Expanding Your Mind: The Best Educational Apps for Adults in 2021

Expanding Your Mind: The Best Educational Apps for Adults in 2021

Expanding Your Mind: The Best Educational Apps for Adults in 2021

Knowledge is power, no matter how old you are. Pursuing an education is not just for the young: it is also for the young at heart.

Not everyone is made for nor wants to attend further schooling, though. There is another way, though: educational apps for adults.

The best educational apps give you a sense of satisfaction and reward without overwhelming you.
You can pursue all these learning apps have to offer on your time.

Here are some of the top learning apps for adults.

Best Educational Apps for Adults in 2021


Are you looking for a course that you can’t audit at your local community college or university? Or are you simply seeking a cheaper alternative? Udemy is the right choice for you, then.

With Udemy, you and thousands of others can learn from top experts offering courses on the app.
Subjects vary, but you can pursue as many or as few courses as you’d like.

Some course instructors may lean on lectures, and others may encourage you to read a lot. Either
way, Udemy is a great way to continue unique education.


You can download the app to know more, but Nerdish is the app for nerds who want to learn more
from short and easily digestible articles!

Do you like learning obscure historical facts? Or maybe even some underappreciated scientific
breakthroughs? Then Nerdish is the app for you!

You can download it from the App Store to get started on your learning journey. If you’re not a nerd yet, then you can become one by using Nerdish.

Ted Talks

The internationally famous Ted Talks have an incredible website that will enrich your knowledge
before you know it.

If you don’t have the time nor patience to pursue a course, then you can find perfect bite-sized
speeches and performances on the Ted Talks website to help you walk further down the knowledge

Learn something new in fifteen minutes or less based on what other people have to share with you.
2048 Calling all math enthusiasts! You are probably familiar with 2048 and know that there is an app to do just that.

This puzzle game helps you learn how to strategize. In order to continue winning, you need to match pairs of numbers next to each other, including getting all the way up to and past 1024.

It is much more difficult than you may think it is. However, even people who don’t enjoy math will
enjoy playing 2048 purely for the strategy aspect of the app. Don’t knock it before you try it!

The Best Educational Apps for Adults

2048, Ted Talks, Nerdish, and Udemy are four of many incredible learning apps for adults. Finding
the best educational apps for yourself isn’t easy, but hopefully this post gave you enough to get you
started on your search.

Want to read more about other great technology for education? Check out the rest of our website for related content.

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