Everything You Need to Know about Fashionable Hats

Everything You Need to Know about Fashionable Hats

The necessity of using a hat does not get said or emphasized enough. From the summer days till the winters depart, hats make you look fashionable and give you the sufficient protection you need. A lot of people have this misconception of using it only for the sake of fashion and style, however, in reality, hats offer much more than that. For instance, wearing the perfect and right variant of hat during summer days will help you protect against the summer heat and direct sunlight.

Alternatively, you can put on a rigid and warm hat during the winter days to keep yourself protected from the gush of strong winter winds. In both the events, the risk of being entirely exposed to the situation, hatless, can be harmful for your health and detrimental in some cases. Therefore, as already mentioned in the introducing sentence—the necessity of a hat just does not get said enough.

In order to enlighten you about the background and everything related to hats, in this article, you will be guided through some important information such as—variants of hats, care and maintenance required, and how to style them—so that you can be all ready to start using one.


All variants may seem similar for someone who does not know much about hats. But if you look closely at the detail, you will be amazed to see the wide range of available variants. Following are a few most commonly used variants of hats:


  • Wide brim: A wide brim hat is quite self-explanatory. You will be in love with this variant if you are a fan of summer. It comes with a slightly oval or spherical crown with wavy or straight wide brim. The brim is the beauty of this variant.


  • Fedora: Fedoras promote feminism in all sorts. It is a wonderful blend of formal and casual look and fits with every kind of outfit, therefore. It has a slightly creased crown that is a bit higher than your head. The brim is straight and has moderate width to it. Fedoras are decorated with fashionable ribbons or belts, making it look even more stylish.


  • Panama: Panama is a kind of womens country hatsPanama hats have an oval-like crown with a defined crease along the edge of the crown. It has brim that is slightly bent or turned-upward. Often, Panama hats have a wavy brim, making it look even more tropical and edgy. If you want to add a tropical touch to your look, yet keep it a bit formal, then this is the hat you have been looking for all this while.


  • Bucket: Bucket hats are mostly worn by fashion lovers. It is one of the variants that allow you to play with your outfit to make it look really funky. It looks similar to bucket turned upside down. Bucket hats can be stiff as well as wavy depending on the material used.

Care and Maintenance

While it is important to know about the variants of commonly used and trending hats, it is equally essential to know how to take care of such hats to extend their longevity. If you are confident about taking good care of yourself, it is good news. You may have to seek help from dry cleaners or professionals who wash hats with great care in another case.

For washing it yourself, all you have to do is fill up a sink with hot (cotton materials) or cold (woollen materials) water and add a washing cup of baking soda and gentle shampoo each. You can also add fabric conditioners depending on the material of the hat, for example, leather, wool, etc. Soak the hat in the water for 30-60 mins and take it out to gently remove the excess water. You can keep it for air-drying in an indoor setup and dry it out until you use it again.


Styling a hat is easy if you have the correct knowledge of colour families. If you do not know it, you can Google it and easily get access to the required information. All you have to remember is—keep the colour tone from head to toe, within a single colour family. In case you want to experiment with your outfit, you can use different families and make them look as quirky as you like.


Hopefully, you have learned everything you needed to know about fashionable hats. It is easy for people to buy and start using a certain item if they have prior knowledge about it. Similarly, it becomes difficult to just start using one right away for people who do not have the basic and sufficient information about hats. So, the next time you see an amazing hat put on the display of some fashion store, go grab the right variant and spice up your everyday looks using it.


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