Suppose your company uses Microsoft 365 as its primary productivity tool. It would be best if you gave Microsoft Teams a try. So, First of all, it’s a free communication software that anyone can use in restricted mode, but if you are an Office 365 subscriber, you can use all its features for free, which is just great. With Microsoft Teams, you are getting both conversing and video and audio calling features. Now You can host virtual meetings for up to 10,000 members, which are way more than anyone will always need. 

Just like Slack, it helps group chatting with a threaded conversation. This mixes seamlessly with Office 365 apps and enables you to share files stored easily OneDrive or collaborate on Microsoft Word, Excel, plus PowerPoint. So, Not only that, its third-party Integration helps hundreds of apps, so no matter what different tools your team is using to get the work done, you can use Microsoft Teams with it. Well, If it comes to features, Slack stands nowhere near Microsoft Teams. 


Flock is the best online collaboration and messaging platform which can Slack Alternative for you. Therefore, it brings all the usual features, including team messaging, private one-on-one messages, file sharing support, simple search and filtering, and any other quality you demand from a Slack alternative. Secondly, I love its user interface. Well, The UI is pretty clean and accessible. While using Flock, you will feel lost. Flock is also suitable for remote teams as it supports both video and audio calls so you and your team can conduct meetings.

Aside from being a team communication app, Flock is also great for general collaboration. This brings various business-related collaboration tools such as shared to-do lists, rich note sharing, reminders, and the ability to conduct polls. Also, I quite like Flock and recommend it to anyone watching Slack Alternative. 

Hangouts Chat & Hangouts Meet

Well, Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. The meet is the new team conversation tools replacing “Google Hangouts” for G Suite consumers. Meanwhile, Google hasn’t had a good history with messaging apps, and its offering is quite solid for team communications.

 The excellent part about Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet is that they are free to use if you are a G Suite customer. Suppose you are running a business. There’s a high opportunity that you are already using G Suite as the primary email provider. Well, That means you will be able to use these excellent communication tools for free.

The Hangouts Chat is for written team communications where team members can message each other to converse, just like they can do on Slack. Therefore, Since Hangouts Chat seamlessly connects with other Google services, you can easily share files using Google Drive, work and collaborate on Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, and use Google’s powerful search for finding shared files, past messages, and also. If you need to have a face-to-face conversation, you can use Hangouts Meet to start a team video call. It is a boon for teams that work remotely. Well, Once you consider all its features and essentially free price, you go to a communications line that can easily follow Slack for you. 

Rocket Chat

Imagine you and your team desire open-source applications, and then Rocket Chat is the perfect Slack Alternative for you. You can get complete access to the source code, and so you can fully customize, extend or add new functionality to meet your specifications. 

This is ideal for a team of developers who can customize and develop the app as their requirements develop. If it comes to features, Rocket Chat offers almost all the features that you can find in Slack, including messages, threaded messages, group messages, channels, message history search, and more. I like the fact that its UI is quite beautiful and friendly despite being an open-source application. 


The Slack Alternative on our list is Fleep that combines Slack’s messaging platform with file sharing and responsibilities so that your team can go from idea to end in a single environment. Well, Despite bringing extra features, the conversation continues at the heart of Fleep. Now, You can start a conversation around plans, teams, or pretty much anything that your group needs to discuss. You can also highlight essential reviews and pin them to boards if you’re going to take action. Just like Slack, Fleep integrates with third-party apps to bring extra functionality. Finally, it brings audio and video calling and screen sharing for conducting team meetings. Overall, Fleep is much like Slack in features and can easily replace it for you and your team. 


One of Slack’s biggest problems is that it doesn’t offer any way to host it on your own company’s server. 

This might be a deal-breaker for many companies who deal with sensitive data and want to keep everything in-house. As well, if that’s what you or your business needs when you should check out Mattermost. This is an open-source communication tool for businesses that want to run it on their private servers. That allows companies to keep full ownership of their data and preserve it behind their firewall and VPN. This even supports TLS encryption using AES-256 with 2048-bit RSA, so your data is truly protected.

Well, Speaking about its communications features, Mattermost makes everything that you can await from such a tool, including messages for teams and channels, fully searchable message history, voice, and video calls, screen sharing, and more. I love that it offers a highly customizable notifications system that allows you to set up custom notifications for desktop and mobile applications. So, Another area where Mattermost shines is in helping the DevOps team communicate. It brings a complete DevOps integration set and support for incoming and outgoing webhooks, custom slash commands, plugins and extensions, and much more. 


The Twist is a top excellent team communications app that aims to solve the problems of using emails or a group messaging app such as Slack. Twist organizes your critical communications into threads and channels so that everything remains organized and accessible. You can create lines with groups and send messages, attach files, assign tasks, and also. So, Chat in Twist doesn’t have to be real-time, and you can reply to the news whenever it suits you. This provides members not to get overwhelmed with messages. The letters are threaded, so you can easily follow the conversation. 

There’s a separate area for carrying out a private one-on-one discussion with your teammates. Finally, everything in Twist is searchable, with the whole history available to you at any point. 


Bitrix24 is easily the best Slack Alternative for team communications. Well, While the web is boasting of how Slack is revolutionizing internal communications, Bitrix24 offers better features and pricing plans catching small teams and startups’ attention. So, Solo and group video calls, a file-sharing part that syncs files across all your devices, getting notified when some edits are made, tasks, Shared calendars, and to-dos are just some of the features that Bitrix 24 is offering. Also, all that to the fact that it offers a self-hosted version makes Bitrix24 easily one of the best Slack alternatives. 


Taken by many significant Fortune 500 companies, Glip is a different free and premium-based team communication and collaboration tool for businesses to consider. Therefore, You can do one by utilizing tens of cloud-based apps and use just Glip to manage your tasks and to-dos, calendars, chats, files, notes, and video calling all in a single place. So, Managing projects, working on the go, interacting with clients – Glip possesses all of the critical features enough to say goodbye to Email for your team communications. 


Well, that concludes our comprehensive article on the Slack Alternative best tools for team communications that can substitute Slack for you. Therefore, I have added these tools based on their performance, features, and cost. So, see the article thoroughly and then take the one that suits your requirements and resources. Furthermore, most of these services offer some free versions, so you can check them out before buying. Cause let us know which Slack Alternative you liked for your business by writing in the comments section. 

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